Kas en Karel Meijers (Oud Ootmarsum, NL) are, after the Olympic in Poznan`19, again present at the Olympiad in Roemenia`22 with Olympic Anaba

After Olympic Nicole, 1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Poznan 2019, Kas and Karel Meijers have found a worthy successor in Olympic Anaba, 1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Cat A for the Olympiad Romania`22
Karel (l) and Kas (r) Meijers

Once again Kas and Karel Meijers are present at the Olympiad of 2022 in Romania and they are represented by a super hen, Olympic Anaba. A daughter of Olympic Anaba, Olympic Aponi, finished as the 5th Dutch Olympic pigeon yearlings (Cat. G). Only the first 3 pigeons of these categories are basketed thus only Olympic Anaba shall physically be present in Romania. Especially in recent years Kas and Karel have been a common sight for the Olympic pigeons as they have been represented 3x in these recent years:

2013 Olympiad Nitra : Olympic Bolt (1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Young Cat. F)
2019 Olympiad Poznan : Olympic Nicole (1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Sprint Cat. A)
2022 Olympiad Romania: Olympic Anaba (1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Sprint Cat. A)

It should be known that at the foundation of these Olympic pigeons there is an incredible colony of pigeons that has been performing at the highest level for years. Below you can see an overview of some of the impressive results of last year:

Weert 3923 p.: 10,15,17,18,25,38,52,53,65,66,67,70, etc. (39/65)
Burdinne 3724 p.: 3,8,9,11,12,13,19,23,45,47,48,54,55, etc. (34/60)
Quievrain 3799 p.: 1,2,4,6,9,11,16,19,28,29,45,66,68,71, etc. (41/60) (1 & 2 25.734 p. A9)
Dizy-le Gr 1528 p.: 2,5,19,20,23,24,25,32,58,63,78,80,96, etc. (26/30)
Chalons 1156 p.: 23,24,25,41,42,76,96,97,98,99,103, etc. (20/30)
Chalons 1166 p.: 15,20,22,36,55,59,71,72,78, etc. (15/30)
Weert 2952 p.: 1,2,10,12,13,14,15,16,41,50,85,91,94, etc. (19/20)
Duffel 2652 p.: 2,3,6,7,8,10,20,23,68,107,122,124, etc. (18/18)
Arlon 1727 p.: 1,8,15,20, 23,31,32,71,78,104,163, etc. (17/30)

The Olympic hens Olympic Nicole (with her parents 'Duiver Olympic Pair x Blauwe Beertje) and Olympic Anaba (with her parents De 655 x Nieuwe Queen Rossi) and some important descendents, such as Olympic Aponi, will be listed in greater detail below.

NL17-1743820 Olympic Anaba, 1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Sprint (Cat. A.) Romania 2022.

Olympic Anaba shall be basketted as the 1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Cat A (Sprint) to the Olympiad in Romania. She is a daughter of the top breeding couple De 655 x Nieuwe Queen Rossi. Besides being the parents of Olympic Anaba, they are also the grandparents of Olympic Aponi (see below). With the 10 performances listed below, Olympic Anaba ended up as 1st in the rankings for the category Sprint;

Bierges 245 km 1st 3340 p.
Burdinne 240 km 1st 2757 p.
Boxtel 140 km 3rd 4129 p.
Quiévrain 315 km 4th 4249 p.
Niergnies 357 km 1st 715 p.
Tilburg 160 km 5th 3190 p.
Boxtel 140 km 5th 1961 p.
Quiévrain 315 km 13th 16175 p.
Beek en Donk 129 km 17th 3470 p.
Quiévrain 315 km 16th 2268 p.

NL19-1340730 Olympic Aponi, 5th Dutch Olympic Pigeon Yearlings (Cat. G) Romania 2022

Quality breeds quality certainly applies with Olympic Aponi because she is a daughter of the earlier listed Olympic Anaba. Her father is the son of the new top couple Matthew x Nikkie. The earlier listed super breeders De 655 and Nieuwe Queen Rossi are thus not just the parents of Olympic Anaba but also the grandparents of Olympic Aponi. Olympic Aponi secured her 5th place primarily with a superior series at the natour races of 2020. She became the 1st Ace Pigeon Champion at the Natour at her club with that performance in CC4, in sector 9 North and the entirety of sector 9. Below you see an overview of the performances that earned Olympic Aponi a beautiful fifth place.

