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Jos Cools (Grobbendonk, BE): “Strong competition breeds even better and faster pigeons”

The 76-year-old Jos Cools from Grobbendonk (prov. Antwerp) competes in the 400-strong Tienverbond against the best sprinters, and this with few pigeons. “The tougher the competition, the tougher the selection,” says the affable topper in a pleasant conversation with PIPA.

“With Dirk Van Den Bulck, Staf Boeckmans and Johan Donckers, I have extraordinarily strong fanciers as my competition, here in Grobbendonk alone. In our Tienverbond with its 400 fanciers, there are at least 20 'sharp' fanciers, who race every weekend for the prizes in the sprint," says Jos Cools. He once won 11 first prizes in the Tienverbond, an incredible achievement. It is remarkable: only one result is made in the Tienverband. “So many first prizes are difficult to win here,” smiles Jos, who belongs to the best fanciers year after year, and that with few pigeons and yet a lot of pigeon fun. “By playing with only a few pigeons, I have a personal bond with my birds, they have to know me and I have to know them,” he says from Grobbendonk.

With “Remco” (BE18-61677718), “Cher Ami” (BE14-6090932) and “Primus” (BE15-6208035), Jos has three top cocks in house that ensure the future of his great sprint loft. Let's introduce them:


“Remco” (BE18-61677718) raced a.o. 1/1.245 – 2/892 – 5/1409 at Quiévrain and 3. Nat. and 2. Provincial Ace pigeon Sprint Youngsters KBDB 2018 - 1. Ace pigeon Tienverbond and 1. Ace pigeon Grobbendonk: Ace pigeon titles that betray his pure class.

"Remco", top breeder in the loft of Jos Cools.

Jos Cools is not only a fervent pigeon fancier, but also a racing fanatic. And when Remco Evenepoel won the junior world championship in 2018, Jos immediately realised that the small race of Schepdaal would become a very big one. And his best pigeon at that time, was given the name "Remco", possibly the very first in our country. In the beginning, the name was received rather scornfully by the friends-competitors, but it is well-known that Cools was right in the meantime.

“Cher Ami”

“Cher Ami” (BE14-6090932) is a powerful blue cock with beautiful 'freckles'. He flew 1/506 – 1/834 – 2/1.599 – 4/373 – 8/293 – 9/1492 – 9/2695 – 10/813 – and so on. A super fast pigeon in that super strong Tienverbond. “Cher Ami” was 1. Ace Pigeon Grobbendonk – 1. Ace Pigeon Tienverbond – 14. National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2014 – 12. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2016.

"Cher Ami".

“Cher Ami” owes its name to the famous war pigeon, which received a well-deserved tribute 100 years after the start of the First World War. That pigeon received the Croix de Guerre for delivering 12 important messages in Verdun. Jos named his topper “Cher Ami”, a nice gesture that was awarded to the pigeon by making a large lap of honour as a youngster with every very early arrival of the flight...


“Primus” (BE15-6208035), a son of “Chipring” became co-winner National Championship youngsters '15 and flew 7x 1st prize in the Tienverbond. His descendants are also doing excellently.


Two young toppers

Jos introduces us to two of his youngsters that did very well in 2022. The BE22-6106443, a blue cock, as a youngster flew 16 out of 18, of which 10 per ten, such as 4/465 – 8/1.065 – 10/842 – 19/1.639 – and so on.

This BE22-6106443 (of course) has the famous “Remco” as an ancestor.

The blue cock BE22-6106411 flew 15 out of 17 as a youngster this year, of which 8 x per ten such as 6/1065 – 9/842 – 25/1078 – 27/1.493 – and so on.

Grandparents of this BE22-6106411 are "Cher Ami" and "Moeder Remco" on his father's side.


In 2017, thieves took a lot of class pigeons from the lofts of Jos Cools. The rebuilding is clearly underway now, and attests to the high level of this speed champion, thanks in part to his strict selection. But 2022 was also a year of setbacks, with, among other things, infamous losses of youngsters in the race. The 'messy’ Dutch pigeons will certainly have something to do with that. In the very strong Tienverbond, Jos still managed to score three first prizes at Noyon.

Some championships of 2022:

Pigeon Association Grobbendonk (35 fanciers):

- 2. Quiévrain General Championship; 2. Old birds; 2. Yearlings; 2. Youngsters.

- 3. Noyon General Championship; 3. Old birds ; 3. Yearlings; 3. Youngsters.

Provincial sprint KBDB: 13. Youngsters; 12. Old birds.

Tienverband (200 fanciers):

- 5. Quiévrain General Championship; 7. Old birds; 13. Yearlings; 3. Youngsters.

- 9. Noyon General Championship; 15. Old birds; 6. Yearlings; 8. Youngsters.

Jos Cools looks to the future with confidence. His class pigeons are guaranteed to prove their skills in 2023, thanks in part to the craftsmanship of 'patron Jos'.