Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE) places 21 (!) pigeons in the National Top 100 on Tulle

Domination, this is how to best describe the ‘coup’ by Gino Clicque on the National race from Tulle I. With 8 old birds and 13 yearlings in the National Top 100, of which 5 (!) pigeons in the Top 5, it would be a race to never forget for the Clicque family!

Exceptional dominance, a national result every fancier dream about:

6,842 Yearlings
2-3-4-6-17-24-41-44-59-63-65-71-74-104-115-121-123-127-139-157-161-172-174-208-... (46/79)

9,763 Old birds
3-4-17-36-52-58-70-85-134-170-196-202-... (35/50)


Let's start with the spectacular result of Gino's yearling team. The first arrival from Tulle was the yearling Son Golden King 020 with the ringband number BE21-3024020. He wins 2nd Nat. Tulle I against 6,842 yearlings, good for the 1st Nat. Zone 2,359 p. World-class pigeons from the Clicque colony can be found back in his pedigree. Father is Golden King, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB (BE17-3061598). Mother is BE19-3089916, a granddaughter to both Golden Prince (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB) as Devil Prince (1st Nat. Montluçon 19,298 yearlings). 

Winner of 3rd Nat. Tulle I against 6,842 yearlings is Grandson Red Filip 153 (BE21-3024153). Father is a son of Red Filip. He won 2nd Nat. Cahors 7,140 p. and 6th Nat. Souillac 5,282 p. Mother is a granddaughter of Golden Prince. 

Gino's third yearling, good for the 4th Nat. Tulle against 6,842 yearlings is Granddaughter Red Filip, BE21-3024160. Again, a grandchild of Red Filip on father's side. On mother's side we find Piraat, 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2008. 

Red Filip's eye

The fourth yearling to arrive, was still good for a sensational 6th National yearlings! This spot was taken by Daughter Golden King 139, BE21-3024139. Besides Golden King (her father) we can find various cracks of the Clicque colony back in her pedigree: Golden Prince, de Piraat, ... and a decent amount of Gaby Vandenabeele blood. 

The next of Clicque's yearlings on the national results list is Daughter Golden King 008 (BE21-3024008), taking 17th Nat. Tulle 6,842 p. This yearling hen has - just like the first yearling to arrive - Golden King as father. Also on mother's side there is enough quality to be found in her pedigree. Mother is a daughter of national winner Golden Devil (BE17-3061560): 1st Nat. Chateauroux 13,098 p., 18th Nat. Bourges 19,133 p. ... 

Golden Devil's eye
Golden Devil

Old birds

As mentioned above, there were also plentiful early arrivals with the old birds in Wevelgem.  Just as on the yearlings race, it was a cock that arrived first. In this case it was Grandson Golden Prince 294 (BE19-3089294), winner of 3rd Nat. Tulle against 9,763 old birds. This cock also managed to take the zonal win: 1st Nat. Zone 3,391 p. This crack was previously good for the following top results:

6th Nat. Perigieux 3,783 d.
25th Nat. Bourges 34,311 d.
49th Nat. Souillac 7,514 d.
92nd Nat. Argenton 23,258 d.

Father is Son Golden Prince 682 (BE17-3061682). Again the line of Golden Prince...Mother is a Daughter Prince Rudy 155 (BE17-3131155), daughter of another icon: Prince Rudy, winner 1st Nat. Limoges 6,272 p. and fastest of all 14,575 p.

Just like the winner of 3rd National Old birds, Grandson Golden Prince 294, the 4th Nat. Tulle 9,763 old birds (and 2nd Nat. Zone 3,391 p.) is also bred from a cross between the lines of Golden Prince and Prince Rudy. Father to the hen Granddaughter Golden Prince 278 (BE20-3015278), is a son of Prince Rudy: Son Prince Rudy 156 (BE17-3131156). Mother is daughter of Golden Prince: Daughter Golden Prince 074 (BE16-3142074). 

The third old bird, good for 17th Nat. Tulle against 9,763 old birds, is BE20-3015124, again a grandchild of Prince Rudy. This wasn't the first top result for Granddaughter Prince Rudy 124, she previously won amongst others:

10th Nat. Limoges 17,349 p.
74th Nat. Perigieux 4,779 p.

Father is Son Prince Rudy 752 (BE17-3061752) and mother is Granddaughter Piraat 323 (BE18-3003323). Well-known lines by now...or did you expect anything else?

Endless source

These super bloodlines of Gino Clicque have ensured pigeons capable of winning national top prizes for many years. An exceptional quality rich stock, which continues to deliver year after year. With the effort of the whole Clicque family, especially Gino, they continue to achieve phenomenal results. By basketing a fair amount of pigeons, but with great prize percentages and of course the many national top results and national ace pigeons they deliver, Clicque has settled amongst the best. For those who would have any doubts, the 'coup' on Tulle proves they belong there, and will stay at the top for the time being...