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Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE) still flourishes with his strong inbred stock

In 2021, the pigeons of Chris Hebberecht were a guarantee for 1st prizes and a plethora of top results on the national long distance, and proved their class once again!

At the National top for 60 years straight 

The Hebberecht stock has been at the national top continuously for more than 60 years. The late father, Octaaf Hebberecht laid the foundation for one of the strongest most successful stocks in international pigeon sport in the 1950’s. He initially started with pigeons from Valère Docker, Hector De Smet, and later also Roger Vereecke. Stock pigeons such as Korporaal, his son Pallieter and grandson ‘Fijnen’, de Wringer, de Hengst, de Zwarte Vereecke are all phenomenal base pigeons that can still be found in the pedigrees of current top pigeons in 2022. Chris managed to further develop his father Octaaf’s base to a world-class breed.

A leading role in this development was for stock pigeon Fijnen and his breeding lines: he himself is father of 3x 1st Provincial winners. He forms the base to the mighty breeding lines of ‘de Raket’ and ‘Bjorn’.  

'Raket' lines - he himself is winner of 1st Prov. Cahors 1,303 p. whilst his breeding resulted in the following Hebberecht icons:
Super (fantastic 1st prize winner, and super breeder), Talis (1st S-Nat La Souterraine ’01), Gentleman (1st Club and 3rd Nat. Dax), Pancho (1st Prov. &  2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’04), Jempy (superbreeder: grandson Pancho, father of Ike), Ike (1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’10), Galanten (father Tarzan), Tarzan (5th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’04), Evert (see below),  Keno (7th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB '16, grandson Ike) and many more…



'Bjorn' lines – he himself is winner of 1st Prov. and 5th Nat. Narbonne 5,006 p. and forms the genetic foundation to superior cracks, winners and ace pigeons such as:  
Jelle (1st Prov. & 5th Nat. Cahors), Champion (1st Prov. & 2nd Nat Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB), Costello (stock breeder and brother Champion), Pokémon (1st Prov. Brive and father of Jaws), Jaws (3rd Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB ’10, 7 x 1st Prize), Eros (6th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’15, son Jaws), Jempy (father Ike, Falco…), Ike (1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distnace KBDB ’10), Pancho (1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB), Lord (1st Best Agen pigeon of België 2015-’18), Falco (12th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’17), Edou (7th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ’13), Evert, Keno (7th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB ‘16, grandson Ike), etc…

Each and every one of these pigeons have brought Chris Hebberecht fame. They have also delivered countless top results, glorious victories, and ace pigeons on other lofts. This once again shows the rich history of the Hebberecht stock, which continues to bring forth 1st prize winners and ace pigeons up to a national level. 

Furthermore, Chris Hebberecht has taken 2x 1st National victories. One with Evert: 1st Nat. St. Vincent 3,786 p. '13, son of Pancho-Jelle, the lines of Bjorn and Super. The second, still frish in our memories, the 1st Nat. Marseille 2,102 p. in 2020 (with 1036 m/min) with a grandson of 1st Nat. Barcelona Julius. Julius was purchased by Chris from Gebr. Desbuquois. Let's not forget AXL in this impressive list, winner of 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2005. Impressive! 

We haven’t even written a word about the many championship titles up to a national level. A series to which even more titles were added in 2021. The most impressive latest titles are 23rd Nat. Champion Long Distance Old birds (1+2) KBDB 2021, in addition to many titles on Club level such as 1st Ace pigeon One-day Long Distance Lokeren 2021, 1st Champion One-day Long Distance Lokeren 2021, King One-day Long Distance 2021, 3rd Champion Long Distance Yearlings 2021…

Chris hopes to continue this series of titles in 2022, for which he a new generation of stars ready. These include the 3 leading figures from 2021.

Remco: 1st Ace pigeon and winner of 5th Nat. Cahors

One of the stars from the racing team in the past 2021 season was without doubt top pigeon Remco. This crack is bred from the best Chris Hebberecht pigeons, in which nearly all top lines come together.

Remco BE17-4059146

1st Ace pigeon One-day Long Distance Old birds 2021 – Fondclub Lokeren
5th Nat. Cahors 3,651 p. ’21
5th Nat. Cahors 6,903 p. ’19 – 1st Club 136 p.
15th Vierzon Club 816 p. ’21 – 186th Prov. 7,179 p.
151st Nat. Souillac 4,144 p. ’21
386th Nat. Agen 4,078 p. ’18
419th Nat. Vierzon 20,956 p. ’19
595th Nat. Brive 8,807 p. ’21
732nd Nat. Limoges 15,547 p. ’21

A true crack bred from the old strong Hebberecht lines.
Father: Ian BE08-4130458
A long-distance crack himself and winner of 1st Club 441 p. and 21st Nat. Souillac 7,760 p., 49th Nat. Montauban 6,822 p., 82nd Nat. Brive 8,331 p., 83rd Nat. Tulle 7,467 p., 97th Nat. Tulle 5,976 p. and son of the might Hebberecht star Gentleman BE98-4538833 (winner 3rd Nat. and 6th Internat. Dax 17,430 p. etc…) x Daughter Pancho BE04-4437279 (daughter 1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2004: Pancho).

