New auctions: Mark Gilbert & G. & C. Cooper

Wednesday the 19th of January these new auctions will start: Mark Gilbert (UK) en G&C Cooper (UK).

Mark Gilbert (GB)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Mark Gilbert is without doubt the strongest British fancier on the (Inter)national classics. In 2020, he managed something no one had ever done before; winning 1st Nat. Pau and 1st Nat. Barcelona on the same day..a glorious continuation of the two National victories in 2019 and many before that. In this auction, Mark offers youngsters from his best breeders. Amongst them are the (Inter)national winners, but also children to 1st Int. Barcelona winners New Laureaat, Kleine Jade, Sumerian Fighter and Jef...children to Jellema icons Zwart Goud, Romee, Evi en Silvie ... van de Heijde star Naomi (1e Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona)... and more. A world-class auction with absolute gems. 

G&C Cooper (GB)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Geoff & Catharine Cooper put themselves in the spotlight as fanciers by winning a.o. 4x 1st International. However, Cooper pigeons are capable of much more; winning races from 300km onwards (in 2021 a.o. 1st National & 1st Classic at Paul Basham). Thanks to these superb qualities they also shine at many prestigious One Loft Races around the world! Descendants to stock pigeon George, once a strong racer himself, have climbed to the top of the podium on international classics. Currently, important breeders include 1st Int. Bordeaux Farmer George and 1st Int. Pau Wollongong, in addition to other national super performers. These racing cracks are never sold and continue to prove their value on the Cooper breeding lofts. Youngsters from these stars will become available in this beautiful auction on PIPA.