Bart & Jurgen Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) clock 5 pigeons in the national top-100

Despite having won so much, team Geerinckx continues to perform at the highest level. On the races from Valence and Argenton they show their class with 9th, 14th, 37th, 39th and 51st national. 

The first to arrive from Valence was BE18-6024021, managing to classify 2nd zone and 9th national against 7,517 pigeons. This Top 10 result doesn't come out of the blue, as she had already flown 191st national Bourges against 23,195 pigeons and a 10th Aurillac against 403 pigeons. The winner of this national race from Valence (De Weerd-Berckmoes) comes from Geerinckx bloodlines, as the great grandfather is a direct Geerinckx pigeon. 

Black Girl, 9th National Valence 2021

Hereafter, it were the Argenton pigeons who had to return home. A race on which four Geerinckx pigeons managed to achieve magnificent results. BE20-6164085 was first to reach the lofts placing 14th national followed by  BE20-6164015 with a 37th national. A mere 40 seconds later number 3 arrived, a pigeon that had already flown 357th National Chateauroux in the past, placed 39th national (BE20-6164211). BE20-6164189 completed the quartet with a 51st national. 

14th National Argenton
37th National Argenton 2021
39th National Argenton 2021
51st National Argenton 2021

Close readers may have noticed that Blue Lagoon is well represented in the pedigrees of the pigeons above. This super breeder once again proves to be invaluable at the Geerinckx lofts. 

Super breeder Blue Lagoon