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A report on the Central Southern Classic Flying Club race from Thurso on 16th July 2021

Owen Abery
Sixty-three members sent four hundred and fifteen pigeons to Thurso with the Central Southern Classic Flying Club. They were liberated at 06.00CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Northern Dream, the race winner for Owen Abery

First open and first NE section was a two year old on 1197ypm for 18 year old young fancier Owen Abery of Theale. Owen timed a blue hen that was his single bird nomination. Her breeding contains Mark Gilbert long distance bloodlines and the sire was gifted to Roger Lowe by Mark. Roger in turn gifted this cock to Owen, who duly paired him to a hen bred down from Southfield Supreme. Owen was overjoyed to clock a pigeon out of Thurso and having only sent two pigeons, he was even happier to see his second entry return at 07.20CEST the next morning. 

James Fulford

J Fulford of Salisbury was second open and first SW section with a two year old on 116ypm. James' second open winner was bred down from John Halstead's Nyland Ashley Southwell bloodlines. 

Mark & Julie Gower

Mr and Mrs Mark Gower of Fordingbridge timed four pigeons to take third, ninth, tenth and twelfth open, second to fifth SW section. First on the clock was a three year old hen that took four days to come back from Pau last year and was clocked on 1155ypm. It was bred from stock from Andy Parsons of Salisbury and is a daughter of his stock cock, Dancer. Another three year old timed on 1087ypm and this was bred from NIck Adshead's stock pigeons.  A four year old was just behind on 1081ypm, this hen contains Frieldenhoffen bloodlines. Twelfth open was a four year old on 1059ypm, bred from the same pair as Mark's third open winner. 

Paul Ayling

Paul Ayling of Gosport had two pigeons drop together to take fourth and fifth open, first and second SE section, both on a velocity of 1136ypm. Both were three year olds with the first over the pad being a chequer pied hen sent sitting ten day eggs and which was bred by club mate Graham Matthews from a Delbar cock and a Konipius hen that Paul lent him from George Hilson. Next to time was a chequer cock that is a grandson of his Tarbes classic winner. 

J and P Parker of Beenham timed a six year old on 1134ypm to take sixth open and second NE section. 

Graham Clift

Graham Clift of Tirley was seventh open and first NW section with a two year old on 1130ypm. The section winner is a hen, the sire of which is a grandson of Southfield Supreme when paired to a daughter of Southfield Melissa, 1st international hens Bordeaux. Graham's birds race on his version of the chaos system. Graham timed a second pigeon, another two year old hen, whose sire is from a son of Kannibaal Barcelona when paired to a De Smyter - Restiaen hen gifted to him by Steve Bennett of Bristol. 

Graham Clift's hen
John Zerafa waiting for the birds

K & J Zerafa of Portsmouth timed two pigeons to take eighth and fourteenth open, third and fourth SE section. First on the clock was a two year old on 1119ypm, bred out of a son of the House of Aarden's Padfields Blue Badge which is also a grandson of New Laureaat and Kleine Jade (both 1st int. Barcelona). Next up was a three year old on 929ypm and which was sent sitting five day eggs. 

Kevin Zerafa timing a pigeon
Geoff Rowe

G Rowe of Aylesbury was eleventh open and third NE section with a three year old on 1064ypm. This was Geoff's sole entry, a blue chequer hen that has always raced south and been a consistent pigeon in the past. 

G Owers of Wareham timed a five year old on 987ypm to take thirteenth open and sixth SW section. 

Pete Barlow

Pete Barlow of Coombe Hill was fifteenth open and second NW section with a three year old on 929ypm. Pete's cock is a Deweerdt x Mark Gilbert with both sire and dam being gifted to him by Graham Clift, the Lord of Tirley. It is a half brother to second section, tenth open from Messac. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the Central Southern Classic Flying Club race from Thurso.