Derksen v/d Keuken Combination (Almelo, NL) have numerous Olympiad Pigeons, national ace pigeons and NPO victories to their name

The many strong results of Anthony Derksen and Edwin v/d Keuken in recent years came about thanks to an invaluable team of breeders, the majority of which have excelled at Olympiad and/or national level.

The name Derksen v/d Keuken stands, as most fanciers now know, for the extremely sympathetic brothers-in-law Anthony Derksen and Edwin v/d Keuken. In 2014, after coming to live together in the same neighborhood, they joined forces and the combination was born. The pigeon sport was certainly not new to both men, because both Anthony and Edwin grew up at home with the pigeons through their father (Edwin came into contact with the pigeon sport through his neighbor). After the start in 2014, the two brothers-in-law managed to establish themselves at the national top within a few years. The shortest route to success was therefore chosen to build the stock loft. Pigeons were purchased from the crème de la crème of the Dutch pigeon sport. This choice has worked out particularly well because despite the fact that they have only been working together for 6 years, they can already present the following top performances:



2015: 2e Olympiade Pigeon Budapest cat. G (Olympic Madison)
1e NPO Chateaudun 6.844 p.
2016 1e NPO Bourges N 2.706 p.
2017: 1e National Ace Pigeon Allround cat.D comp. De Allerbeste (Maxima)
1e National Ace Pigeon Allround cat. H comp. De Allerbeste (Maxima)
2e National Ace Pigeon Allround WHZB/TBOTB (Olympic Maxwell)
1e National Champion Middle Distance Nominated (NPO)
5e National Olympiade Pigeon old birds cat. H (Golden Angel)
5e National Olympiade PIgeon youngbirds cat. F (super talent)
1e NPO Nanteuil 7.946 p.
2018 1e NPO Bourges 3.263 p.
2019 3e Olympiade Pigeon cat. D Allround Poznan (Olympic Maxwell)
5e National Ace Pigeon Allround WHZB/TBOTB (Maxime)
7e National Ace Pigeon old birds WHZB/TBOTB (Mayke)
1e NPO Chateaudun 2.390 p. (Madison 2.0)
1e NU Chateaudun 2.996 p. (Madison 2.0)
1e Afd Morlincourt 7.778 p. (Madison 2.0)
1e NPO Vierzon 2.007 p. (Mae-Linn)
1e NU Vierzon 2.515 p. (Mae-Linn)
2020 Afd. 9:
1e Speed non-nominated
1e Youngbirds non-nominated
1e One Day Long Distance non-nominated
1e One Day Long Distance nominated
1e General non-nominated
1e General nominated
DAT (Long distance club Achterhoek/Twenty:
1e Keizer champion
1e Old Birds non-nominated
1e Old Birds nominated
1e NPO Fay aux Loges S3 14.036 p.(also fastest 22.614 p) (Maxime)
1e Ace Pigeon Northern Union NL18-1509650 Mayra
Olympiade nominations
Cat. Long distance (1 year):
1e NL18-1509650 Mayra
Cat. Grown up:
1e NL18-1509650 Mayra
Cat. Middle distance:
4e NL18-1509619 Mandy
14e NL18-1509650 Mayra
Cat. Allround:
4e NL18-1509650 Mayra
14e NL18-1509619 Mandy
19e NL17-1699472 Maxime

Some nice results from the last 2 years:



Boxtel 2.114 p.: 1-2-4-6-7-11-12-13-14-21-35-43-52-etc. (28/60)
Beek en Donk 1.568 p.: 1-4-10-18-22-etc. (13/18)
Dizy le Gros 3.159 p.: 1-2-10-11-14-15-16-17-18-etc. (52/72)
Morlincourt 1.269 p.: 1-3-4-7-9-16-23-27-etc. (30/45)
Issoudun 462 p.: 1-3-5-7-9-11-12-15-16-17-22-23-26-27-etc. (31/44)
Chateaudun 1.408 p.: 1-3-5-22-27-32-37-47-etc. (25/35)
Vierzon 1.189 p.: 1-8-9-10-12-24-37-42-etc. (22/30)
Dizy le Gros 1.697 p.: 1-4-9-10-13-14-30-31-39-39-40-etc. (28/46)
Chateaudun 434 p.: 1-3-4-6-7-19-21-23-24-27-etc. (18/39)
Fay aux Loges 1.674 p.: 1-2-8-9-12-19-20-21-23-24-31-32-40-etc. (25/45)
Chalons en Ch. 1.980 p.: 2-6-10-12-16-17-24-27-29-37-38-etc. (29/40)

