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New auctions: Collectors items, Paul Gevaert, Kas & Karel Meijers, June auction & Mike Ganus

Monday the 30th of May these new auctions will start: Collectors items, Paul Gevaert (BE), Kas & Karel Meijers (NL), June auction & Mike Ganus

Collectors items
International top-class pigeons

Children to stars - which are often not around anymore - or pigeons from renowned bloodlines which have become fantastic breeders. PIPA aims to track down these 'collectors items' and make them available in auction. In this auction, a beautiful selection of unique pigeons are on offer! The auction includes direct pigeons from the best of the PIPA Elite Center  (such as Porsche 911, Golden Prince, grandparents Porsche 911, Tarzan, Prince Porsche, Jana, etc.)... the best of Dehon-Demonseau (the sublime Best Kittel family)...from PIPA Breeding (children Best Kittel and Junior)...from Batenburg VD Merwe (children New Laureaat, Special One)...from Dirk Van Den Bulck (from the best breeders)...from Mike Ganus (from 1st Final Victoria Falls Classic)...and from Gaston Van De Wouwer and Joel Verschoot. 

Paul Gevaert (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Spectacular. That is how one would describe the competitive restart by Paul Gevaert in 2021. In 2020, he lost is pigeon companion and friend Carlos Lannoo. He decided to continue racing pigeons together with his wife Daisy after their total auction and was off to a great start with the youngsters, even classifying amongst the best in KBDB National competitions. In this auction, a beautiful selection of young birds are available from mostly the old golden lines. The lots include children, brothers and sisters of Ace Orleanske, 1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2021...and of Clooney I, 5th Prov. & 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2021. 

Kas & Karel Meijers (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

For many years now, Kas and Karel Meijers belong to the best in The Netherlands and stand out with their Olympiad stars such as Olympic Nicole and Olympic Anaba. Especially Heremans and Lambrechts pigeons are successful lines for this combination. For this auction, 5 young birds are selected from the best of the best; 2 children of Olympic Nicole x her own son...2 children of Olympic Anaba x Son Olympic Nicole...and a daughter of super Heremans breeder Juan Carlos. 

June auction

Call it a blessing in disguise for interested buyers and a second chance to purchase exceptional pigeons. Sometimes buyers can't pay for their purchased pigeons or there are difficulties with the export of pigeons which hinder the buyer from receiving their pigeon within a reasonable time. These pigeons are brought back to auction a second time. In this top quality auction, pigeons from different background but all from golden lines are on offer - the top quality you expect from PIPA. 

Mike Ganus (US)
Wolverine auction

The champions collection of Mike Ganus is unmatched. Winners of the most prestigious One Loft Races such as the Million Dollar race, Algarve OLR and Victoria Falls Classic are housed on the lofts of this American top fancier. The true stock cock is Wolverine, of which many descendants excel at a.o. the Victoria Falls race, Million Dollar race, Hoosier Classic, Pattaya OLR, etc., etc. Wolverine is a grandson of Zorro from Norman and a half brother of Million Dollar winner Abrahamia. In auction are a.o. children of Weston x Pandora (parents Red Monkey, 1st Final Victoria Falls 2018), Pandora is a daughter of Wolverine...of top breeders Picasso, son of Wolverine...and of Promise, super daughter Wolverine.