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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Elgin on 2nd July 2021

Sandancer JW
114 members sent 991 pigeons to the British International Championship Club race from Elgin. They were liberated at 09.15CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Jim Nicholson

Jim Nicholson of South Shields timed a two year old on 1053mpm over 200 miles to take first open and first NC section. Jim's winner is called Sandancer JW, it was bred by Jeff Walton and Jim purchased him at a charity sale for £40. Jim is also the provisional winner of the £500 donated by Mark Gilbert for the highest velocity on the day from Elgin. In the past Jim has won the Up North Combine from Bourges and this season is his first time racing from the north in over seventy years. 

John McCall

John McCall of Leeds was second open and second NC section with a yearling hen on 1036mpm over a distance of 271 miles. This hen was bred from his Mark Bulled Redbulls Ghost x Charlotte bloodlines when crossed into his own family of pigeons. Three of his first six pigeons home were bred from the same Mark Bulled cock bird. 

Steve & Michael Cook

Third open and third NC section was a yearling hen on 1023mpm over 297 miles for S and M Cook of Barton-on-Humber. Steve and Michael had four birds on the day with three being yearling hens. 

Around the sections 

Mark Gilbert & Troy Birch

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was first CS section and ninth open with a yearling on 983mpm over a distance of 442 miles. Mark timed three birds on the day and first on the clock was a hen, the sire of which came from Cor de Heijde, being a son of his second national Barcelona, Blue Dream. The dam is a daughter of Mark's best breeder, Golden Barcelona and is a full sister to Golden Lady. Second was another hen, with the sire being a double grandson of George of Brockamps and the dam a daughter of Southfield Supreme. 

John Haynes

J Haynes of Fifield was second CS section with a two year old on 914mpm over 439 miles. John's second section winner was bred from two gift birds from Mark Gilbert. 

A & T Deacon

A and T Deacon of Waterlooville were third CS with a two year old on 634mpm over a distance of 476 miles. Albie's pigeon was a dark cock, sent sitting eggs and which had flown Wetherby two weeks previously, on a bad weekend for racing and when it took twelve hours to fly just over two hundred miles. 

Traian Ferentz

Traian Ferentz of Romford clocked a yearling on 529mpm over 443 miles to take first ES section and thirty-ninth open. Traian's pigeon contains Ben Hendriks x Van Wanroy bloodlines on the sire's side. The dam is a combination of Ronnie Elliott, Van De Poel and Louella Jan Aarden bloodlines. It was raced on the natural system. 

Damien Dumitrascu

D Dumitrascu of Basildon clocked a three year old on 504mpm over 448 miles to take second ES section. Damien's pigeon was three quarters Freialdenhofen and a quarter Kipp bloodlines. It was sent sitting chipping eggs. 

Alin Andromache

Alin Andromache was third ES section with a yearling on 497mpm over 451 miles. Alin's pigeon contains Benny Stevenik bloodlines from Leading Lofts including Chip and Pin, De Crack and De Gueret. It was bred by Tim Christmas. 

Mr & Mrs Kingswood

Mr and Mrs Kingswood of Huttoft were first NE section and sixth open with a yearling on 995mpm over 334 miles. This is the partners third section win on the north road and their winner this time was a blue hen, raced on the roundabout system. It was their second bird bird back from Perth a few weeks earlier. 

Kevin Wagstaff

Mr and Mrs Wagstaff of Louth were second NE section with a two year old on 851mpm over a distance of 323 miles. Kevin timed a Busschaert hen flown on the roundabout system. It has flown Perth, Fraserburgh and Berwick prior to this Elgin race and will now be prepared for Thurso with the NRCC. 

George & Graham Cook

Cook, Son and Grandson of Walpole St Peter were third NE section with a three year old on 756mpm over 368 miles. George and Graham timed a Busschaert hen that was prepared for the cancelled race from Truro, so sent to Elgin instead. It is a grand-daughter of Champion Harvey, bred by Louella Pigeon World, when paired to The Fifth Open Hen, also containing Busschaert bloodlines. 

Silvester Bros

Silvester Brothers of Stoke on Trent timed a two year old cock, flown on the widowhood system, on 941mpm over 325 miles to take first NW section and tenth open. The section winner was bred by Andy and Dave Macmillan and the sire is a full brother to Lee Buddle's Elsa. The dam is a grand-daughter of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Supreme. 

Booth & Roper's hens

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury were second NW section with a three year old on 889mpm over 393 miles. Trevor and John had two hens drop together and on the clock within two seconds. They were the longest flying section members to time in on the day. First to time was a blue chequer, Jan Aarden x Dordin x Vandenbeele hen, the grandam of which was a Midlands National Flying Club ace pigeon. Second on the clock was a hen containing Louella Pigeon World, Jan Aarden bloodlines. 

Tim Lloyd

Lloyd Brothers of Brymbo were third NW section with a five year old on 876mpm over 316 miles. The brothers timed a chequer pied cock containing Jones and Thomas bloodlines of the Wirral. It was flown on the roundabout system and was fifth section from Berwick two weeks earlier. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Elgin.