Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE): once again sensational in 2021

In 2021, just as in previous seasons, the Clicque colony reached an extremely high level. On short, middle, long and extreme long distance, this allround loft is unmatched. 

The name Gino Clicque is renowned worldwide for the achievements this champions loft has realized. Titels, large victories, ace pigeons and spectacular results...truly, the palmares of this colony has it all. For this loft that was already quite lonely at the top in the past years, has outdone itself once again in 2021. A remarkable season, together with 2018 possibly their best season ever. 

Back then, two National KBDB ace pigeon titles were won, which was nearly repeated last season with a 2nd National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance Old Birds and 2nd National Ace pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance Yearlings. Besides these titles, three 2nd National prizes were won on Bourges yearlings, Limoges yearlings and Perigieux old birds. The fact that a staggering 52 wins and 92 National Top-100 spots were won, leaves many speechless. 

2021: a record year 

The 2021 season as a whole was yet another success story, however some results were even more impressive than others. On the national classic from Bourges for instance, a staggering 25 Clicque pigeons took Top-100 spots. Knowing there was a total of 30,000 pigeons on the old and yearlings race really puts this performance into perspective, truly spectacular! In pigeon sport the term 'allround' is thrown around quite a lot, but Team Clicque has the numbers to show for it. On the short distance and middle distance there were 27 victories, whilst also winning the 2nd National Ace pigeon title on the extreme long distance with Silver Olympic (BE20-3015063). Nonetheless, the favorite races on the racing calendar are those between 600-700 kilometers, this is where the best results are achieved. More so, with warm and tough conditions these pigeons are in their element. A perfect example is National Perigieux; with beautiful weather and low speeds, Gino clocked 27 of his athletes in the National Top-100 of which 12 in the Top 20 National!! Basketing his strongest racing team possible, it was an exceptional achievement. A strong loft performance, on which his first nominated bird was also the first to be clocked. This honor was for Tien Chang (BE19-3089137) who managed to secure the title of 2nd National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB. 

Several eye-catchers in 2021

In a colony like this one of Gino Clicque, there are many cracks on the lofts which many fanciers can only dream of. This colony is based on Gino's old stock and their descendants from national ace pigeons and winners. Amongst the most famous are: Golden Prince, Prince Rudy, Devil Prince, Red Filip, ... these lines run through the whole colony, they are all winners of many national top prizes and more importantly, have a long list of victorious offspring. These old bloodlines are being crossed with children from the most recent national KBDB ace pigeons on the lofts in Wevelgem. This has resulted in some illustrious racers such as Golden King (1st Nationale Ace pigeon Long Distance 2018), Golden Princess (1st Nationale Ace pigeon Long Distance 2017), First Lady (1st Nationale Ace pigeon Middle Distance 2018), Corina (1st Nationale Ace pigeon Middle Distance 2020), ... 

Bloodlines which are a guarantee for success, all pigeons are one big family that can be crossed between themselves! Having such a breeding loft is more valuable than striking gold.

Tien Chang : Belgium's best pigeon across 4 and 5 National races in 2021

Tien Chang (BE19-3089137) became 2nd National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB but was the best in the ranking across 4 and 5 national races. Tien Chang is without doubt on of the biggest stars in Belgium pigeon racing flying; 2nd Nat. Perigueux against 3,783 pigeons, 22nd Nat. Brive against 8,807 pigeons and 28th NatLimoges against nearly 7,000 pigeons. With more top results such as provincial Top-10 spots on Souillac and Tulle the ace pigeon titles Tien Chang has won weren't stolen. Having the rich bloodlines of Super Prince running through his veins on both father's and mother's side must give him that extra nudge in achieving those amazing results. 

Tien Chang : 2nd National Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2021

Silver Olympic : shows Clicque belongs to the best on the extreme long distance as well 

The extreme long distance races are different kind of game, but Gino Clicque manages to show himself here as well. In 2021, Silver Olympic (BE20-3015063) placed high on the results list on the marathon races from Agen and Narbonne. Both good for a National Top-30 result, the red cock showed great endurance qualities over a distance of approximately 800km each time. Once again, many national winners can be found back in his pedigree, a typical Clicque athlete.   

Silver Olympic : 2nd National Ace pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2021

Bing Qin : 3 x National Top-14 in 2021

A pigeon that landed in the Top 14 National thrice in one season is rather unique. It is something that wonder hen Bing Qin (BE19-3089167) managed with: 3rd Nat. Limoges against nearly 7,000 pigeons, 11th Nat. Perigueux against 3,783 pigeons and 14th Nat. Bourges against 34.311 pigeons! Additional top results were managed on Brive, Chateauroux, Argenton...ending up with a 18th place in the National KBDB Ace pigeon competition, she belongs to the best pigeons in the country. Once again a pigeon that holds the Clicque name high. 

