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A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Hexham on 11th June 2022

Mellonby, Knowles & Simpkin lofts
The British Barcelona Club pigeons at Hexham were liberated at 07.30CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
The winning hen

First open and first section E was a yearling on 1549ypm over 97 miles for Mellonby, Knowles and Simpkin of Bridlington. The partners have probably taken the top ten in the final result with the winner being a Romain Klein x Premier Stud Geerinkx hen flown on the roundabout system. 

Nick Barran

Nick Barran of Norwich was second open and first section J with a yearling on 1310ypm over 209 miles. Nick timed a chequer cock that two weeks previously won from Whitby at 146 miles. This cock was bred by Team May and contains Geeloger and National Wonder bloodlines. 

Tom Burkill, son Archie and David Hicks

Tom Burkill of Mattishall timed a yearling on 1298ypm over 204 miles to take third open and second section J. Both parents of Tom's pigeon were bred by James Dutton from his Alex Docx and Lambrecht family of pigeons. 

David Hicks

D Hicks of Mattishall was fourth open and third section J with a two year old on 1287ypm over a distance of 205 miles. David timed a Linderlauf pigen from Derek Parr and flown on the widowhood system. 

Tony Webster

T Webster of Wisbech was fifth open and fourth section J with a yearling on 1284ypm over 183 miles. Tony's first bird on the clock was a home bred Lambrecht cock raced on double widowhood, the sire of which was raced by Mick Haslam of Manchester. 

Andrew Woods

Woods and Batch of Norwich clocked a two year old on 1282ypm over 215 miles to take sixth open and fifth section J. The partner's pigeon is a Heremans Ceusters x Van Den Bulck. 

1st section D

G and W Britton of Peterborough were seventh open and first section D with a two year old on 1254ypm over a distance of 178 miles. Graham and Michael timed a son of their NRCC Thurso open winner crossed with an Eric Ceuleman sprint pigeon that was a top performer for Tony Woolsey before he gave up racing. 

Bob Frew

Bob Frew of Norwich timed a three year old on 1233ypm over 211 miles to take eighth open and sixth section J. Bob's blue hen is bred from Micky Betts' stock. It was fifth section NRCC Dunbar three weeks previously. 

Gary Wood's hen

The Ruislip loft of G Wood was ninth open and second section D with a yearling on 1183ypm over 245 miles. The dam of this pigeon is bred from Che x Wardrum and the sire is a Heremans Ceusters from Wall, Lunt and Green. 

Completing the top ten and in third section D is John Adams of Watford with a three year old on 1178ypm over 240 miles. 

Around the sections 

Wearn Bros & Neilson cock

Wearn Brothers and Neilson of Ramsdean were first section A with a two year old on 1098ypm over 278 miles. First on the clock for the partners was bred from a son of Champion Evie of John and David Staddon when crossed with a grand-daughter of New Laureaat. 

Kevin & John Zerafa

K and J Zerafa of Portsmouth were second section A with a three year old on 1094ypm over 291 miles. The sire of Kevin's pigeon is a son of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Melissa, 1st international Agen, whilst the dam was bred by Joost De Smeyter and is a daughter of Nico, 1st national ace pigeon long distance KBDB 2014. 

Mel & Sue King

Mel and Sue King of Blandford were the section B winners with a two year old on 1013ypm over 285 miles. Their winner came from their Vandenabeele family of pigeons and was raced on their celibate x roundabout system. 

Nick Smith

Mr and Mrs N Smith of Salisbury timed a four year old on 1012ypm over 268 miles to take second section B. Nick timed a blue cock full of his old Fred Bloor bloodlines on the dam's side. The sire came from his Tarbes classic open hen. 

Frank Quinn

F Quin of Devizes was the section C winner with a four year old on 993ypm over 250 miles. Frank had two pigeons come together but the cock that arrived first refused to trap and let the hen, named Dirty Dora, beat him to it. 

Anner Smith

Anner Smith and Son of Wotton under Edge was second section C with a two year old on 992ypm over a distance of 230 miles. Anner's winner is bred down from birds he had from Janet and Ken Wilcox. 

Paul Woolliss & grand-daughter Isla

Mr and Mrs Woollis of Grimsby were second section E with a three year old on 1098ypm over 129 miles. Paul clocked a small blue hen bred from his national winning family. 

Bill Young

Bill Young of Byfleet clocked a four year old on 1128ypm to take first section G over 270 miles. Bill timed a Jan Aarden pigeon bred for him by his good friend Ron Gammage and called Scar due to a wound from a hawk that it received as a youngster. 

Graham Wright

F Wright and Son of Eastbourne were second section G with a two year old on 1058ypm over 305 miles. Graham's grizzle hen was flown on the roundabout system and is bred from a son of Snow Prince when paired to a grand-daughter of Pau Princess. 

That concludes the report of the provisional result of the British Barcelona Club race from Hexham.