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A report on the British International Championship Club race from Penzance on 12th June 2021

Nato - the open winner
317 members sent 3,575 pigeons to Penzance with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.00CEST and the following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Nigel Templar

First open and first WS section was a yearling cock on 1463mpm over 156 miles for Nigel Templar of Hartcliffe. The winner was bred from a pair of birds from Gary Cox and was switched from the east road to the west with Penzance being its first west road race of the season. Nigel narrowly beat the Truro national winner, his brother Stuart, into second place. He had another two pigeons within a few minutes. 

Chris Templar's pigeon

Chris Templar of Bristol clocked a yearling hen on 1450mpm over a distance of 156 miles to take second open and second WS section. Chris bred this hen from his own stock, the sire being a son of Snowball containing Adam Weathall bloodlines. The dam came from Gregg Brothers and McCandless. 

Stuart Wilcox

Stuart Wilcox of Bristol was third open and third WS section with a yearling hen on 1448mpm over 156 miles. Stuart had two hens drop together and first on the clock was 069 which was 11th open Truro two weeks ago. Second to time was her sister. They are both bred from Amigo and Miss Turbo. Amigo was bred by Rik Hermans from Propere 42, a son of Propere x Klien Martien and Friendship. The dam is Miss Turbo, bred by Koen Minderhoud. 

Around the sections

Tony Barrett

Tony Barrett of Portsmouth was first CS section with a two year old cock on 1378mpm over 204 miles. This cock was bred from gift birds from Wearn and Neilson on the dam's side and Jason Ross on the sire's side. In previous weeks it was 7th section Truro and 7th section Sennen Cove. 

Mark Gilbert

Mark Gilbert of Windsor timed a two year old on 1377mpm over 232 miles to take second CS section. Mark had a hen and a cock drop together and both were bought from J and W Molendijk of Strijen, Holland, a good friend of Hugo Batenburg. Mark brought in this stock to try and improve his middle distance performances. 

Cottrell, Richmond & Rogers

Cottrell, Richmond and Rogers of Wimborne were third CS section with a two year old, blue bar cock on 1370mpm over a distance of 165 miles. Bred by Justin Rogers of Boslevin Lofts in Cornwall this cock contains Herman Ceuster's bloodlines with the sire being a full brother to Tartan Bolt. The dam is an inbred grand-daughter to New Olympiad. 

Kevin Foster

Kevin Foster of Longfield Hill was first ES section with a three year old, chequer hen on 1347mpm over 272 miles. Raced on the widowhood system this hen was Kevin's second pigeon from Bordeaux last season. The sire is a son of Mark Gilbert's Southfield Karen when paired to a son of Euro Diamond. The dam came from Premier Stud and is a double grand-daughter of Mark's first international Bordeaux. 

Sparks & Dallas

Sparks and Dallas of Gravesend timed a yearling cock on 1346mpm over 275 miles to take second ES section. Tommy and Pauline's pigeon contains Frans Zwols x Louis Cooreman bloodlines. 

Tony Meader's pigeon

Tony Meader of Benfleet was third ES section with a two year old on 1328mpm over 284 miles. Tony's pied hen is a Vandenabeele cross and was 8th section from Truro two weeks previously. 

Shaun McDonough's pigeon

Shaun McDonough of Walsall timed a yearling on 1328mpm over 232 miles to take first NC section. The section winner arrived with a loft mate and both were bred by Pieter Oberholster. They were raced on the widowhood system. The section winner contains Super breeding Son MJ1 TRPF ZA 13-14132 x Gaby Vandenabeele GB17Z99983. 

Gary Downing's pigeon

Gary Downing of Smethwick was second NC section with a two year old, chequer hen on 1324mpm over a distance of 224 miles. Containing Lambrecht bloodlines, the dam of this pigeon was gifted to Gary by his good friend Stuart Inett. 

Dom Gruzelier

Dominic Gruzelier of Houghton Conquest was third NC section with a two year old, blue hen on 1312mpm over 258 miles. A half-sister to his Alencon winner this pigeon was bred down from some unrung pigeons from Pieter Oberholster. 

Stephen Kaschner

S Kaschner of Diss timed a three year old, dark chequer pied cock on 1269mpm over 333 miles to take first NE section. Stephen's winner contains Louis Cooreman bloodlines bred down from Bob Fenech stock and has been a consistent racer thus far. 

Glen Arterton

Glen Arterton of Harleston was second NE section with a two year old cock on 1260mpm over a distance of 333 miles. Of mixed bloodlines, this pigeon has always been a consistent racer but this is its best performance so far. 

Dennis Ball

Third NE section was a three year old on 1247mpm over 331 miles for D and E Ball of Eyke. Dennis and Elaine's blue Vandenabeele cock was sent sitting four day eggs and has previously had many club and federation prize cards. As a yearling it was the club's channel ace pigeon. 

John Rodway

John Rodway of Rushwick clocked a three year old on 1307mpm over 201 miles to take first NW section. John timed a dark pied cock, flown on the natural system and containing mixed bloodlines. It was sent to the race driving its hen to nest. 

Lionel Brewer of Worcester was second NW section with a four year old, blue cock on 1304mpm over a distance of 202 miles. It was bred from his own distance family of pigeons. Lionel timed four birds within twenty minutes, all raced on the widowhood system. 

Graham Jones of Cannock was third NW section with a yearling on 1261mpm over 134 miles. Graham's pigeon was bred by C Leadbeater and Sons. It went to Hexham on the north road the week before the Penzance race. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club race from Penzance.