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Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) is year after year outstanding in the Barcelona race

Aside from a great number of victories that Cor has accumulated in several marathon races over the years, it is primarily the Barcelona race where he manages to draw the eyes of the international long distance world

Last season (2020) was bittersweet for Cor de Heijde. On one hand, it was yet another beautiful racing season, but on the other hand, there was, for the third time, the cowardly theft of a number of his breeding pigeons. On the night of 1 October 2020, there were, as many of you know, 25 breeding pigeons stolen from his loft by criminals. Several outlets and even the TV program, “Opsporing verzocht,” gave much attention to the theft, but unfortunately without results so far. The article with phone number for any possible information can be read here.

From here on out in this report, we focus on the positive side of last season, especially the attractive results of Barcelona 2020, and the previous years. To show you that things did not only go great at Barcelona, see the small selection from the many championships that were achieved in the recent year at, among others, FBZ Marathon (Fond Brabant Zeeland) Afdeling Brabant 2000 and Brabantse Super League:

1st non-nominated champion FBZ Marathon (Prov. Brabant en Zeeland)
3rd nominated champion FBZ Marathon
1st general champion FBZ Marathon
2nd ace pigeon sector Brabant 2000 marathon
4th champion Brabantse Super League

As said before, particularly the results of the Barcelona race are of an exceptional level. The total results (2018-2020), and a few of the national top results of those years before, you will find below:

2018 Nat. Barcelona 3.912 p.: 4-12-135-247-361-etc. (6/9)
2019 Nat. Barcelona 4.129 p.: 11-183-209-431-etc. (7/17)
2020 Nat. Barcelona 4.477 p.: 11-17-26-133-135-201-236-292-etc. (11/20)
2013 Nat. Barcelona 6.909 p.: 29-etc.
2014 Nat. Barcelona 5.423 p.: 6-24-etc.
2015 Nat. Barcelona 5.183 p.: 2-44-etc.
2017 Nat. Barcelona 4.504 p.: 58-etc.:

It will surprise no one that, at the foundation of all these performances, we keep seeing the lines of De Klamper again and again. Even now in 2020, we see descendants such as, among others, Jonge Don, Michel, Naomi, Coming Man, Marianne, Blue Dream, Kleine Blauwe, De Cor and many others in the pedigrees of the current top performers. Besides the many national victories that have been achieved in the passing years, it is still, as has been said, the performances at Barcelona that spark the imagination for many. A good example of this is the 2015 edition. Besides that, Cor had the 2nd National bird and 10 birds with Cor De Heijde blood classified in the top 60 National.

Now, in the recent year 2020, Cor shined again with, among others, 11th, 17th and 26th at Barcelona. Below we show a number of pigeons that have distinguished themselves in recent years in the Barcelona race.

NL08-3818593 Jonge Don Michel

From the Klamperline originates this NL08-3818593, Jonge Don Michel who has left an unerasable legacy in the marathon metier. As a homing pigeon, he excelled in, among others, 17th National Perpignan against 4978 p. and 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Barcelona ZLU from the years 2011 till 2013. In addition, he was also the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Dax ZLU during these years. The breeding value of Jonge Don is truly unprecedented. He is the father of, among others:

Blue Dream: 1st International Barcelona Hens
2nd National Barcelona
Diamantje: 4th National Barcelona
Smaragd: 10th National Perigueux (sector I)
11th National Barcelona 2019
Agen duivin: 18th National Agen Oud
Michelina: 11th National Barcelona 2020

NL12-3220448 Blue Dream, 2nd National Barcelona (5.183 p.) 2015

Blue Dream is a daughter of the earlier named super breeder, Jonge Don Michel. She herself won, in 2015, the 2nd national and 4th international Barcelona against, respectively, 5.183 and 19.089 pigeons.

NL14-3423376 Diamantje, 4th National Barcelona (3.912 p.) 2018

Diamantje won the 4th National Barcelona (3.912 p.), as well as the 9th International (15.700 p.) and 5th International hens (4.787 p.) during the extremely difficult 2018 edition, with a top speed of 872 meters per minute. On her honours list is an impressive number of top prizes:

4th Nat. Barcelona ( 3.912 p.)
9th Int. Barcelona (15.700 p.)
5th Int. Barcelona ( 4.787 p.)
14th Bordeaux ( 2.772 p.)
33rd Nat. Bordeaux (9.687 p.)
136th Nat. Narbonne (5.042 p.)
148th Bergerac (3.425 p.)

Once again, Diamantje is a daughter of the top breeder Don Michel (NL08-388593). Her mother is Dochter Favoriet. The Favoriet won, among others, 4th Nat. Dax (11.752 p.), 33rd Nat. Cahors (13.185 p.), 52nd Nat. St.Vincent (12.992 p.), 65th Nat. St.Vincent (11.985 p.) and 82nd Nat. Bordeaux (13.242 p.).

NL15-3516018 Smaragd, 11th National Barcelona (4.129 d) 2019

Just like the earlier mentioned Blue Dream and Diamantje, is this Smaragd, again, a direct daughter of the breeding phenomenon, Jonge Don Michel. Besides winning the 11th National Barcelona, she also won the 10th Nat. Perigueux Sect 1 2018.

