Win a 2022 youngster from PEC with the PIPA Christmas quiz!

In the past, PIPA has organized a quiz around Christmastime. This year again, there are many beautiful prizes to be won. The grand prize is a pigeon from the PIPA Elite Center!

The PIPA Elite Center enjoys handing out gifts during the holiday season. The winner of this year's Christmas quiz will become the owner of a 2022 PEC youngster. Highly sought-after pigeons from a world-class loft. Their class was once again proven last season, as described in this extensive article with the highlights of the past racing season.

Join the quiz and win!

Would you like to win a young bird from the best lines of the PIPA Elite Center? Then take a guess on how much the 8 pigeons of the PEC will be sold for during the auction on Sunday, December 26, 2021. Fill in the form and take a chance on winning a pigeon (first prize). Those who miss out of the main prize are not necessary left empty-handed. The second prize winner will receive a PIPA package worth €200 and the third prize winner a PIPA package worth €100.

Both registered and unregistered users can participate. Please note: you can only participate once per fancier. Participating under the name of your son, daughter, wife, uncle, etc. does not count. An exception to this rule are fanciers who submit their guess for family members who play under a different name and are thereby also KBDB members. If you do enter on behalf of family members who are not KBDB members, only your first guess will count.

The rules

  • Whoever guesses the correct amount of the total turnover during the PIPA Elite Center auction or comes closest to that amount, will win the first prize. If there is a tie, the person who submitted first wins.
  • Only one guess per fancier may be entered. Participating under the name of family members or other people who are not members of a national pigeon association are not valid. If you do, then only your first guess counts.
  • You can only participate by submitting the form on which the address, contact details and the guessed amount are stated.
  • Note: Please only state numbers and do not follow them with "euro" or "EUR".
  • Forms can be submitted until Friday December 24, 2021 at 5:00 PM at the latest.

The best of luck!