Star of Olympic Marjolein rises quickly in breeding at Jouke Elzinga

‘Once the dream takes off, life turns to be the sky … as the sky is never-ending, a dream is without a limit’. In his own words Sky Chen mentions his philosophy in life, and pigeon sport.

In his everlasting dream to create a breeding team of the highest quality, Olympiad super woman Olympic Marjolein starts to play an important role … her descendants start to have a great impact on pigeon racing.

Sky Chen is a still young and ambitious fancier in China, who developed great knowledge in European pigeon sport. He especially has very unique eyes and really high taste for pedigrees research. Therefore he is always looking for the best pigeons possible with fantastic origins. Living to the motto: you must reap what you have sown. He firmly believes that genetics are the cardinal factors for all living creatures. All super birds must have super origins in their veins, but not all super veins breed good birds. Pigeons of super origins increase the chance to breed good or super oneswithout top genes it is impossible to breed the ones he longs for. So while common sense is quite practical for all fanciers, Sky Chen is different from most other Chinese fanciers.

The Sky Chen philosophy

The Chinese pioneer always concentrates on the lines he treasures and breeds from, he never imports too many lines and follows the trends. He sais: “It is very easy to buy a bird, but to know a bird needs many years and several generations. He focuses on line breeding and imports one or two other bloodlines to cross and then goes back to the foundation of the colony again. He knows what he wants and sets a target to achieve with his mind, tries to improve the strain by his breeding strategy and hard work Dreams are made in steps, he tells himself.

Sky Chen leads us through the journey how he composed his colony over the last years … his name first became quite famous, as he purchased the wonder pigeon Chanel No.5 from Pieter Veenstra. Sky Chen became the biggest collector of Veenstra top pigeons, like Chanel No.5, Rolex, Prima Donna and very special children of base cock Mr. Blue later the unique pigeon Magic 092 (2nd Nat. acebird KBDB long distance) from Erik Limbourg to his collection.

In the past years, these super pigeons created the chances for International co-breeding, where Sky Chen always looks for the best of the best. His co-breeding corporations in the past brought him very valuable pigeons and gave a new high quality injection to his own loft and for others. Like Bart Geerinckx who won 9th Valence against 7.517 birds (the first bird back at his loft) in 2021 or Freddy  Vandenheede with 1st provincial Argenton and more specific examples:

- Harry (Jan Hooymans) x Chanel No.5
New Olympiade (Leo Heremans, most expensive bird purchased by a European fancier Eijerkamp) x Chanel No.5
F16 (Van Oeckel, one of the best racers in Belgium) x Chanel No.5
Gladiator (Bart Geerinckx base breeder) x Magic 092
Blue Lagoon (Father 1. Nat. ace KBDB Little star Bart Geerinckx) x Magic 092
New Freddy (PEC) x Magic 092
Miracle Ace (Vandenheede) x Magic 092
- etc., etc

The new top star Olympic Marjolein

The new rising star Olympic Marjorlein is simply the icing on the pieSky Chen never stops his quest for a super bird to reinforce his colony and do very outstanding co-breeding. With Elzinga he invested in a very special hen this hen is young but extremely talented in sprint racing, along with its brothers and sisters. Kleine Dirk of Koopman lines run through her veins in the pedigrees of their ancestors. She performed outstanding. Elzinga visited the fancier and was very impressed with extraordinary qualities in such a small loft. After checking all his best breeders and racers, Elzinga found the best one and - no coincidence of course – this one was also the fanciers favourite and his best racer… she was called after the breeder’s daughter Marjoleinthe miracle hen Olympic Marjorlein won:

Olympiad bird Poznan
1. Dutch short distance racer PIPA Ranking 2018
2. Nat. acebird NPO Ranking ‘De Allerbeste’
1. provincial acebird
1. Gennep 14,228 b.
3. Deurne 12,469 b.
6. Weert 12,193 b.
8. NPO Quievrain 12,201 b.

She won several more good positions and her siblings also did very well in different races. Olympiad Marjolein has very silky feathers, strong bones, she is well balanced with soft muscles, speaking eyes and a very smart head. Elzinga wanted to get her immediately. Without doubt, Olympic Marjolein was also the favorite of the breeder. After a marathon negotiation, finally Sky Chen and Elzinga were able to purchase this talented hen with a very high price but both men are convinced she is worth the money … She was amongst others paired to the sensational Elzinga cock Esmee Prince with 2 times x 1. NPO only in two weeks (they both have Kleine Dirk in their bloodlines). It seems that they are pretty suitable for coupling together both in body and pedigrees.

Esmee Princes father is Hallelujah, a super product from co-breeding of Hooymans and Elzinga from two miracle pigons of Holland; Harry from Jan Hooymans the best records ever in one day long distance … paired to Esmee from Elzinga, Olympiad bird with 1. NPO Charlons 23 minutes lead. These two miracle birds both descend from famous Kanibaal from Van Dyck. Olympic Marjolein is also paired to Hallelujah, the best breeder with marvelous origins of Elzinga and Hooymans.

That Sky Chen has sharp eyes for good pigeons has been well proved again. This year, different top fanciers won top results with Elzinga birds. Like Koopman who won Reims 2nd of 6.045 birds (436 km, in a very hard race), bred from a full brother of Prince Esmee. Jan hooymans won 1st NPO Chateaudun 15.359 birds, bred from a full brother of Hallelujah. Sabrina brugmans won  2nd  KBDB National Ace pigeon YB from the line of Prince Esmee at the side of the mother. Moreover ,1st National Acebird L.D, WHZB.TBOTB 2021, named ‘National Pocagar’ whose grandfather is a full brother of Prince Esmee.

Apples never fall far from its tree

Olympic Marjorlein was paired to the best cocks of Elzinga. As expected, she turned out to be a very promising breeder immediately! She bred one of the best racers for Elzinga … this direct daughter won 6. NPO Lorris in a very hard race as a yearling and also other good results at previous races. She was therefore crowned as 7. acebird in combine. Olympic Marjolein is definitely on the right track of breeding. Elzinga en Sky Chen strongly believe she will prove her more and more the coming years.

Latest reference

The last reference Sky Chen recieved is a great one regarding the pairing of Prince Esmee x Olympic Marjolein. They are the grandparents of Hard to Get, QAHP20-38749 who won 30th prize in de Final Race of the Victoria Falls OLR. So 'Hard to Get' is a grandchild of Prince Esmee and Olympic Marjolein. Father is Half Brother 006, NL19-1727433 (Ad Schaerlaeckens). Mother is Esmee 84, NL19-1180834 (G. & T. Elzinga).

Sky Chen's main goal is to watch his breeding products win all over the world. A dream that’s slowly coming true.