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Jos Cools (Grobbendonk, BE) counts on the next generation of breeders

Since a very long time, Jos Cools is one of the best fanciers in the strong and well known Tienverbond on the short distance races. It has earned him numerous national ace pigeon and championships.

Jos competes with a lot of other well known fanciers such as: Dirk Van Den Bulck, Staf Boeckmans, Stefaan Lambrechts, Nicole De Weerd-Berckmoes, Van Vught-Donckers, and so on.

Moreover, Jos is still an authentic sprint fancier: fun is paramount and the number of pigeons on his lofts is limited. However, this does not prevent Jos to perform every year. Lots of fun, few pigeons and results… Can pigeon sport get any better?

Succesion of the stock pair is assured

The famous stock pair Miel x Octavia is getting older every year. When we last heard Jos Cools, he already indicated that Octavia often only laid 1 egg. Now an other year has passed, it's not surprising that Jos tells us that last season he no longer bred young birds from Octavia. Miel was paired to a different hen and bred 1 round with. These 2 young pigeons were not raced.

However, the past years, new promising breeding pigeons came to the fore in Grobbendonk. Just think of Remco (3. Nat. Ace Pigeon Sprint Youngsters KBDB 2018) and his parents, Cher Ami (grandson of the stock pair Miel x Octavia and ao 14. National Ace Pigeon Sprint Youngsters KBDB) or Primus (co-winner of the title of '1. National Champion Sprint Young Birds KBDB in 2015' and in 2018 for example still good for 5 x 1st prize).

With such quality in the breeding loft, the future looks bright.

Season 2021

Also in the past season, Jos discovered some new diamonds in the racing loft. It's no coincidence that the names of the pigeons mentioned earlier, often come back in the pedigrees of these pigeons…

One of these pigeons is BE21-6200022, the father of this young pigeons is a son from the pairing of Triump (son Miel x Octavia) x daughter Cher Ami. The mother is a daughter of Primus.

10. Quiévrain 1.729 p.
6. Quiévrain 1.306 p.
4. Quiévrain 385 p.

BE21-6200007 was bred from a pairing of a son of Primus and a daughter of Best Kittel and won the following prizes last season:

3. Quiévrain 569 p.
12. Noyon 1.040 p.
12. Quiévrain 1.905 p.

BE21-6200003, is a child of the successful couple Cher Ami x mother Remco. This pairing turned out to be a great one already in the past and the performances of this new young talented bird in the past racing season prove it:

12. Quiévrain 1.729 p.
16. Quiévrain 1.620 p.
3. Quiévrain 1.306 p.
16. Quiévrain 1.313 p.
20. Quiévrain 829 p.

BE21-6200013, was bred by Jos and father is a brother Speedy and the mother is a daughter of Cher Ami. Again Cher Ami, who managed to develop himself as a top breeder after he moved to Jos' breeding loft. This grandchild of Cher Ami was being noticed bij Jos in 2021 by winning, among others, the following prizes:

11. Quiévrain 1.905 p.
15. Noyon 1.216 p.
25. Noyon 1.488 p.

We also like to share with you the performances this yearling managed to achieve last season. Just like BE21-6200013, this cock stems from a cross breeding of the lines of Speedy and Cher Ami. BE20-6108662 has as its sire a son of Speedy and the dam is a daughter of Cher Ami.

3. Noyon 859 p.
6. Noyon 512 p.
12. Noyon 1.615 p.
9. Noyon 559 p.
13. Noyon 432 p.
24. Noyon 907 p.

Youngsters who show themselves on the races, it gives Jos the choice to give his small team of widowers again a little more talent for next season. But the places are limited and so there is a lot of competition. Excelling is a condition to be able to continue living in the lofts of Jos Cools.

The loft of the racing pigeons (widowers and young birds) on the left. The breeding pigeons are living on a part of the garden shed you can see on the right.

Championships 2021

Solid performances, week after week, automatically generate success in the championship rankings. And so we find Jos Cools at the top of the sprint championships several times in both Tienverbond and his club in Grobbendonk. To end, an overview of the harvest in 2021...


3. General Champion Noyon 1+2 nominated
1. Champion yearlings Noyon first nominated
3. Champion young birds Noyon 1+2 nominated
5. Champion old pigeons Noyon 1+2 nominated


1. General Champion Noyon 1+2 nominated
1. Champion old pigeons Noyon 1+2 nominated
1. Champion young birds Noyon 1+2 nominated
3. Champion yearlings Noyon 1+2 nominated
1. Champion yearlings eerste nominated