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Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) once again sensational on Barcelona

Year in, year out Cor van de Heijde shows his class on Barcelona. With the 2nd and 8th National and a price percentage of 58% (10/17), this years results were no exception to the rule. 

After being postponed twice, the Barcelona pigeons were released on Sunday 11th July at 6:45AM. The conditions were good and up to half way through France there wasn't a cloud in sight. The temperature in France wouldn't exceed 23 degrees Celsius, in fact it would be just as warm or warmer in The Netherlands. In France there was a slight East wind, which the pigeons faced for the longest part of their route. On the PIPA live results list, fanciers could see that the fastest French pigeon arrived at 22:18:14 with an average speed of 1,118 m/min. In Belgium the fastest pigeon was clocked on Sunday at 21:51:25 with an average speed of 1,057 m/min. It became clear that the Dutch competitors had to wait until the next morning, but predicting arrivals is a difficult thing especially from Barcelona! At 07:14:57 the 1st National from Johan Boonen in Buggenum arrived at a distance of 1,112km. An hour later at 08:13:26, Cor de Heijde clocked his first pigeon. At a distance of 1,141km placing 2nd National, Cor once again showed why he belongs to the favorites for this race. Shortly after, at 08:33:03 his second pigeon arrived good for an 8th National. See the full results below: 



Nat. Barcelona 1141 km 4,838 p.: 2-8-217-424-547-581-753-833-967-1151 (10/17)

This is the second time Cor takes 2nd National Barcelona, as he also took this podium spot in 2015. Here is an results overview of the past 4 years (2018-2021): 

2018 Nat. Barcelona 3,912 p.: 4-12-135-247-361-etc. ( 6/ 9)
2019 Nat. Barcelona 4,129 p.: 11-183-209-431-etc. ( 7/17)
2020 Nat. Barcelona 4,477 p.: 11-17-26-133-135-201-236-292-etc. (11/20)
2021 Nat. Barcelona 4,838 p.: 2-8-217-424-547-581-etc. (10/17)
Total of 63 pigeons basketed. 34 pigeons in the prizes, resulting in a price percentage of 53%!!! across 4 years

The past years, many super pigeons on Barcelona are descendants from the legendary De Klamper such as Don Michel, Jonge Don Michel, Coming Man, Michella, Marianne and many others. This was also the case this year. 


NL18-3830193 Kleindochter Don Michel, 2nd National Barcelona 4,838 pigeons

The hen Kleindochter Don Michel arrived in the morning at 8:13:26, placing 2nd National.  Besides granddaughter to Don Michel she is also granddaughter to Marianne (1st Nat. St. Vincent) and great granddaughter to Bleu Dream (1st Nat. Barcelona 1,742 p.). 

Kleindochter Don Michel has an impressive palmares as shown below:


2nd Nat. Barcelona 4,838 p.
34th Int. Barcelona
1st B.S.L. Barc. 869 p.
14th Agen 163 p.
22nd Nat. Narbonne 6,725 p.
45th Int. Narbonne 6,837 p. (hens)
112th Int. Narbonne 12,848 p.

NL15-3515986 Barca 986, 8th National Barcelona 4,838 pigeons

Father to Barca 986 is a half brother to Queen Tonny (Frans Bungeneers) who won 1st Nat. Barcelona against 13,066 pigeons (4th Int. 25,835 p.). Barca 986 flew the following results:

17th Nat. Barcelona 4,477 p.
25th Int. Barcelona 12,315 p.
8th B.S.L. Barc. 754 p.
8th Nat. Barcelona 4,838 p.
48th Int. Barcelona 16,595 p.
2nd B.S.L. Barc. 869 p.

NL16-3635857 Dochter Michella, 217th National Barcelona 4,838 pigeons



Dochter Michella flew 217th National after having won 201st National against 4,477 pigeons on Barcelona last year. Her mother is Michella (granddaughter Don Michel) who won 44th National Barcelona against 5,182 pigeons herself. Her father is Coming Man (1st Nat. Ace pigeon ZLU Perpignan 2014-2017). 

A bit further on in the results the 5th pigeon to arrive in Made was NL17-3731113, good for a 547th National. This cock is a nest sibling to NL17-3731112 who flew 11th National Barcelona against 4,477 pigeons last year. Also the NL15-3515965, Violet Barcelona, who places 833th National is a true Barcelona phenomenon. 

NL15-3515965, 2nd National (3rd Int.) Ace pigeon Barcelona 2018-2020

Violet Barcelona is one of the best Barcelona pigeons of the past years. With a 26th National Barcelona last year she placed 2nd National Ace pigeon and 3rd International Ace pigeon on Barcelona across 3 years 2018-2020. In 2021 she wins her fourth price in a row from Barcelona. Her results over the past 4 years: 

135th Nat. Barcelona 3,912 p. (2018)
183th Nat. Barcelona 4,129 p. (2019)
26th Nat. Barcelona 4,477 p. (2020)
833th Nat. Barcelona 4,838 p. (2021)
2nd Nat. Asduif Barcelona 2018 - 2020
3rd Int. Asduif Barcelona 2018 - 2020
She also won: 116th Nat. Perpignan 3,778 p.
222th Nat. Perpignan 4,278 p.
12th Limoges 478 p.

Her father is a son to Don Michel x De Perpignanduivin, both from the infamous Klamper bloodlines. Mother of the 965 is a grandaughter to De Klamper. 

Successes on other lofts from Barcelona

For years now Cor receives wonderful references from other fanciers who perform with descendants of his pigeons. We end this report with an overview of this year's Barcelona references that Cor received: 

9th Nat. E. Meirlaen (B)
17th Nat. Joost de Smeyter (B)
39th Nat. Gerard van der Matten (N)
84th Nat. Gerard van der Matten (N)
31th Nat. Jan Hooymans (N) (2nd 351 p. Afd. 7)
152th Nat. Rex de Leeuw (N) (17th 394 p. Afd. 2)