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Cor de Heijde (Made, NL): a world-class fancier with a sublime extreme long distance colony

Year in, year out Cor de Heijde shines on the national and international extreme long distance races. His sensational result on Barcelona ’21 underlines his status as world-class fancier.

Cor de Heijde kan look back on a successful 2021 season. The highlight was the queen's stage from Barcelona, on which he won the 2nd and 8th National against 4,838 pigeons. On the international results list, 12 out of 17 basketed pigeons won prizes (58%) and 5 out of the 8 hens won prizes (62%). Besides Barcelona, more top results were achieved on other extreme long distance races, including 5th Dax (1,369 p.),  6th and 9th St. Vincent (1,525 p.) etc., etc. The foundation to these results is a breeding loft that is exclusively filled with quality. Top breeders who pass on their golden gens and have all shown to be capable of achieving top results. Below are some of the best results from 2012 onwards:

1st Nat. Bordeaux '12 4,509 p. NL10-3017961 (De Bordeaux)
1st Nat. St. Vincent '14 9,672 p. NL12-3220480 (Marianne)
6th Nat. Barcelona '14 5,423 p. NL10-3054650 (Naomi)
2nd Nat. Bergerac '15 4,662 p. NL12-3220500 (Grijsje 500)
1st Nat. St. Vincent '15 15,918 p. NL13-1330942 (De Kleine Blauwe)
2nd Nat. Barcelona '15 5,183 p. NL12-3220448 (Blue Dream) (tevens 4e Int. 19.089 d)
12th Nat. Barcelona '18 3,912 p. NL13-3339812 (Blauw Klampertje)
4th Nat. Barcelona '18 3,912 p. NL14-3423376 (Diamantje) (tevens 9e Int. 15.700 d)
1st Nat. Agen S1 '18 6,379 p. NL16-3621456 (De Agen)
10th Nat. Perigueux '18 4,921 p. NL15-3516018 (Smaragd)
4th Nat. Dax '19 9,057 p. NL17-3731019 (De Dax Doffer)
11th Nat. Barcelona '19 4,129 p. NL15-3516018 (Smaragd)
11th Nat. Barcelona '20 4,477 p. NL17-3731112 (Michelina)
17th Nat. Barcelona '20 4,477 p. NL15-3515986 (Super Barca 986)
8th Nat. Barcelona '21 4,838 p. NL15-3515986 (Super Barca 986)
2nd Nat. Barcelona '21 4,920 p. NL18-3830193 (Briljantje)
National Ace pigeons:
1st Nat. Ace pigeon Perpignan 2014-2017 NL11-3025010 (Coming Man)
1st Super Gouden Crack FZN 2019 NL16-3621473 (Super Gouden Crack)
2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Barcelona (3rd Int) 2018-2020 NL15-3515965 (Violet Barcelona)
4th Nat. Ace pigeon Barcelona (9th Int) 2019-2021 NL16-3635857 (Dochter Michella)
1st Nat. Ace pigeon Barcelona (1st Int) 2020-2021 NL15-3515986 (Super Barca 986)

It is impossible to mention all the super pigeons and their performances, therefore we have selected a small group of cracks we will introduce to you further;

NL08-3818593, Jonge Don Michel 

From the De Klamper bloodlines Jonge Don Michel followed in his fathers footsteps NL96-9659671 Don Michel. Don Michel is a grandson to De Klamper and won 17th and 21st National Perpignan. Moreover, he is an invaluable breeder and responsible for the buildup of Cor de Heijde's stock. 95% of the pigeons on the lofts of Cor de Heijde have Don Michel in their pedigree. Cor houses a wondrous colony, descendants from this phenomenon, for the international classics. Only the greats in pigeon sport gained their fame by breeding a pigeon that was so much better than the rest. NL96-9659671 Don Michel falls under this category of pigeons. His son Jonge Don Michel excelled as a racer, winning 7th National Perpignan against 4978 p. and 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Barcelona ZLU 2011-2013. He also became 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Dax ZLU 2011-2013. Furthermore he is a tremendous breeder and father to amongst others: 

Blue Dream : 1st International Barcelona hens
2nd National Barcelona
Diamantje : 4th National Barcelona
Smaragd : 10th National Perigueux (Sector I)
11th National Barcelona 2019
Agen duivin: 18th National Agen Old birds
Michelina : 11th National Barcelona 2020

NL12-3220448 Blue Dream, 2nd National Barcelona (5,183 p.) 2015

Blue Dream is a daughter to Jonge Don Michel. Blue Dream won 2nd National and 4th International Barcelona against respectively 5,183 and 19,089 pigeons. She is also great grandmother to Briljantje (NL18-3830193) 2nd National Barcelona '21 against 4,920 pigeons. 

