K. van Dorp & Zn (Rotterdam, NL) win from Pontoise and book their third victory in Samenspel Midden-Holland Oost this season

K. van Dorp & zn (Rotterdam, NL) kennen een voortvarend seizoen
With wins from Lennink, Peronne and Pontoise, K. van Dorp & Zn have booked a total of three victories in the competitive region: Samenspel Midden-Holland Oost. 

A successful start to the season

The 2021 racing season is going remarkably well for Rik and his son Sten. With a great team of old birds, raced on double widowhood, they partake in all short, middle and one-day long distance races. In the competitive Samenspel Midden-Holland Oost (Afdeling 5 Zuid-Holland) they took 1st place on the races from Lennink, Peronne and Pontoise. With price percentages above 50% their racing team is performing exceptionally well, resulting in some beautiful results;


17-4 Lennik 127 km 4440 p. 1-6-9-19-77-etc.(37/68) 24-4 Quiévrain 178 km 4504 p. 8-10-19-22-23-24-26-27-29-31-45-52-77-etc.(49/65) 06-6 Peronne 247 km 2227 p. 1-9-12-14-27-35-50-52-58-73-etc.(26/39) 13-6 Pointoise 358 km 2080 p. 1-6-7-13-20-32-42-54-65-68-72-85-etc.(30/55)

NL20-1474697 1st Lennik against 4,440 pigeons

NL20-1474697 wins 1st Lennik Sam.Midden-Holland Oost against 4,440 pigeons

The season kicked off with a race from Lennink (127km). In Sam. Midden-Holland Oost 4,440 pigeons raced to win. Rik and Sten van Dorp immediately struck gold. It was their yearling hen NL20-1474697 that took the victory. Played on widowhood, she proves to be an excellent racer. Performing strongly in 2021 she recently flew 53th NPO Salbris (531km) against 17,448 pigeons. Her nest brother NL20-1474698, won 1st Peronne against 2,182 pigeons in Samenspel RMO M-H Oost in the first weekend of May. Their father is a grandson to NL04-2082680 Kleine Jan, stock pigeon of the van Dorp colony. The mother originates from a successful co-breeding with Bart Geerinckx.  

NL20-1474637 wins Peronne against 2,227 pigeons

NL20-1474637 wins 1st Peronne in Sam. Midden-Holland against 2,227 pigeons

Early June it was the blue yearling hen, NL20-1474637, that managed to add a win to her palmarès. Also raced on double widowhood, this hen won the race from Peronne in Samenspel Midden-Holland Oost against 2,227 pigeons. The mother to 20-637, who herself managed to take two victories as a racer, is a granddaughter to the earlier mentioned Kleine Jan. Her mother in turn is NL10-1656091 Lilly and won 1st against 14,159 pigeons and 1st against 2,103 pigeons.  

NL20-1474814 Tommetje wins 1s Pointoise against 4,939 pigeons

NL20-1474814 Tommetje wins 1s Pointoise against 4,939 pigeons in Rayon Midden Afd. Zuid-Holland

The third and latest victory in Samenspel Midden-Holland Oost was won last weekend (June 13th) by NL20-1474814 Tommetje. This cock is also the fastest in Rayon Midden against 4,939 pigeons. Tommetje was bred in the summer of 2020 (undarkened) and only participated in 4 natour races. Nonetheless, Rik saw something in this cock and added him to the 2021 racing team. For the first time since 2016 they played with 18 cocks on double widowhood. Rik's faith in this pigeon was rewarded. In 2021, Tommetje has been basketed 9 times and won 8 prices. The victory from Pontoise being the highlight of his young racing career. The father to 20-814 is NL19-1642899. This cock is a grandson to BE03-6460062 Gladiator (Olympiad pigeon Porto 2005) from L, B en J. Geerinckx. The mother to 20-814 is NL16-1499418 Sister Gipsy 418. She is a sister to Olympic Gipsy, 1s Dutch Olympiad pigeon Cat. H Budapest 2015.

Running smoothly

Pigeons in top condition are capable of a lot. Rik and Sten van Dorps racing team is in great shape; a smoothly running engine. With three victories in Samenspel Midden-Holland Oost the first successes of 2021 have been booked. It seems like a matter of time before they add another win to this already impressive season.