Quiévrain 315 km 1st 16175 p.
Burdinne 240 km 3rd 2757 p.
Tilburg 160 km 7th 3190 p.
Beek en Donk 129 km 15th 3470 p.
Quiévrain 315 km 8th 1550 p.
Duffel 23th 2652 p.
Beek en Donk 129 km 39th 3263 p.
Weert 41th 2952 p.
Quievrain 315 km 43th 953 p.
Arlon 71th 1727 p.
De 655 and Nieuwe Queen Rossi, parents of Olympic Anaba and grandparents Olympic Aponi

De 655 descends from parents of Belgian origin. His father BE11-6091620 comes from Leo Heremans. That cock is a son of the BE10-6146081 Kleine Blauwe 12th Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2011 with on his honours list among others five victories at Noyon. Mother of the BE11-620 is a sister of, among others, Donker Aske, 3rd National Ace Pigeon Ave Reg 05. Before the 655 started his career as a top breeder he created quite the scene as a racer.


NL16-1176118 Nieuwe Queen Rossi too has her roots in Belgium. Her father, Nieuwe Gilbert, is direct from Leo Heremans. That cock is a son of the BE11-6094058 Gilbert. That was the wonder bird of Leo Heremans that was crowned as the 1st National Ace Pigeon Young LCB and ended as 4th National Ace Pigeon Sprint Young KBDB. Mother of New Queen Rossi descents from Stefaan Lambrechts. She is a sister of the BE13-188 2nd National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Young KBDB 2013. New Queen Rossi herself claimed in 2019 the Ace Pigeon Championship Natour in sector 9 cc 4.


NL16-1176076 Olympic Nicole, 1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Spring (Cat. A) Poznan 2019

Phenomon Olympic Nicole is not only a ruthless racer but also an incredible breeder of unimaginable value. This blue witpen has the blood of Leo Heremans from her father’s side. Father is the BE14-1573085 ‘duiver Olympic Pair’ who comes from two direct Leo Heremans-pigeons. De Blauwe Maurice BE07-6371140, brother of Finette (Olympic pigeon of the family Eijerkamp) was then coupled to the BE12-6123887. Mother of Olympic Nicole is the BE15-6108377 Blauwe Beertje. She has as a father the Laatste zoon Donkere Bart BE13-6321373. This cock himself is the father of Henkie, 10th National Ace Pigeon KHF KBDB 2018 and thus also the grandfather of Olympic Nicole!

Duiver Olympic Pair and Blauwe Beertje, parents Olympic Nicole

The pigeons listed above are equally valuable as breeders at the lofts in Oud Ootmarsum. Below you see some of the finer examples of this year:

  • On the 1st of may this year two hens won a 1st and 2nd Quievrain Sector 9 against 25.746 pigeons. The victor has the same father as Olympic Anaba, namely De 655. The mother of the victor is a daughter of Olympic Nicole. Coming in on 2nd place is a direct daughter of Olympic Nicole.
  • The NL20-1177679 finished in 2021 as the 1st Ace Pigeon Natour Sector 9, 1st Ace Pigeon Natour, Sector 9-N and 1st Ace PIgeon Natour CC4 HvT. She has the same mother as Olympic Nicole, namely Blauw Beertje and is also a cousin of Olympic Anaba
  • The NL20-1177697 comes from a sister of Olympic Nicole and she won this year in CC4 Hart van Twente among others 1st Weert (2.952 p) and 1st Arlon (1.727 p)
  • During the last edition of the Victoria Falls OLR the NL20-1177791 (Africa Ace), daughter of sister Olympic Nicole, achieved the following results
5th Super ACE VFWCPR '21
9th Grand Average VFWCPR '21
21st Final race VFWCPR '21 Lake Kyle 600 km 1.555 p.
The NL20-1177791, Africa Ace

For many but a dream

Many fanciers dream of owning an Olympic PIgeon, a pigeon t hat has achieved several top results over 2 years that earns them a basketting to an Olympiad. In 2013 this dream came true for the very first time for Kas and Karel with Olympic Bolt who represented the Netherlands at the Olympiad in Nitra in the category Young. In 2019 the phenomenal Olympic Nicole was sent to represent the Netherlands as 1st Dutch Olympic Pigeon Sprint, and now in 2022 Kas and Kerel are continuing the streak with the next Olympiad in Romania’22 with their Olympic Anaba… absolute a more than worthy successor.