NL14-3423376 Diamantje, 4th National Barcelona (3,912 p.) 2018

The 4th National Barcelona (3,912 p.), good for a 9th International (15,700 p.) and 5th International Hens (4,787 p.) was achieved by Diamantje on this tough edition of Barcelona in 2018, reaching an average speed of 872 meter per minute. Diamantje is also a daughter to super breeder Jonge Don Michel (NL08-388593). Her mother is Dochter Favoriet. De Favoriet won i.a. 4th Nat. Dax (11,752 p.), 33rd Nat. Cahors (13,185 p.) 52nd Nat. St. Vincent (12,992 p.), 65th Nat. St. Vincent (11,985 p.) and 82nd Nat. Bordeaux (13,242 p.). On Diamantje her palmares are the following top results: 

4th Nat. Barcelona ( 3,912 p.)
9th Int. Barcelona (15,700 p.)
5th Int. Barcelona ( 4,787 h.)
14th Bordeaux ( 2,772 p.)
33rd Nat. Bordeaux (9,687 p.)
136th Nat. Narbonne (5,042 p.)
148th Bergerac (3,425 p.)

NL15-3516018 Smaragd, 11th National Barcelona (4,129 p.) 2019

Lastly, from the extensive list of super daughters to breeding phenomenon Jonge Don Michel is Smaragd. Just as Blue Dream and Diamantje who we mentioned earlier, she put herself in the spotlights of extreme long distance racing with the 11th National Barcelona '19 (4,129 p.) and a 10th National Perigueux Sect. 1 '18 (4,921 p.) 

NL11-3025010 Coming Man, 1st National Ace pigeon Perpignan 2014-2017

Another important breeder on the lofts of Cor de Heijde is Coming Man. He is a grandson to Diamantje, and half brother to 1st National Barcelona against 13,066 pigeons (4th Int. 25,835 p.) and 1st Bordeaux (5,478 p.). Mother is Gouden Barca (Jan Hooymans) with i.a. 3rd National Barcelona (17,489 p.) on her palmares, and descends from the Klamper lines. Coming Man managed to stand out on Perpignan for several years, winning him the title 1st Nat. Ace pigeon ZLU Perpignan 2014-2017. His greatest results were: 

27th Nat. Perpignan 6,414 p.
55th Nat. Perpignan 4,789 p.
178th Nat. Perpignan 4,027 p.
140th Nat. Barcelona 5,183 p.
999th Nat. Barcelona 5,423 p.
1st Nat. Ace pigeon ZLU Perpignan 2014-2017

NL16-3635857 Dochter Michella, 9th International Ace pigeon 2019-2021

On of the most important children to Coming Man (1st Nat. Ace pigeon ZLU Perpignan 2014-2017) is Dochter Michella. She mananged a top result on National Barcelona for the 3rd time. Her mother is Michella (granddaughter Don Michel) who herself won i.a. 44th National Barcelona against 5,182 pigeons. See Dochter Michella her impressive palmares on Barcelona below:

217th Nat. Barcelona '21 4,838 p.
201th Nat. Barcelona '20 4,477 p.
209th Nat. Barcelona '19 4.129 p.
9th Int. Ace pigeon Barcelona 2019-2021

NL12-3220480 Marianne, 1st National St. Vincent (9,672 p.) 2014

With a powerful Northern wind, Cor won 1st National St. Vincent S1 2014 with an average speed of 983 mpm. The winner (Marianne) is, once again, a descendant from the famous Klamper bloodlines with which Cor de Heijde has suprised the extreme long distance scene on numerous occasions. In Marianne's pedigree we find a lot of NL94-1870149 Inteelt Klamper and his son NL93-9345564 Perpignan Doffer. Marianne is a sister to Cahorsduivin who won 1st NPO Cahors (4,939 p.) and 6th National Narbonne (4,303 p.). 

