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Leo & Gerry Dockx (Koningshooikt, BE) win 1st Provincial Bourges with Lotte

The provincial win from Bourges in the yearlings category in the province Antwerp went to Leo & Gerry Dockx. The fanciers living in the Misstraat in Koningshooikt clocked their winning hen Lotte at 13:55:23. 

The fact that Leo & Gerry are winning contestants is no surprise, as both nationally and provincially they have seen the top of the playing field. On the first national race, early in the season they immediately strike in rich. Against 4,728 yearlings they classify 5 of their 25 entered pigeons in the provincial top-100, with their super hen Lotte, BE20-6201795 at the top of the charts!

Lotte, provincial winner Bourges I 2021.
Lotte's wing.

Lotte already showed to be a promising hen by winning 351st National Bourges against 28,551 young birds in 2020. Her palmarès furthermore show some excellent results: 

19. Noyon against 707 pigeons
69. Sermaises against 1,729 pigeons
271. prov. Fay-Aux-Loges against 7,726 pigeons

With the provincial win from Bourges I 2021 as the highlight on her palmarès (thus far). 

Lotte's father is BE18-6135743 and originates from Kenny Hollanders living in the neighboring town Berlaar. Lotte's father is a son of two outstanding racers. Grandfather BE14-6230543 won several top results on short and middle distance races! Grandmother BE17-6120792 even won 1st Provincial Chateauroux against 2,762 pigeons (5th National against 18,495 pigeons). 

Lotte's mother is a pigeon from Sabrina Brugmans (from Halen): BE19-5082793. The grandfather, BE14-2146257, is Son Blue Ace. Blue Ace won 1st Provincial and 8th National Ace pigeon KBDB in the category middle distance young birds in 2012. A year later in the season 2013 Blue Ace became 5th National Ace pigeon KBDB middle distance yearlings. Grandmother on mother's side is BE16-2173185, daughter to 424 duivin (BE11-5008424) and co-winner to the title 2nd National Champion middle distance in 2011. 

The Dockx family infront of their lofts.

So far it has been a promising start to the 2021 season for the Dockx family from the sub-municipality of Lier. With the quality they possess on their lofts in combination with the boundless effort they put into their birds, this may well be the start of a memorable racing season. A well deserved win and the best of luck in the upcoming races!