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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Barcelona (held in conjunction with the international) on 8th July 2022

First open Barcelona
Nine members sent fifty four pigeons to Barcelona with the British Barcelona Club. They were liberated at 08.00CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Steve, Sally & Paul Rhodes

Mr and Mrs Rhodes of Aylesham clocked a eight year old Freialdenhoffen hen on 730ypm over a distance of 670 miles to take first open and first section G. The Rhodes timed a second pigeon, a four year old on day five of the race to take eighth open and fourth section G on 252ypm. The winner is now named Lucky Lady and is bred from their direct Barcelona Lady, Marseille Star, Irun Lady and Forest Gump bloodlines. It was raced on the roundabout system. Their second pigeon was bred from their good cock, Rocky which contains old Aarden blood x a Friealdenhoffen hen named International. 

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was second and third open, first and second section D. Flying a distance of 698 miles Mark's first on the clock was a four year old on 673ypm. This was followed by another four year old timed the next day on 518ypm. Day four saw Mark clock a three year old on 350ypm to take fifth open and third section D. First on the clock for Mark was bred from a son of Zwart Goud when it was paired to Snelle Jelle x daughter of New Laureaat x  Kleine Jade. Second to time was from a son of New Laureaat when paired to the dam of Nathan x daughter of Special One x Romee. 

The Buddle's pigeon (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

Lee and Kevin Buddle of Dover were fourth open and second section G with a six year old on 425ypm over a distance of 663 miles. The Buddles timed Sixteen 02, a cock flown on their chaos widowhood system. The sire is a full brother to Triple Two, first open Barcelona, being a son of Amoy, first national BICC Pau and Mike, multiple long distance prize winner. The dam is a daughter of Game, winner of third BICC Perpignan, seventh BICC Perpignan, fifteenth and twenty-seventh BICC Pau. 

Bill & Tricia Knox

SR and WH Knox of Canterbury clocked a eight year old on day five of the race, doing a velocity of 277ypm over a distance of 676 miles, to take sixth open and third section G. Bill's hen has been a consistent racer having flown the channel twenty-three times. The sire has numerous cards to its name and the dam was first East of England Continental Club Pithivers. It was sent to Barcelona sitting eggs two days. 

Tony Cowan

Tony Cowan of Southampton was seventh open and first section A with a five year old timed on day five of the race, on a velocity of 255ypm over a distance of 666 miles. Tony timed Sydney, a dark cock on its third race from Barcelona. It contains the best of his old long distance bloodlines. 


Tony Mather with Steve's Delight

T and J Mather and S Haywood of Crich timed a four year old on 184ypm over a distance of 816 miles. Timed on day eight of the race this was a cock named Steve's Delight. It was sent sitting a young squeaker. Its sire is a red chequer cock bred by Alwyn Hill and is a direct son of Wingdown. The dam is a direct Piet De Vogel hen bred in 2016 from his marathon pigeons based on Jounge Stayer. 

That concludes the report on the British Barcelona Club race from Barcelona, held in conjunction with the international.

Steve's Delight