NL13-3339812 Blauw Klampertje, 12th National Barcelona (3.912 p.) 2018

The 12th National Barcelona (3.912 p.), as well as the 35th International (15.700 p.) and 18th International Hen (4.787 p.) were all won by Blauw Klampertje. Besides this top prize on National Barcelona, she also won a 22nd Perpignan (4.787 p.), and 46th National Bergerac (8.389 p.). Her father is a grandson of Gouden Blauw, and was, among others, crowned to 1st Ace Pigeon FBZ, 2nd Ace Pigeon ZLU, and 7th Int. Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking. Her mother is the Cahors hen, and she is a full sister of Marianne, with a 1st Nat. St. Vincent (9.745 p.). Both on the mother’s as well as on the father’s side we can see the genes of the legendary Klamper shining through.

NL15-3515965, 2e Nationale (3e Int.) Asduif Barcelona 2018 -2020

Een van de toppers op Barcelona gedurende de laatste jaren is ongetwijfeld deze '965. Met de 26e Nationaal Barcelona van het afgelopen jaar eindigde zij als 2e Nationale Asduif en 3e Internationale Asduif op Barcelona 2018 -2020. Haar resultaten over de laatste drie jaren zijn:

135e Nat. Barcelona 3.912 d. (2018)
183e Nat. Barcelona 4.129 d. (2019)
26e Nat. Barcelona 4.477 d. (2020)
2e Nat. Asduif Barcelona 2018 - 2020
3e Int. Asduif Barcelona 2018 - 2020

Daarnaast won zij ook nog:
116e Nat. Perpignan 3.778 d.
222e Nat. Perpignan 4.278 d.
12e Limoges 478 d.

Haar vader is een zoon van Don Michel x De Perpignanduivin, dus beiden met het nodige Klamperbloed. Moeder van de 965 is een kleindochter van De Klamper

NL10-3054650 Naomi, 6th National Barcelona (5.423 p.) 2014

The final pigeon in this illustrious series of Barcelona racers that we will introduce to you here, is Naomi. Naomi is a granddaughter of Perpignan Doffer (son Klemper) x hen Sioen (half-sister 1st Int. St.Vincent). After her imposing racing career, she blossomed as a super breeder and is the grandmother of many great racers, one of which is De Blauwe Bordeaux, who has won 22nd Nat. Bordeaux (5.774 p.), among others. She personally proved herself primarily in Barcelona with her exceptional class:

1st Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2013-2014
1st Prov. Barcelona 385 p.
6th Nat. Barcelona 5.423 p.
6th Int. Barcelona 20.669 p.
4th Nat. Barcelona 1.809 p.
4th Int. Barcelona 5.534 p.
1st Prov. Barcelona 566 p.
11th Nat. Barcelona 2.181 p.
20th Int. Barcelona 6.642 p.
29th Nat. Barcelona 6.909 p.
72th Int. Barcelona 25.292 p.
107th Nat. Perpignan 5.616 p

Besides all the earlier mentioned top performances on National Barcelona, the descendants of the Klamper dynasty have also proven their worth in other marathon races, and have achieved the following victories in recent years:

Marianne, 1st National St. Vincent 2014 (9.672 p.)
De Kleine blauwe, 1st National St. Vincent 2015 (15.918 p.)
De Cor, 1st National Bergerac 2017 (8.389 p.) (played by L. Pruijsen)
De Agen, 1e National S1 Agen 2018 (6.379 p.)

During 2020 the pigeons of Cor De Heijde have been proving their worth on other lofts as well. This can be seen in the references below:

References 2020:
1st Prov.Barcelona Fran Jansen Bavel
2nd Nat.Barcelona 4477 p. Fran Jansen Bavel
3rd Int.Barcelona 12315 p. Fran Jansen Bavel
3rd Nat.Barcelona Dr.Team Delhove Marbais
12th Int.Barcelona 12315 p. Dr.Team Delhove Marbais
1st Nat.Bordeaux 10638 p. Rex de Leeuw Made
1st Nat.Periqueux S3 8064 p. Gerard Schalkwijk Lopik
1st Int.Marseille 8236 p. Karl-Heins-Koers Omesheim
34th Nat.Barcelona 4477 p. Jo v.Schijndel en zn Geffen
7th Nat.Narbonne Team Hooymans België
41st Nat.Agen Team Hooymans België
3rd Int.Pipa eur.jl 12433 p. Team Hooymans België
1st Int.Asd.Agen/Narbon. Team Hooymans België
1st Marath.kamp. FZN Rex de Leeuw Made
2nd Eur.Ace L. Distance
1st Nat.Ace.KBDB 2020 E.Meirlaen St.Matens Latem
2nd Extremely long distance E.Meirlaen St.Matens Latem
10th Nat.Agen 5140 p. E.Meirlaen St.Matens Latem
13th Int.Agen 15271 p. E.Meirlaen St.Matens Latem
26th Nat.Narbonne 4454 p. E.Meirlaen St.Matens Latem
1st Bergerac 882 p. Jacko Maas Zundert
4th Nat.Bergerac 8987 p. Jacko Maas Zundert
11th Nat.Rieux Minevoix G.v.d.Matten Woudrichem
19th Nat.Rieux Minevoix G.v.d.Matten Woudrichem
3rd Nat.Asduif PAU '17-'20 G.v.d.Matten Woudrichem

A beautiful gesture

For many years, Cor has been showing his involvement with several societal issues. For this involvement, he was knighted into the Order of Oranje-Nassau in the name of his Majesty, King Willem Alexander, in 2016. He received this honour because of his many highly valued contributions to society. For example, he donated last year, 2020, the entire profit of the PIPA-sale to a project for a new care home in Geertruidenberg, De Riethorst Stromenland. Now in 2021, once again, a large amount of the ongoing sale (finishes next April 4th) will be donated to a care home. This time, the benefits are going towards the purchase of the care robot named Sarah for the care facility, Het Parkhuis in Dordrecht.