Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE) immediately sets the tone at Bourges

Gino Clicque opens the season with a bang at the opening weekend of the national calendar. The race from Bourges took place under ideal conditions and thus the very best naturally came out on top.

Superman Clicque’s colony was ready

The classic national opener from Bourges became a hard-fought, but fair competition due to the ideal conditions: Beautiful weather, a bit of headwind and velocities around the 1260m/min. Anyone who meant anything in the pigeon sport took part and if you wanted to be part of the winners and aces, you would have to be in the possession of some serious quality. And those who think about quality also think about the colony of Gino Clicque from Wevelgem. It looks like the West-Flemish superman will perform as well in 2021 as in earlier seasons. By the way, on the training races of this season, Gino won 27 times the first place! A performance that stands out even among that impressive feat is that of the first of May at Fontenay, where the group yearlings, who were somewhat lacking in experience, won the 1-2-3-4-... place against 1.339 pigeons. Among the old birds it became, amongst others, a 2-3-4-5-6-8-... place against 3.709 pigeons. It is thus not unlikely that house Clicque was ready for the first real test of 2021: National Bourges…

Bourges : A true festival of top prizes

The global performance and the series of top placements at Bourges was one of unrivalled beauty, and likely a record in the race’s history. No less than nearly 60.000 old and young pigeons took part in the classic, and among all that the colony Clicque achieved no less than

3 pigeons in the national top 5

8 in the top 20

14 in the top 40

And… 25 pigeons in the national top 100 !!

Clique came, saw and conquered. All there was to give was given in this national race and besides the impressive top prizes, it was also an excellent loft performance. Among the old birds, an impressive 61 out of the basketed 79 pigeons won a prize per four. The group of yearlings also performed admirably because, with 128 prizes out of 246 pigeons, they too had more than 50% prize per 4.

You can see below what kind of unique achievement was performed at Bourges.

34.311 old pigeons : 4-11-14-21-23-25-32-70-74-81-83-131-173-194-235-245-300-316-321-325-340-... This means 21 pigeons per 100 (!!) 

25.096 yearlings : 2-3-13-14-19-22-35-54-59-60-71-72-81-98-101-118-151-152-180-193-206-230-244-...Once again more than 20 pigeons per 100 that perform at the national level.

An immensely talented breeding loft

Gino’s colony is built around several super pigeons who have no equal when it comes to breeding and racing. When the dust settled after the attack on the podium of Bourges we see once again the names of New Piraat, Golden King, Mr. Fantastic, Golden Devil, Golden Princess, Piraat, Prince Rudy, … on the lineages of the ace pigeons who made it all work in Wevelgem.

The yearling that won the 2nd National against 25.106 pigeons is a half-brother of Gino’s New Piraat. The BE20-3015255 was also the 2nd fastest pigeon of the entire release (59.407 p.) and has the same mother as his illustrious half brother, New Piraat.

Gino with the brand-new 2nd National Bourges in his hands

The 3rd National Bourges Yearlings (BE20-3015163) is a son of Golden King, once again a pigeon that originated from the golden bloodline in the lofts of Wevelgem. Golden King was the 1st Nationale Ace Pigeon KBDB Long Distance and with 300.000 euro as its price, the most expensive pigeon to ever be sold between European lofts. On his mother’s side, there is also nothing but winners in this top racer’s lineage.

The 4th National Old Birds at Bourges was the BE19-3089060, a granddaughter of de Piraat. It must be a joy for a champion like Gino to be able to draw upon such a good breeding source.

The wing of the 4th National Bourges Old Birds

It is near impossible and almost pointless to introduce every one of Clique’s pigeons that did well at Bourges and besides, it is obvious that this amazing racing crew will show more of itself relatively soon. Those who look at the results of Bourges realise that the blow to the competition does not spell well for Clicque’s competitors for the remainder of 2021. The loft of Clicque overflows with talent and quality. Craftsman and winner Gino, keeps doing everything possible to push the bar even higher. It should be clear that, after what we have seen at Bourges, the level in Wevelgem is higher than ever seen before in the pigeon sport.

Father and son enjoying the pigeons