Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE) achieves phenomenal result on Perigueux

Gino Clique was outstanding on Perigueux. A show of domincance by this world class colony, who have been on a level of their own since the start of the season.

The national race from Perigueux was flown under tough, but fair conditions. The strongest pigeons reached the front of the pack after 650km with an average speed of less than 1200m/min. A dream scenario for a loft with strong and talented racers, a category the Clique loft certainly belongs to. 

2021 ... the Clique name can always be found at the top

In 2021, Clique's racing team always find their way to the top of the charts. So far (23rd July), a staggering 40 victories were booked. Furthermore, 82 national Top 100 spots were achieved this season alone. Of those, 14 were ranked Top 10, 25 in the Top 20 and 51 national were Top 50 spots...unparalleled! The latest top result in this series was on the race from Perigueux. On the national level (Old Birds + Yearlings) Gino Clique managed the following result: 2-4-5-6-6-8-10-11-13-16-17-24-24-26-...unbelievable but true. 

Masterclass on Periqueux

After having achieved top results from Bourges on 29th May, Chateauroux on 6th June and Limoges Old Birds + Yearlings on 11th July, Gino managed something truly unique from Periqueux. The competition was left without a chance, as shown by the following results:

National 3,783 old birds: 2-4-6-11-24-103-... and 18 prizes 1:40 / 30 pigeons (clocking 1st nominated pigeon first (!!) and 2nd nominated placing 103th) 

National 4,779 yearlings : 5-6-8-10-13-14-17-18-25-27-38-39-40-42-55-56-61-62-66-74-80-95-... and 94 prizes 1:4 / 198 pigeons 

A world class performance, a wonderful series and a prize percentage of nearly 50% (1:4). Evidently, on the zonal, provincial and regional level it where the Clique pigeons who dominated the results. An achievement both friend and foe will not easily forget. 


Old Birds race : 3 pigeons in the National Top-6

Besides the multitude of prizes and the fantastic performance of the racing team as a whole, three pigeons deserve some extra attention as they take National Top 6 spots. 

Click below to further examine the pedigrees of these 3 pigeons that respectively placed 2nd, 4th and 6th National Perigieux Old Birds: 

Golden Prince : father, grandfather, ... to many cracks

Especially Bing Qin (BE19-3089167), who ranked 11th Nationaal on Perigueux is in a league of her own this season. This super crack already took 3 national top 14 spots in 2021!

 3rd National Limoges 6,986 pigeons

11th National Perigueux 3.783 pigeons

14th National Bourges 34.311 pigeons

With names as de Piraat, Golden Prince en Rudy in her pedigree, this top hen certainly has the right genes. Priceless on the lofts of Gino Clique, and a pigeon many could only dream of.  Currently Granddaughter Prince Rudy 167 has a coefficient of 0,37% after her 3 top results on national races...who can top this?

Super yearling team on the rise

Gino's yearling team honor the Clique name just like their older loft mates. Despite having little or no experience as a young bird, the yearling team achieve results like experienced racers. All are top class pigeons that can already match the best on a national level. For instance, from Periqueux (653km) on 23rd July, 4 pigeons rank in the National Top 10. A result of continuously raising the bar. See the impressive pedigrees of these 4 pigeons below:

What was already Gino Clique's season, is now confirmed on Perigueux. Gino currently houses a racing team that perform like nothing we have ever seen before. Especially with tough conditions this great team of racers thrive. Having won many national and provincial titles, ace pigeons and victories in the past, it is likely that Gino Clique will once again be in the spotlight once the season is over. Year in, year out this colony belong to the absolute top thanks to the extraordinary quality on both the racing and breeding lofts.