The “Contador” 04-3210321 from Gyselbrecht-Madeira - Ruiselede (BE) wins 1st prov Perpignan in West-Fl. - 2009

It is a public secret that in the pigeon sport the name Gyselbrecht is synonymous for the real top class where the extreme long distance and overnight races are concerned….. Great class is still present in the breeding lofts thanks to breeding out the line of, amongst others, the “Laureaat Barcelona” (1st internat Barcelona ’95 ) and the “Sampras” (10th internat and 2nd nat Barcelona ’99) .

Both in their own loft, as well as in other colonies home and abroad, many excellent results have been achieved with descendants from the 2 aforementioned lines.
We once again have this phenomenon in the “Contador” who brutally won 1st provincial Perpignan in West-Flanders (1395p) and with this was ahead of one of the top favourites for this competition , namely  Martin Ravelingien from Tiegem who had prepared a serious Perpignan team for in the arena.
The 916 km from Perpignan to Ruiselede was raced by the “Contador” with a velocity of 1337,40 m and was clocked at 18h25.
That he was no novice was proved this year (’09) by the fact that he was the 2nd pigeon from Barcelona by Gyselbrecht-Madeira (who had also performed well , but their first 2 nominated pigeons returned home injured) and then won the 71st provincial against 1953 p and the 489th national against 13503 pigeons. Last year the “Contador” also called the shots in the race from Perpignan and classified himself as 33rd prov. against 1442p, plus national as the 105th against 7603p and  international as the 148th against 17624p .
The “Contador” is also a half-brother of the “Nadal” 06-3124130 , who last year (’08) won the 2nd prov. Perpignan , the 7th national against 7603p and the 9th international against17642p. Talk about real long distance blood!

Ancestry of the “Contador” 04-3210321!
Father: “Sampras Laureaat 33”: 99-4511933
GF: “Laureaat Barcelona” 92-4428350 ( 1st Internat Barcelona 20925p in ’95)
GM: “Nest-sister Sampras” 97-4432407
“Sampras” won in 1999 the 2nd national Barcelona against 13966p and the 10th internat. against 28017 pigeons.
Mother: “Nest-sister Delphine”: 98-4567691
Excellent breeding hen who is mother of, amongst others, the “Mayo”: 57th nat Barcelona
GF: “Turbo”: 91-4561810
Wins include:
160th nat Barcelona 11214p in ‘94
47th nat Barcelona 9452p in ‘95
36th nat Barcelona 12731p in ‘97
GM: “Grandmother Sampras”: Nl-94-5324713
Daughter of the famous “16” from A. Simons (Nl)



So as you can see, the “Contador “ is a product of excellent long distance blood !
His results speak for themselves!
The combination Gyselbrecht-Madeira manage to clock early pigeons throughout the entire season in the marathon races, so that the provincial victory now is anything but coincidence…the flowers go to an exceptionally good long distance pigeon. Just to recap on their Perpignan-story from 2008, it was also bingo then !
Long distance club 214p: 1-3-9-34-36-49
Provincial 1442p: 2-7-33-151-155-205
National 7603p: 7-25-105-568-590-797
International 17624p: 9-33-148-861-890-1224
To Dr André and Peter Gyselbrecht , plus Dr David Madeira our congratulations on this magnificent performance.