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A report on the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey on 28th August 2021

Penberth Eileen - first open
204 members sent 1,493 pigeons to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.35CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Duncan Harvey

V & D Harvey of Penzance timed a two year old on 1205mpm over 144 miles to take first open and first WS section. Duncan was a double winner as he was also first open in the young bird race. His any age pigeon was a blue Vandenabeele hen sent sitting ten days. The sire was bred by Crammond and Langstaff and is from the excellent racing son of Eisenhower. The dam is a Vandenabeele that he bought from the RPRA one loft race. 

Angwin Family pigeon

The Angwin Family of Penzance were second open and second WS section with a three year old on 1188mpm over a distance of 144 miles. John  clocked a blue pied hen, raced on the roundabout system and on its first race of the season. It is a pure Eagleson Busschaert bred down from his old 300 Cock bloodlines, being a son of Champion 21. 

Mark Gilbert with Troy Birch

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was third open and first CS section with a yearling on 1062mpm over 157 miles. The section winner is a grandchild of Spartacus, 1st NFC Messac, and Roex 1st NFC Saintes from Crammond and Langstaff. 

Around the sections 

R & K O'Connor

Second CS section and sixth open was a three year old on 955mpm over 169 miles for R and K O'Connor of South Norwood. Ken's timer is a blue Vandenabeele hen bred from stock from John Palmer. The sire and dam contain Carrie and Jester bloodlines from M and D Evans. 

Paul Kelly's pigeon

Paul Kelly of South Norwood timed a yearling on 950mpm over 170 miles to take third CS section. The sire of Paul's winner was bred by Kevin Buddle whilst the dam came from his own distance based family of pigeons. 

Lee Jackson

P Jackson and Son of Bromley were fourth open and first ES section with a yearling on 991mpm over 174 miles. Lee's section winner contains his Black Jack x Karl Schellen bloodlines and the dam is direct from 20th open Messac. The sire took first club, third fed earlier this season. 

Kevin Foster

Kevin Foster of Longfield Hill was second ES section and fifth open with a three year old hen on 957 miles. It was sent paired to another hen and sitting ten days. A consistent racer it is bred from a son of the partners' good Dark Misty cock, crossed with 187, a top stock hen. 

D Wilton and Son of Chadwell St Mary timed a yearling on 955mpm over 187 miles to take third ES section and seventh open. It was a hen, flown on the widowhood system and bred from two pigeon from Mark Bulled, a son of Champion Rocky and a daughter of 1st national Eastbourne. It is the same was bred as their third open from Falaise last season. 

Chris & Jane Howse

C and J Howse of Devizes were third WS section and ninth open with a yearling on 946mpm over a distance of 127 miles. Chris timed a yearling hen, sent sitting overdue eggs and raced on the roundabout system. It came from a kit of six that were purchased from Tim Aitken. 

John McCall

John McCall of Leeds timed a four year old on 942mpm over 303 miles to take first NC section and twelfth open. This hen was gifted to John by Sheedy Brother in 2017 and was previously 2nd section, 9th open NFC. It was sent sitting a ten day old youngster. 

John Barry of Leamore was second NC section with a yearling on 932mpm over 216 miles. 

Bill Blunt

Third NC section was a two year old on 931mpm over 204 miles for William Blunt of Biggleswade. Bill's timer contains Gaston Van de Wouwer x Gus Janssen bloodlines and was bred in his stock loft. 

Chapman & Eastoe

Chapman and Eastoe of Great Yarmouth timed a two year old on 915mpm over 286 miles to take first NE section and twenty-fifth open. The partner's section winner was a blue, white flight hen sent feeding a three day old squeaker. It was a gift bird from Nigel Rivett. 

Len & Roly Rix

R Rix of Newmarket was second NE section with a yearling on 855mpm over a distance of 229 miles. Roly clocked Frankie's Girl, a stray that was found in Frankie Dettori's yard and which Roly duly transferred. It is a chequer hen, sent sitting chipping eggs. 

L Rix and Son of Mildenhall timed a two year old on 934mpm over 239 miles to take third NE section. Len's timer is bred down from Jess, containing his old bloodlines that have been doing well for years. 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper from Tewkesbury were first NW section and seventeenth open with a two year old cock on 930mpm over 174 miles. This cock is bred from their old family of Van den Bosche x Dordin bloodlines. the grandsire, TJ, was 31st open Messac and 43rd open Ancenis. Trevor and John timed a second pigeon that will probably be second section in the final result. 

John Rodway

John Rodway of Worcester clocked a two year old on 722mpm over 185 miles to take second NW section. John's chequer hen was sent having just deserted her eggs. 

Mick Howard

M Howard of Upton Upon Severn was third NW section with a two year old on 768mpm over 177 miles. Mick's winner contains his Van Wanroy family bloodlines. The dam is a grandchild of Drogba and the sire is a grandson of Eddie Murphy. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey.