Auction Arie Dijkstra 3rd of January 2022 till 16 of January 2022: Sale of all pigeons born in 2015 and younger

With the sale of Arie Dijkstra, the very best Dutch Allround colony of the last few decades will be available for purchase.

The Dijkstra-pigeons fame stretches far and wide, far beyond the Belgian borders. This is mostly due to their extreme success (and financial fortune) at the most prestigious One Loft Races. The magic duo of this auction is naturally the breeding couple Leonardo x Tinkelbel! But the super genes provided by Gaston Van De Wouwer were also a crucial move of Arie… just like the successful pigeons from Chris Hebberecht, Peter Jansen and Flor Engels.

In truth, from the start of the 70s father Enne and son Arie have been ensuring that the name Dijkstra would become a synonym for success and top performances. Tournier, strengthened by the brothers Jansen became the foundation and couples like Oud Koppel, Tijger x Strikje, Blauwe koppel and Tournier koppel became iconic, especially above the rivers. National highlights started in the 80s and 90s for both Enne and Arie - who drew strength from the same source - and they never disappeared from the top of the pigeon scene. A short overview:

      7th National Ace Pigeon Yearlings DE ALLERBESTE 2020

      8th National Ace Pigeon Sprint Natour WHZB/TBOTB 2019

      8th National Champion One-Day Long Distance NPO 2018

      10th National Ace Pigeon Sprint WHZB/TBOTB 2017

      3rd National Ace Cock WHZB 2016

      9th National Ace Pigeon One Day FONDSPIEGEL 2013 - 2016

      6th Dutch Olympic Pigeon cat. C (One-Day Long Distance ) 2013

      1st National Champion One-Day Long Distance Fond 2011

      9th National Ace Pigeon Allround EUROPA CUP 2011 

      4th National Ace Pigeon cat. 8 One Day FONDSPIEGEL 2010

      6th Dutch Olympic Pigeon cat. E (Marathon) 2009

      2nd National Ace Pigeon One-Day Long Distance  WHZB 2008

      2nd National Ace Pigeon One-Day Long Distance  NPO 2008

      2nd International Ace Pigeon Marathon WENC 2008

      5th National Champion NBvZ 1995

      1st National Champion NBvZ 1993

      3rd National hen WHZB 1989

      3rd National Ace Hen DE VREDESDUIF 1989

      5th National Ace Hen WHZB 1980

When Arie created the couple Leonardo x Tinkelbel in 2007, he hit a goldmine that would greatly impact the International pigeon scene. The public’s first encounter with what was to come was in 2008 when son Okidoki became the 2nd National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance WHZB and NPO. But also his (half)brothers and (half)sisters like  Minerva, Ajax, Athena, Spikkeltje, Boogie, Gouden Kweekduivin 726, Pico Bello, Okidoko, Mona Lisa, Chocco 44 and many others provided to be championship material and they created a dynasty of unprecedented breeding value… what followed was a decade of highlights, first nationally, but soon certainly internationally.

The International breakthrough for Arie Dijkstra came when Jan Hooymans and the brothers Leideman in 2012 sent grandchildren of Leonardo x Tinkerbell to the Million Dollar race in South-Afrika and gained a 2nd and 6th Grand Avg. Ace Pigeon...the bar was set. Across the globe, there was a race to get Leonardo and Tinkelbel pigeons and in 2020 they won more than 2 million dollars in prize money!! The most important of which are:

