New auctions: September Auction, Pieter Veenstra, Dean Pallatt, PIPA Elite Center & Philippe Dobbelaere

Monday the 12th of September these new auctions will start: September Auction, Pieter Veenstra (NL), Dean Pallatt (UK), PIPA Elite Center (BE) & Philippe Dobbelaere (BE).

September auction

A blessing in disguise for interested buyers. Due to several bidders being too enthusiastic or having to face (financial) setbacks, their purchases had to be cancelled. Pigeons that are not transferred to a new owner will once again become available in this 'non-payers auction'. These pigeons often have different backgrounds but include gems from golden bloodlines, as you woud expect on PIPA. 

Pieter Veenstra (NL)
Children from the best breeders

At the Veenstra household, pigeon sport is practiced at the highest level. This was once again the case in 2022; what to think of the 1st National Sector 4 on the long distance race from Sailieu, followed by the provincial win on Chalons two weeks later. The products of a well thought out breeding strategy in which the old bloodlines of Dolce Vita play an important role. Targeted purchases of top pigeons were done to continue to develop these winning genes, but especially Million Dollar phenomenon Return Flojo and her family have risen as a super breeding dynasty. In this auction, a selection from the best breeders will become available. These include, King Rolex (father 1st Afd. Chalons), All In One (1st Final Victoria Falls), Jappeloup, Cartier and Versace (top brothers Return Flojo), Gucci (top son Chanel No.5) and Shamrock Ike, the father of Return Flojo.

Dean Pallatt (UK)
Jelle Jellema Special

What is possibly the most complete Jelle Jellema collection in the world, is in the possession of Dean Pallatt. He owns direct children from all of Jelle's icons such as Silke, Romee, Kleine Jade, Zwart Goud, Silvie, MG430, Klein Kweekstertje, Sophie, Rena, Zeus, Saar, etc. A highly exclusive pigeon in his colony is Silka, a full brother of Silke and a super racer himself, but also Miss Safier (1st Int. Pau hens) and her grandfather Last Saffier, another direct son of the legendary Safier. In this auction, children from the best direct Jellema pigeons, as well as children from the 1st Int. Barcelona winner Jef and Special One will become available. 

Pipa Elite Center (BE)
Children from the best breeders

As treasury of Belgian pigeon sport, PIPA Elite Center grew out to what is possibly the best breeding loft in the world. The number of National KBDB Ace Pigeons, 1st prize winners up to National races and stars on One Loft Races across the globe is simply astonishing. The mighty Porsche 911 family forms a perfect foundation which turns everything it touches into gold. In this auction, a select group of pigeons from unique pairs will become available:
- Stock pigeon Porsche 911 x 1st Nat. winner Louise, together parents of a.o. 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB
- Wonder breeder Salvador x daughter top couple Prince Porsche and Nadine
- 1st Nat. Souillac winner Klaas Johannes x super sister of Porsche 911
- The wonder breeder Prince Porsche x super racing hen Queen Remco 430
- Infinity (father Klaas Johannes from Golden Prince x New Kim) x Maria, the VD Wouwer star

Philippe Dobbelaere (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

PIPA always stays on top of the latest news, and therefore organizes several 'Flash auctions' during the racing season of fanciers that have recently performed exceptionally well. In this auction, pigeons from the specialist from the middle distance to the national long distance; Philippe Dobbelaere. Especially his famous Rocco bloodline was responsible for multiple highlights, amongst which are already 3x 1st National victories. From the best breeders and racers, children will become available on PIPA, of which most are related to the stars of this season's races.