Mother: Daughter Costello BE15-4253997
Daughter of super breeder Costello BE01-4094676 (full brother of Champion: 1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005) x Daughter Evert BE14-4260268 (Evert won 1st Nat. St.Vincent 3,786 p.)

Orlan: the discovery of a new 1st Prize winner 

Orlan is a  superior racer and winner of 2x 1st prize on the long distance in the club...3x 1st Prize against competitors (as he took 3rd place in the club on Valence behind 2 loft mates).

- Orlan BE18-4186123

16th N.Zone Montélimar 349 p. ’21 – 200th Nat 4,736 p. – 1st Club 42 d.
19th N.Zone Valence 831 p. ’21 – 332. Nat 7,517 p. – 3rd Club 105 p. (behind 2 loft mates)
51st Prov. Perigueux 1,138 p. ’21 – 139th Nat. 3,783 p. – 1st Club 74 p.
10th Prov. Valence 974 p. ’20 – 3rd Club 82 p.

Father: Lotus BE13-4169263
1st Best Perpignan pigeon of Belgium 2016-2017 with 15th Nat. Perpignan 4,620 p. and 17th Nat Perpignan 4,191 p… and son of Xtra JR BE09-4335752, direct R. & X.Verstraete (son Xtra: 1st Nat. Cahors 5,441 p.) x Daughter Tarzan BE09-4335704 (Tarzan became 5th Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2004).

Mother: Daughter Jaho BE13-4169282
Daugher of Jaho BE07-4081835 (himself 1st Prov. St.Vincent 1,082 p. – 3rd Nat. 5,431 p. – 4th Int. 13,011 d.) x Daughter Champion BE12-4149058 (Champion: 1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2005). 

Triple 3: the favourite and star amongst the yearlings in 2021

One of Chris Hebberecht’s favourites from the yearling team in 2021 is Triple 3. This star thanks his name to winning three 3rd prizes in the club, next to a fourth top result within the Top 10. Results that define real top racers. No surprise that Chris Hebberecht puts his faith in this pigeon with eye on the future. Triple 2 is bred from 2 absolute top racers in the Hebberecht breeding loft, he is the son of Lord x Raketje. Yes, top pigeons descend from top pigeons!

-Triple 3 BE20-4068449

9th Chateaudun 526 p. – 3rd Club 300 p.
36th N.Zone Argenton 3,107 p. – 256th Nat. 21,282 p. – 3rd Club 633 p.
87th N.Zone Chateauroux 3,349 p. – 593th Nat. 22,196 p. – 3rd Club 530 p.
9th Club Tulle 109 p.  

Father: Lord BE13-4169172
Best Agen pigeon of Belgium 2015-2018 (PIPA Ranking) with the following results:
13th Nat. 4,405 p. & 18th Int. Agen 12,007 p., 16th Nat. 3,524 p. & 18th Int. Agen 6,042 p., 51st Nat. 4,477 p. & 170th Int. Agen 13,325 p., 77th Nat. & 251st Int. Agen 11,826 p., 60th Nat. Limoges 13,569 p… and carrier of the LDHA Genotype AA. He is grandson of both Ike: 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2010 and AXL: 1st Nat. Ace pigeons Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2005.
Mother: Raketje BE12-4149003
3rd Prov. Ace pigeon Heavy Middle Distance Young birds KBDB 2012 with 8th Nat. Bourges 11,883 p. etc… and daughter of de Smallen NL09-1674106 (direct G.Koopman from Witneus Wynants & Zn, a son of Blauwe Vanoppen: 1st Int. Barcelona) x Daughter Pancho BE04-4437257 (daughter 1st Prov. & 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2004: Pancho).

A super talent with a top pedigree. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

References from other lofts

The strength of this colony is not only reflected in the results that are achieved on the lofts in Evergem. When colleague fanciers also succeed with your breed, it is proof its strong hereditary potential. The Hebberecht pigeons are at the foundation of hundreds of top results across the worlp.In 2021, this list was extended with amongst others the following 4 top references:

-Didier Hoflack (France): super racer Mister Agen FR17-302250 wins 2nd Nat.ional Agen 3,869 p. and 24th Int. Agen 18,056 p., 49th St. Junien 5,910 p., 94th Rouillet St. Estephe 4,243 p., 113th Argenton 15,387 p… a cock which is bred from two direct Chris Hebberecht pigeons. Father is a full brother of Lotus (father of Orlan, see above) and Milow (8th Nat. Brive, 38th Nat.. Libourne…), whilst mother is a half-sister of de Deserteur (1st Best Pau pigeon of Belgium 2014-2016).