  • USD 100,000; autowinner finale SAMDPR 2014 from son Leonardo x Tinkelbel (Jan Hooymans)
  • USD 150,000; 1st final OLR China 2016 from Spikkeltje, d. Leonardo x Tinkelbel (Steven Fang)
  • USD 70,000; 1st final Big Andy OLR USA 2020 from father int. Tinkelbel x Leonardo/Br.Leonardo (Q-BA Family Loft)
  • EU € 80,000; 1st final European Masters OLR Romania 2019 from son Purdey = from son Lichte Morlincourt x sister Leonardo (Alfons Klaas)
  • USD 85,000; 3rd final + 1st ace pigeon Gr. Avg. SAMDPR 2013 from Fantom, son Lichte Morlincourt x sister Leonardo (Alfons Klaas/Hans-Paul Esser)
  • USD 40,000; 1st final California Classic USA 2020 from son Leonardo x Tinkelbel (Kenny Rhodes/Doug Swingley);
  • EU 50,000; 1st final Great Derby Algarve IAPC Portugal 2016 from grandchild Witpenntje 712 = sister Lichte Morlincourt (G. & D. Aslanidis)
  • USD 39,500; 1st Ace Pigeon ‘A’ series 3rd overall champion Americas Int. Challenge OLR 2015, grandchildren. Picasso Pair, Picasso = son Dijkstra’s Spikkel = double grandchild Elrond (brother Leonardo) x Tinkelbel (Greek Connection)
  • EU 15,000; 1st final Nordseerennen Sylt OLR Germany 2017 from child Boogie, sister Leonardo, brother Leonardo & sisterTinkelbel (Altmiks-Soudy)
  • EU 20,000; 1st final Great Derby Algarve IAPC Portugal 2016 from daughter Leonardo x Tinkelbel (Erik Reijnen)
  • USD 20,000; 1st final Breeders Fall Classic USA 2017 from Red Hen = children Leonardo x Tinkelbel (Doug Swingley)
  • USD 20,000; 1st final Nei Meng Gu OLR China 2013 from child Big Boom x Evita (Erik Reijnen);

Of course, Arie also kept performing at a high level, in recent years, amongst others, there were many 1st place championships in the interplay De Eenheid, rayon De Wâlden, the Friese Fondclub and the cherry on top; in 2021, the 1st NPO Sens 5.706 pigeons … but Arie noticed that the time had come to take a big step back, and as a loyal PIPA member he decided to do that with a sensational auction of all pigeons of 2015 and younger … thus a large selection of absolute aces shall be available in this auction! Multiple 1st prize winners as Lewis, Kashmir, Joshua, Keano, Mila, Muze, Cosmic … National and provincial ace pigeons as Fausto, Remedy, Gregor, Polly … and naturally the 1st NPO winners Fuzy Blue and Sensible Blue. Almost all of these pigeons bred more aces themselves! Naturally, all these top racers shall be accompanied in the auction by the best breeders; the last exponents of the famous Leonardo x Tinkelbel family, the rest of the Dijkstra gold and the successful acquisitions of other world-famous colonies.

Finally, extremely important quality measurement for Arie; references from other lofts. These are year and year again abundant, but some of the most interesting ones of 2021 deserve additional attention:

- 2nd Dutch Olympiac Pigeon Allround Cat. D 2022 (2019 + 2020) for Rink Wijnstra

Mother is direct Arie Dijkstra from Rocking Blue (son Leonardo x Tinkelbel) x Gastorina (VD Wouwer)

- 3rd Dutch Olympic Pigeon One-Day Long Distance Cat. C 2022 (2020 + 2021) for H.T. Deuring

Grandfather (father’s side) direct Arie Dijkstra from Ajax (son brother Leonardo x Tinkelbel) x Scarlet and grandmother (mother’s side) also direct Arie Dijkstra from Stone (brother Leonardo) x Marta (from brother Tinkelbel).

- 1st final Victoria Falls WCPR 2021 (US $ 100,000) for Miha Sovic

Father direct Arie Dijkstra from a grandson Leonardo x Tinkelbel and a granddaughter of brother Leonardo x Tinkelbel.

- 1st Boxmeer against 20.327 pigeons for Gaatse Bosma

Father direct Arie Dijkstra from Maximilian (son Okidoki) x daughter Tinkelbel.

- 1st NPO Limoges (877 km) 881 pigeons, also fastest Sector IV 2.273 pigeons for Combination Abbink

Mother direct Arie Dijkstra from Ravi x Ulla (super inbred with 5x De Big Boom/Evita, 3x Leonardo and 2x Tinkelbel in the pedigree).