André en Bert Leideman (Collendoorn, NL) bring Olympiad star Olympic Wolfgang back home

The Dutch brothers Leideman have a great relationship with German legend, Wolfgang Roeper.

For Bert and André the Roeper pigeons have an invaluable role within their colony...with these bloodlines they have managed to climb to the top of the international podium. In turn, they now supply Wolfgang Roeper with new super DNA. As a highlight, the NL17-1647691 Olympic Wolfgang. In Kummerfeld this crack won 5x 1st prize, and will represent Germany at the 2022 Olympiad in Romania.   

It fills Bert and André with pride to see their 'example' Wolfgang Roeper succeed with direct Leideman pigeons and their descendants. Bert explains: "Many of these pigeons have Roeper DNA, to which we add our own lines of Goed Grijs, Silver Dream and Golden Dream. The fact that Wolfgang has yet another Olympiad pigeon is wonderful. That it is a direct pigeon from us is amazing, and something Wolfgang enjoys at least as much as we do."    

Olympic Wolfgang returns home

The Dutch-German relationship is so strong, that NL17-1647691 Olympic Wolfgang wil return to where he was born coming autumn; the Leideman lofts. André: "We are extremely honoured. Such a crack on our breeding lofts, and he's a full brother to our stars such as Raissa, Sia en Tila ... a golden addition to our stock. We are hopeful for the future, with pigeons like this on our lofts!" Who is this Olympic Wolfgang? Firstly, take a look at his palmares and it will immediately become clear that this is a unique cock: 

Olympiad pigeon cat. D Allround 2022 1st RV Lubieszyn 304 km 1,124 p. 2018 1st RV Lubieszyn 304 km 846 p. 2018 1st RV Demmin 214 km 1,187 p. 2019 1st RV Starogard 379 km 2,947 p. 2019 1st RV Lubieszyn 304 km 1,265 p. 2020

5 first prizes without doubles; such cracks are rare in modern pigeon sport. This success doesn't come out of the blue; he is a direct son to Magnus x Zus Tip Top 5. Zus Tip Top 5 is a full sister to the winner of 9th Final Million Dollar Race 2013. Magnus is a direct Wolfgang Roeper, who the brothers share a strong connection with. "Decades ago, the lines of Olympiad pigeon Van Damme (H & O) were very important to our colony...but at the Olympiad, Van Damme was beaten by the 321 owned by Wolfgang. It became clear that Wolfgang had an eye for super pigeons. He already bought pigeons from Gaby Vandenabeele and Leo Heremans before they became famous. We were also always looking to have that advantage of strengthening our stock before others, and we quickly became good friends with Wolfgang...and we brought youngsters from his best pigeons to our breeding lofts." 

Close up Olympic Wolfgang

Full brother Raissa, Sia and Tila

Magnus, father to Olympic Wolfgang, is a direct son to the famous 269 from Wolfgang Roeper. This 269 became 1st German Olympiad pigeon cat. yearlings and 1st Internat. Ace pigeon Allround Europa Cup 2013...beating the famous Geeloger from Koen Minderhoud. His son Magnus became stock pigeon at the lofts of the Leideman brothers. Paired to Zus Tip Top 5...they bred amogst others NL15-1234061 Raissa, winner of: 

1st reserve NL Olympiad sprint Poznan 2018 1st Duffel 4,613 p. & fastest 6,969 p. 2nd Quievrain 10,570 p. behind loft mate 3rd Niergnies 9,897 p. 3rd Heusden-Zolder 5,927 p. 5th Heusden-Zolder 11,336 p. 5th Rethel 1,867 p.

On 2nd September 2021, 2 children to Raissa won 1st and 2nd prize Venlo against 1,301 pigeons. 

In that same year as Raissa, another super hen was bred from Magnus x Zus Tip Top, NL15-1234189 Sia. This world class pigeon also has an exceptional results list: 

16th Nat. acebird middle dist. NPO 2017 1st Gennep 11,041 p. 1st Isnes 8,525 p. 1st Quievrain 2,480 p. Sia is mother to 7th Nat. S4 Chateauroux 731 km 3,647 p. 37th Nat. S4 Bourges 677 km 5,877 p.

One of the youngest Leideman stars from Magnus x Zus Tip Top 5 is NL19-1248827 Frida ... currently ranked 6th Nat. Ace pigeon Allround World Best Pigeon, with the following prizes in 2021: 

5th Nat. S4 Lorris 3,455 p. 6th prov. afd. 10 Dreis Brück 18,212 p. 8th s-prov. Chimay 3,208 p. 12th NPO Chalons 4,782 p. 18th rayon Chimay 1,487 p. 19th prov. afd. 10 Ludenscheid 18,737 p.

She was only raced until 18th July and is still ranked in the (provisional) Top 10 National Ace pigeons; a unique performance. 

Gerard Koopman strengthened his stock with Yara and The 900 Man, two nest siblings and brother and sister to Raisa and Sia, of which descendants already showed themselves in 2021! Both are now super breeders at Koopman's lofts; Yara bred the winner of 1st Nat. SIV Lorris 3,445 p. and The 900 Man became grandfather to 1st I. prov. Ace pigeon Afd. 5 Long Distance raced by Stefan Göbel.

Possibly the most important full sister to Olympic Wolfgang at the Leideman lofts is the new super breeder NL15-1234049 Tila. Direct children to Tila paired to Arturo very quickly showed themselves as great racers; 2nd Nat. S4 Chateauroux 731 km 3,647 p. and 3rd-8th-13th-14th Nat. S4 Lorris 597 km 6,086 p. … and on 4th september 2021 the 1st prize Venlo against 570 young birds. In the past years several super pigeons have been bred form this pairing, Arturo x Tila. Absolute stars in pigeon sport. A short overview of the best results of grandchildren to Arturo x Tila: 

1st Nat. S2 Vierzon 567 km 7,956 p. (at G. & S. Verkerk) 1st NPO Argenton 568 km 3,127 p. (at Gijs Baan) 1st I.prov. Sittard 18,592 p. (at Foppe VD Meer) 1st prov. Kalkar 13,922 p. & 8th Nat. Ace pigeon PIPA Rankings (at Fam. Broos) 1st prov. Fontenay 6,455 p. (at Gebr. Scheele) 3x 1st prov. winner 2,580 – 1,625 – 1,384 d. (at Wolfgang Roeper) 1st-2nd-2nd-2nd-3rd-4th-7th-7th-8th-10th gemm. 1.300 d. (at Wolfgang Roeper) 1st Sittard 986 p. (at Gebr. Leideman) 1st prize 460 km 620 p. (at H. & S. Harms)

The most recent reference was a message from Family Broos; their direct Leideman pigeon NL17-1647733 (nest sibling Fabio, super breeder at Verkerk) is grandfather to NL21-1449345, currently ranking 1st Olympiad Young Bird in The Netherlands for Olympiad 2022...the Arturo x Tila genes are invaluable across multiple generations. 

Bert, Wolfgang, Olympic Wolfgang en André in Kummerfeld

With the return of Olympic Wolfgang to the Leideman brothers the story is complete...however, for the brothers, the successful collaboration with Wolgang Roeper doesn't end here. "This is the ultimate win-win situation. Both Wolfgang and ourselves strive for the best, something we can help each other with. That we can help such a world class fancier is a confirmation that our quality is at a high level. Wolfgang got his pigeons from Vandenabeele, Heremans and now from Leideman...a nice list to be a part of!"