-Miro Korecic (Croatia): winner 1st Prize Super Final Derby Zagreb 2021 – 600 Km, and winner 1st Super Ace pigeon Derby Zagreb 2021 with CRO21-17036. Mother of this pigeon was bred from BE14-4280478 of Chris Hebberecht (daughter Black Euro x Halfzus Ike).

-Martin Martens (Belgium): got to borrow Daughter Edou 196/17 (Chris Hebberecht) to breed from for a year, and paired her to his stock breeder, Mr. Falco (grandfather Mr. Tulle: 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat.. Tulle ’14, and 1st Prov., 1st Nat.. Zone and 5th Nat. Tulle ’16). A daughter of this pair became mother of 2 excellent yearlings. De 009/20 won: 1st Fontenay 231 p., 1st Fontenay 167 p., 7th Fontenay 95 p., 9th Fontenay 141 d., 8th Arras 110 p., 11th Chateaudun 443 p., 14th Chateaudun 603 p., 20th Chateaudun 253 p. and 28th Chateaudun 356 p… his nest brother 010/20: won 3rd Clermont 83 p. (behind 2 loft mates), 33rd Blois-Montoire 802 p.– 260th Prov. 5,093 p., and 34th Blois-Montoire 647 p.– 259th Prov. 3,534 p… From another daughter of this pair, the 047/20 was bred: who won 6th Clermont 171 p., 8th Chateaudun 443 p., 9th Clermont 488 p., 9th Chateaudun 603 p., etc…

-Norbert & Stefan Ally (BE): were successful with Half-sister Ike 275/18 (daughter Jempy x Miss Blois). In 2021, she became mother of one of the best youngsters on the Ally-lofts, the BE21-3106233: won 10 prizes as a young bird, of which 9 x 1:10 including 6th Sermaises 943 p., 4th Blois-Montoire 280 p. and 78th Prov 3,334 p., 12th Chateauroux 409 p. and 75th Prov. 3,406 p., 39th Argenton 799 p. and 251th Prov. 6,029 p., 377th Prov. Brionne 14,856 p., 67th Sermaises 962 p. etc… Her nest sister BE21-2106232 won: 1st Chateauroux 409 p. and 4th Prov. 3,406 p., 6th Blois-Montoire and 110th Prov 3,334 p., 61th Sermaises 962 p. etc…

-Peter Boone-Van Extergem (BE) won 1st Prov. and 2nd Nat. Chateauroux 5,140 pigeons with a 100 %  Hebberecht pigeon (via Arthur Wytack)

Bringing forth winners

The inbred Hebberecht stock continues to amaze on the results lists. On their own loft as well as many other lofts in Belgium and abroad; evidence of the superior genes these pigeons carry and pass on to their descendants. It becomes clear why so many succeed in crossing the Hebberecht pigeons with other top lines…and why Chris Hebberecht stock has managed to stay at the top of the game on the long distance and extreme long distance all this time. Winning and making others win, that is the power of the modern Hebberecht pigeon. A characteristic that has brought Chris Hebberecht international fame.

Best results Chris Hebberecht on Long Distance races (> 600 Km) in 2021

Limoges I Club 394 Old birds: 2-3-12-13-18-23-26-29-32-45-46-52-65-66-82… (22/32)
   Nat. 15,547 Old birds: 167-186-634-732-927-1208-1259-1466-1520… (19/32)

Valence Club 105 Old birds: 1-2-3-4-9-19 (6/9)
  Nat. 7,517 Old birds: 204-262-332-383-1327 (5/9)

Brive Club 252 Old birds: 4-6-12-18-21-24-25-39-62-64-65-78 (12/26)
  Nat. 8,807 Old birds: 92-195-265-383-491-587-595-899… (12/26)

Montélimar Club 42 Old birds 1 (1/4)
  Nat. 4,736 Old birds: 200 (1/4)

Limoges II Club 119 YL: 2-6-30-32-33 (5/8)
  Nat. 9,218 YL: 201-343-2175-2240-2302 (5/8)

Souillac Club 76 YL: 5-8-11-21 (4/7)
  Nat. 4,571 YL: 193-738-923 (3/7)

Cahors Club 82 Old birds: 2-14-18-26 (4/8)
  Nat. 3,651 Old birds: 5-334-522 (3/8)

Narbonne 172 YL: 2 (1/2)
  Nat. 5,972 YL: 34  en IntNat. 13.693 YL: 100 (1/2)

Périgueux  74 Old birds: 1-4-5-9-10-11-15-16-17-19-21-22-23 (13/17)
  Nat. 3,783 Old birds: 139-331-350-375-471-474… (13/17)

Périgueux 59 YL: 1 (1/2)
  Nat. 4,779 YL: 47 (1/2)

Tulle 110 YL: 8-9-10 (3/5)
  Nat. 7,267 YL: 1096-1264-1278 (3/5)

Perpignan  67 Old birds: 7-13-23 (3/3)
  Nat. 3,901 Old birds: 597-766 (2/3