NL15-3515965 Violet Barcelona, 2nd National (3rd Int.) Ace pigeon Barcelona 2018-2020 and 3rd National (5th Int.) Ace pigeon Barcelona 2018-2021

A star on Barcelona of the past years is this Violet Barcelona. With the 26th National Barcelona last year she finished as 2nd National Ace pigeon and 3rd International Ace pigeon on Barcelona across 3 years 2018-2020. In 2021, for the fourth time in a row she won a prize on Barcelona and finished as 3rd National Ace pigeon and 5th International Ace pigeon across 4 years 2018-2021. Her father is a son to Don Michel x De Perignanduivin, both with a fair amount of Klamper blood. Mother to the 965 is a granddaughter to De Klamper. Violet Barcelona her results of the past four years:

135th Nat. Barcelona '18 3,912 p.
183th Nat. Barcelona '19 4,129 p.
26th Nat. Barcelona '20 4,477 p.
833th Nat. Barcelona '21 4,838 p.
2nd Nat. Ace pigeon Barcelona 2018 - 2020
3rd Int. Ace pigeon Barcelona 2018 - 2020
3rd Nat. Ace pigeon Barcelona 2018 - 2021
5th Int. Ace pigeon Barcelona 2018 - 2021

She also won: 116th Nat. Perpignan 3,778 p.
222nd Nat. Perpignan 4,278 p.
12th Limoges 478 p.

NL16-3621456 De Agen, 1st National Agen S1 (6,379 p.) 2018

The 2018 edition of Agen was everything but easy, nonetheless a descendant from De Klamper managed to take the victory. The winner's father is Don Michel, the super grandson to De Klamper. Only 9 pigeons managed to reach an average speed above 1,000 meter per minute on this race. De Agen reached an average speed of 1,161 m/min and was the winner in Sector 1 against 6,379 pigeons. 

NL18-3830193 Briljantje, 2nd National Barcelona (4,920 p.) 2021

Once more, a descendant from Don Michel shined on National Barcelona. This time a granddaughter, named Briljantje, who won a fantastic 2nd National Barcelona on the most recent edition in 2021. This was good for the 34th International and 13th International hens. Besides granddaughter to Don Michel she is also a granddaughter to Marianne (1st Nat. St. Vincent) and great grandchild to Blue Dream (1st Nat. Barcelona 1,742 hens). Briljantje has flown the following results:

2nd Nat. Barcelona 4,838 p.
13th Int. Barcelona 5,840 h.
34th Int. Barcelona
1st B.S.L. Barc. 869 p.
14th Agen 163 p.
22nd Nat. Narbonne 6,725 p.
45th Int. Narbonne 6,837 h.
112th Int. Narbonne 12,848 p.

NL16-3621473, 1st Golden Crack Marathon 2019

This magnificent cock became 1st Golden Crack Marathon in Fondclub Zuid Nederland (Afd. Zeeland, Afd. Brabant 2000 and Afd. Oost Brabant) in 2019. He also became 1st Ace pigeon FBZ (Vriendenclub of Fond Flakkee Brabant and Zeeland). Both on the morning as afternoon releases the 473 managed to fly to the top of the charts. Looking at his pedigree, these top results are no surprise. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Mother to the 473 is a double granddaughter to super breeder Don Michel, therefore 2 out of 4 grandparents are children to Don Michel. Don Michel was paired to Lady Future (Jan Hooymans), a full sister to the famous Harry. Father of the 473 is a son to Grijsje 500, a super racer on the extreme long distance. Super Gouden Crack his best results are: 

28th Nat. Perigieux '18 4,921 p. (afternoon release)
15th Nat. St. Vincent '19 2,696 p. (morning release)
75th Nat. St. Vincent '19 5,451 p. (afternoon release)
84th Nat. Perpignan '19 4,283 p. (morning release)
1st Golden Crack Marathon FZN 2019
1st Ace pigeon FNZ 2019

NL15-3515986 Super Barca 986, 1st International Ace pigeon Barcelona 2020-2021

The final pigeon in this overview of extreme long distance stars is Super Barca 986. He managed to win sensational prizes two years in a row on Barcelona, taking 8th National '21 and 17th National '20 and was crowned 1st International Ace pigeon Barcelona 2020-2021. Father to this crack is a result of co-breeding with Frans Bungeneers, a half brother to Queen Tonny (1st Nat. Barcelona against 13,066 pigeons, 4th Int. 25, 835 p.). Super Barca 986 himself won the following: 

17th Nat. Barcelona 4,477 p.
25th Int. Barcelona 12,315 p.
8th B.S.L. Barc. 754 p.
8th Nat. Barcelona 4,920 p.
48th Int. Barcelona 16,485 p.
2nd B.S.L. Barc. 869 p.
1st Int. Ace pigeon Barcelona 2020-2021
  • Whilst writing this article it was announced that Cor finished 1st in the Barcelona ranking across 5 years (2017-2021) with 3 nominated pigeons (1st, 2nd and 3rd) 11/15.

Also this year fantastic results were achieved on other lofts.

Cor is not the only one who is successful with his pigeons. The large amount of references that he receives yearly underline this. Again, it is impossible to mention them all, but a selection of wonderful results with Cor de Heijde pigeons can be found below.