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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Guernsey on 14th May 2022

428 members sent 5,783 pigeons to the second race of the season from Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.00CEST into clear blue skies. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

First open and first CS section was won by S Sheffield from Oakley Green with a two year old on 1458mpm over a distance of 159 miles. Stuart's blue hen was bred from his own sprint based family of pigeons and it was flown on the roundabout system. 

Stuart Sheffield 1st open south centre section
D & J Staddon

David and John Staddon of Ditcheat were second open and first WS section with a four year old cock on 1454mpm over 112 miles. This is the second section win with the BICC for this cock called Meteor Miracle. Meteor Miracle is bred from the partners' elite breeding couple, the Miracle Pair when The Real Miracle was paired to Comet 1st, 3rd and 7th Combine, Comet is the dam of Glory, 1st NFC Coutances. Meteor Miracle and his nestmate Miracle Maker have many prizes to their name. 

Lady Elanora

Treharne and Son of Nantyglo clocked a three year old hen on 1442.9mpm over 160 miles to take third open and second WS section. Flown on the roundabout system, this hen had three races prior to Guernsey. The sire is a son of Stuart's two Saintes national winners Alan's Lad (100% Carteus) and Think of Me. The dam contains Eijerkamp Van Loon bloodlines, being a daughter of Lady Elanora. 

Alan's Lad (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)
Shaun McDonough's pigeon

Shaun McDonough of Walsall was fourth open and first NC section with a yearling on 1442.4mpm over a distance of 217 miles. Shaun's section winner was bred from Son Best Kittel and is a nestmate to three x ace grand averages in the Victoria Falls Millon Dollar Race. The dam is a great grandaughter of Stuff of Legends 1st open Derby & Burton national and contains Pieter Oberholster bloodlines. 

Gary Downing

Gary Downing of Smethwick was fifth open and second NC section with a three year old, chequer hen on 1442.2mpm over 207 miles. Gary's hen has previous prizes and is a sister to a first federation winner. It contains De Meyer x Lambrecht bloodlines being bred by Taylor and Rigby from Telford, directly from El Torro. The dam came from his original Lambrechts. 

Sixth open and second CS section was a pigeon on 1439mpm over 145 miles for J & P Parker of Beenham. 

Williams Brothers' blue cock

Williams Brothers of Oldbury timed a two year old on 1438mpm over 207 miles to take seventh open and first NW section. Trevor and Lee timed a widowhood cock bred from their own family of Soontjen x Van Reets and which had club and fed prizes as a youngster. 

C Baldwin & Son

Baldwin and Son of Edgware were eighth open and third CS section with a yearling on 1434mpm over 177 miles. Clive and Peter clocked a hen containing Leo Van Rijn x Soontjen bloodlines and raced on the celibate system. 

Nigel Templar

Nigel Templar of Hartcliffe was ninth open and third WS section with a two year old on 1429mpm over a distance of 131 miles. Nigel had four pigeons drop together. The sire of the first on the clock is a Syndicate x Gerrit Lahuis van Dyck cock that is still in the race team. The dam is a Frans Zwols hen from from Royal Tip and the Golden Hen. 

David Paine

Completing the top ten and in third NC section is David Paine of St Neots with a yearling on 1426mpm over 212 miles. David's pigeon was sixth section from Guernsey as a youngster and is a half brother to his Midlands National winner. It contains Marcel van den Brande bloodlines and was raced on the widowhood system. 

Around the sections

Paul & Jamie Thomas

R and P Thomas of South Benfleet timed a three year old on 1411mpm over 197 miles to take first ES section and sixteenth open. Paul clocked a widowhood hen that has had club and section cards in the past including 8th section, 90th open from Poitiers. 

Kevin Foster

Kevin Foster of Longfield Hill was second ES section with a two year old on 1365.57mpm over 182 miles. Kevin timed a blue pied widowhood cock, the sire of which is a son of the Lerwick Cock, 29th national from Lerwick last season. The dam is No 13, who was 5th NFC old hens. 

J M Cook of Bexley Heath was third ES section with a two year old on 1365.55mpm over a distance of 178 miles. Jimmy's chequer cock contains Vandenabeele bloodlines and was raced on the roundabout system. 

Dave Downing

David Downing of Suffolk timed a four year old on 1370mpm over 229 miles to take first NE section and forty-second open. The section winner is a Hardy Kruger bred from one of the original pairs that Dave obtained from Premier Lofts in 2014. Dave has since added other birds direct from Hardy and also crossed them with his Vandenabeeles. 

John Searle

J Searle of Great Abingdon was second NE section with a two year old on 1349mpm over a distance of 217 miles. John timed a Leo Van Rijn widowhood cock, a brother to club and fed winners. The bloodlines go back to Brian Hawes' direct Leo Van Rijns. 

Dean Jones' pigeon

Dean Jones of Sibsey timed a three year old on 1304mpm over 267 miles to take third NE section. Dean's pigeon contained 100% Padfield bloodlines being a son of Blue Badge and a daughter of Padfield's Invincible and Padfield's Kaysie. 

J & B Oakley's pigeon

J and B Oakley of Whitchurch were second NW section with a two year old on 1422mpm over 241 miles. Ben timed the hen that won the west section ace pigeon award with the Midlands National last season. It is bred from GWP Macaloney's New Dream Pair when paired to a daughter of Supermac 73 x One and Only. 

Silvester Bros, Nicklin & Clarke

Silvester Brothers, Nicklen and Clarke of Stoke on Trent were third NW section with a three year old on 1418mpm over 242 miles. The partners timed a Ceuster x Van Reet hen that was was 4th section BICC Guernsey previously. 

That completes the report on the provisional result of the second British International Flying Club race from Guernsey.