Bing Qin : 3x Top-14 National in 2021

Mister Fantastico : steady at the top of the National races 

Another star on the lofts of Gino, that knows how to fly to the top of the charts on national races is Mister Fantastico (BE19-3089800). On his national palmares: Brive 4th/ 8,807 p., Bourges 11th/ 34,311 p., Perigueux 103th/ 3,783 p., Limoges 121th/ 15,547p. Interestingly, this beautiful cock has a grandmother and grandfather who both became 1st National KBDB Ace pigeon. 

Mister Fantastico : fantastic national results

Son Golden Devil

Introducing all eye-catchers of 2021 could take a while longer, so we will cut it short. However, Son Golden Devil (BE20-3015108) couldn't be left out from this list. As becoming 1st in the ranking of Best Belgium pigeon across 4 National races above 600km, shows some real talent. With amongst others, 17th and 25th National on Limoges and Perigieux, many top results and the title 8th National Ace pigeon KBDB this powerhouse has a phenomenal season. Once again, nothing other than national winners are found back in his pedigree...

Son Golden Devil : beste yearling across 4 National races

A short season overview

The super pigeons mentioned above are part of the fantastic racing team that performed from start to finish and shocked the competition week in, week out. Several results that speak for themselves: 

29/05 Bourges 25,096 YL: 2-3-13-14-19-22-35-54-59-60-... 128 prizes out of 246 1:4 of which 83 prizes 1:10

29/05 Bourges 34,311 Old Birds: 4-11-14-21-23-25-32-70-74-81-... 61 prizes out of 79 1:4 of which 50 prizes 1:10

06/06 Chateauroux 22,196 YL: 37-39-43-82-83-87-93-... 90 prizes out of 198 1:4 of which 54 prizes 1:10

11/07 Limoges 9,218 YL: 2-7-14-17-30-39-47-67-96-... 88 prizes out of 199 1:4 of which 44 prizes 1:10

11/07 Limoges 6,986 Old Birds: 3-22-28-52-78-... 9 prizes out of 17 of which all were 1:10 

23/07 Perigueux 4,779 YL: 5-6-8-10-13-14-17-18-25-27-38-... 94 prizes out of 198 1:4 of which 53 prizes 1:10

23/07 Perigueux 3,783 Old Birds: 2-4-6-11-24-... 18 prizes out of 30 1:4 of which 12 prizes 1:10

The young bird team had a late start due to bad weather en because they aren't the real priority for Gino Clicque. The losses were limited and a nice team was basketed for their first national race from Argenton. The youngsters immediately showed their class:

Argenton Prov. 4,366 Young Birds : 2-3-4-6-7-8-9-32-36-46-49-51-52-61-62-64-71-72-79-87-91-92-98-... 116 prizes out of 198 1:3 of which 68 prizes 1:10 with 7 pigeons in the Top 9!! A phenomenal result, which makes us curious about the future of these young talents.  

Gino Clicque often baskets a large number of pigeons, but nonetheless manages great prize percentages and prizes 1:10. This clearly shows the class of the colony as a whole, and the quality throughout the old birds, yearlings and young bird team. All thanks to an astounding breeding loft in Wevelgem where these winged athletes keep raising the bar. On this breeding loft, one of the icons housed is Golden King (BE17-3061598) of which a son flew 3rd National Bourges against 25,000 pigeons, also a granddaughter managed to win 1st Zonal and 2nd National Limoges against more than 9,000 pigeons. Golden Princess (BE16-3107401) who's grandson took 2nd National Bourges is also to be found on these lofts. Furthermore, First Lady (BE16-3144110) and Golden Devil (BE17-3061560) are also parents to several pigeons that dominated on the nationals this past season. 

To finish off, a short list of several titles and results from 2021: 

2nd National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance

2nd National Ace pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance

8th National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance

18th National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance

20th National Ace pigeon KBDB Long Distance

1st Best Belgian old bird across 4 National

1st Best Belgian old bird across 5 National

1st Best Belgian yearling across 4 Nationals

2nd Best Belgian yearling across 4 Nationals

6th General Champion of Belgium KBDB

9th National Champion KBDB Long Distance 

3 x 1st Zonal (Bourges, Limoges and Tulle)

3 x 2nd National

9 x Top-5 National

14 x Top-10 National

26 x Top-20 National

55 x Top-50 National