Frits & Wytse Mantel are grateful to PIPA for their successful auction

Father and son Mantel wanted to thank the PIPA team, all bidders and buyers after their auction that ended on Sunday.

Hello Nikolaas / Dear Pipa team,

Thank you for a perfect and incredible auction yesterday. We trusted you again after our total auction in 2017 and that was a very good choice. After our relocation we changed our focus from one day long distance races to One Loft Races, with super results.

With a child Vardy sold for 7400 euro and a great average result of 2408 euro per pigeon, everyone can see we are back on track.

Special thanks to Sjoerd Lei for his trust and perfect work he did to make it a big success. He is a real asset for your team.

We thank all bidders for the sensational result, and wish the buyers good luck with the pigeons.

Kind regards,
Frits & Wytse Mantel