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New auctions: Alpdag Brothers, Frans Bungeneers, Gino Clicque, Pallatt KBDB Elite, Davy Tournelle, Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Bart Geerinckx & Wendela Wiersema

Monday the 14th of February these new auctions will start: Alpdag Brothers, Frans Bungeneers, Gino Clicque, Pallatt KBDB Elite, Davy Tournelle, Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Bart Geerinckx & Wendela Wiersema

Alpdag Brothers (TR)
Youngsters from the best breeders

In the unique breeding collection of the Alpdag brothers, Geerinckx pigeons play a special role. These breeders often deliver fantastic breeding results and nearly all descendants of the champion team from Wommelgom. In this auction, youngsters from children of the stock pigeons Wittekop Sylvester, Gladiator and wonder racers such as 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB New Freddy, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Little Star (and from parents Little Star), 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB Smart Boy will be on offer … furthermore the lots include youngsters from children of a.o. 1st International Ace Pigeon KBDB Golden Prince, Golden King and Armando … and from PEC icons Porsche 911 and father Wacko Freddy … a world-class collection!

Frans Bungeneers (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

Those who have studied Frans Bungeneers' Barcelona results, won't disagree with his coronation as Barcelona king. Winning 1st Nat. Barcelona 2005 with Queen Tonny was a dream come true, and meant the start of a new era full of successes! Even the cowardly theft of nearly all his cracks didn't stop Frans to continue pursuing his dream ... managing top results on his beloved Barcelona. Super hen Elena, 1st Barcelona pigeon in the PIPA Ranking across 2 and 3 year, became a key figure who's descendants ensured new successes. On offer in this auction are primarily descendants from this super hen, but also from Queen Tonny, 1st Int. Ace Pigeon 2015-2016 Iron Lady Ellie, her grandfather and super breeder Blokje Bungeneers and from Sem, winner of 1st Prov. St. Vincent.  

Gino Clicque (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

Gino Clicque performs at an extremely high level, and again showed his dominance in 2021. Especially in tough but fair conditions the Clicque colony steps up. It goes without saying that the Clicque pigeons ranked amongst the National Ace pigeons past season; Tien Chang became 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2021 and 1st Belgian Long Distance pigeon across 4 and 5 races … Sylver Olympic became 2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2021. Clicque houses an allround colony with countless victories, on short distance to extreme long distance races. He has taken more than 100x National Top 100 spots and many National Top 10 prizes. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as nearly all pigeons descend from national ace pigeons or winners, in which Golden Prince plays a pivotal role! In this special auction, Gino offers children to his most famous icons such as Golden King 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB, New Piraat 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB and 1st Nat. Chateauroux winner Golden Devil…the auction further includes (double) grandchildren to his greatest stars.

The pigeons on offer can be viewed at Gino Clicque his stand at Fugare (19th & 20th February in Xpo Kortrijk).

Pallatt KBDB Elite (UK)
Youngsters from children national ace KBDB pigeons

The English topper Dean Pallatt cherishes one of the most exclusive collections of greater middle to long distance KBDB Ace Pigeon bloodlines in Europe, Making his breeding loft a total gem of quality. Dean has put together some beautiful couplings and thus offers an auction on PIPA of exceptional top quality. Including children from:
‘Golden Kim’ Son New Kim the most expensive young bird ever sold in the world 160000 euro, Brother and sister New Kim, 1st Nat. ace pigeon KBDB by Gaston Van De Wouwer. Also children from new super breeder ‘Asra’ father 1st Ace MD Antwerp Union 2020 ‘Tripple 888 Nadine’ Son Nadine and top producing Brothers and sisters of Nadine and Sara, both 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB by Willy Daniëls … Also to complement even further children from Porsche 911 and Louise, PEC superstars and children of Armando and Bonte Crack 1st Nat. ace pigeon KBDB long distance.

Davy Tournelle (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

The Tournelle family has a golden season nearly every year. A staggering 8x 1st National can be found on their results list and stock breeder Tiësto plays a key role in these successes. This auction includes children from the best breeders and racers, with glorious names such as Torres, Tevez, Mystery Man, El Torro and National winners and Ace pigeons amongst which are Tiesto’s Dream, Tiesto’s Lady, Miss Torres, Masseratti, Tiesto’s Ace, Queen Of Prime, Tiesto’s Hero, etc., etc.

Batenburg-Van De Merwe (NL)
Special One special

In the treasury of Batenburg-Van De Merwe, The Special One plays an important role. This super cock won 1st Int. Barcelona against 19,083 pigeons in 2015. A tough edition during which he was the only pigeon clocked on the day of release. After this feat he was transferred to the breeding lofts of Batenburg-Van De Merwe and his descendants turned out to be gems! Children and grandchildren have won a.o. 
4th Int. Yearling Extreme Long Distance PIPA Ranking 2017
1st Nat. Marseille 2021 at Kristof Mortelmans
2nd Int. Narbonne 8,480 p. 2017
3rd Nat. Barcelona 2019
7th Nat. Agen 2021
8th I.prov. Brive 2021
9th Nat. Agen 2018
11th Nat. Marseille 2018
12th Nat. Barcelona 2020
15th Nat. Bergerac 2018
24th Nat. Narbonne 2020
25th Nat. Perpignan 2018
25th Final Victoria Falls OLR 2020
26th Nat. S2 Bergerac 2019
29th Nat. Perpignan 2018
32nd Nat. Barcelona 2019
In this special auction on PIPA, all pigeons descend from the Special One lines. Exclusive is a daughter of Special One x super 1st Int. Barcelona winner Kleine Jade...and (double) grandchildren. Top class from the International extreme long distance!

Bart Geerinckx (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

The name Geerinckx is renowned in pigeon sport. They have won everything there is to win, but nonetheless Team Geerinckx continues to perform at the highest level. A colony that is unmatched, with icons such as Gladiator and Wittekop Sylvester as stock pigeons with golden genes. In this auction, children from the best Geerinckx breeders and current racers such as Gladiator Star (father Super Yearling), Acy (Olympiad pigeon & 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB), Freddy Lagoon (1st-3rd Prov. winner), Brother Queen James (1st Nat. Zone Limoges), etc. will be on offer.  

Wendela Wiersema (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

The Dutch wonder woman Wendela Wiersema has rocketed to the top. Several years ago she already excelled in the youth championships; now she battles amongst the seniors with great success. The cherry on top of her season was the title 1st Nat. Champion Not Nominated Young birds NPO 2021. Wendela offers youngsters from her best breeders in this auction, including brothers and sisters form 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Young birds NPO 2017 Runner Up Ace, half brothers and sisters to 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Young birds NPO 2017 and 10th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance PIPA Ranking ... and half brothers and sisters of many 1st Prize winners in large competitions.