The combination has 30 breeding couples, housed by Anthony, who he is in charge of. The 48 pairs of racing pigeons are in Edwin’s lofts and here too, Anthony helps in their care. The day starts for Anthony at 6 o'clock with the release of the hens for a training of 1 hour. Then the cocks are released at 7 o'clock, the care of which is completed by Edwin. In the evening this ritual is repeated from 5 o'clock, albeit that it starts with the cocks. The pigeons are raced on total widowhood and are darkened (12 hours a day), and this up to 4 weeks before the first one day long distance race. Both sexes are raced (except for the marathon flights) but the preference is clearly for the one day long distance. In addition, approximately 150 youngsters are bred annually for personal use. Furthermore, Anthony and Edwin have help from Gerben Ekkel with the care of the pigeons.

The Current Toppers

As you may have read above, when Anthony and Edwin decided to race together, they chose the fastest way to success. They did this by knocking on the door of a number of established names. Within a few years this paid off as you can see from the above results. A number of pigeons that made an important contribution to all these successes we put a little more in the spotlight below.

Top couple

NL15-1706779, Son Olympic Solange x NL13-1719175, Olympic Madison 

Son Olympic Solange and Olympic Madison are an invaluable breeding couple in the lofts in Almelo.



This Son Olympic Solange comes from two top breeders from G & S Verkerk. Especially Olympic Solange, mother of Son Olympic Solange, appeals to everyone's imagination. She has won NPO races from Argenton and Vierzon, was crowned 1st National Ace Pigeon in the WHZB national competition in 2008, and was Olympiad Pigeon in 2009. It is therefore not surprising that this son has emerged as a top breeder at the Comb. Derksen v/d Kitchen. Mainly paired to the other super, Olympic Madison, where together they produced a whole series of toppers.



Olympic Madison, a jewel in both the racing and breeding loft. She proved her worth in racing as 2nd National Olympiad Pigeon Cat. G Budapest 2015. She won a.o. a competition from Tongeren against 2739 pigeons. She has also left her mark in the breeding loft. She is the dam of another super breeder, Son Olympic Madison (which we will introduce to you below). Together with Son Olympic Solange these two supers are a.o. the parents of:



Madison 2.0
1e Afd. Morlincourt 7.778 p.
1e NPO Chateaudun 2.390 p.
1e NU Chateaudun 2.996 p.
8e NPO Chateauroux 2.871 p.
Madison 2.0 is mother and grandmother of:
3e Nanteuil 71 p.
4e Chimay 1.617 p.
Madison 3.0
4e Boxtel 2.986 p.
9e La Louviere 1.463 p.
9e Chateaudun 1.423 p.
12e Chateauroux 2.566 p.
Madison 3.0 is mother and grandmother of
1e Nanteuil 5.442 p.
1e Laon 1.794 p. (also 2e Prov. 13.292 p.)
3e Morlincourt 1.267 p.
3e Nanteuil 833 p.
3e Niergnies 765 p.
3e Beek en Donk 496 p.
4e Beek en Donk 1.568 p.
5e Duffel 8.340 p.
8e Tilburg 15.219 p.
8e Laon 3.889 p.
9e Chalons 2.423 p.
9e Bierges 3.624 p.
Madison 4.0 is mother of
1e Duffel 1.205 p.
1e Tilburg 546 p.
1e Duffel 272 p.
1e Quievrain 255 p.
1e Duffel 230 p.
2e Dizy le Gros 3.159 p.
3e Burdinne 7.923 p.
4e Beek en Donk 9.972 p.
Madison 5.0 (1e year in breeding) and is already father of
1e Boxmeer 4.594 p.
4e Dizy le Gros 1.653 p.
23e Beek en Donk 4.102 p.
26e Beek en Donk 4.102 p.
53e Bierges 3.624 p.

NL16-1130986, Son Olympic Madison x NL15-1706735, Daughter Eye Catcher

These 2 toppers have also proven their worth in the breeding loft in Almelo for years.



Daugther Eye Catcher is again a direct Verkerk pigeon. She is a daughter of the phenomenon Eye Catcher (Olympic Survivor x Magic Amore) from Gerard and Bas. Together with Son Olympic Madison they are the parents of:



Daughter Mae-Linn
1e NPO Vierzon 2.007 p.
1e NU Vierzon 2.515 p.
1e Niergnies 748 p.
6e Melun 1.072 p.
8e Quievrain 1.561 p.
Daughter May 609
1e Beek en Donk 1.568 p.
2e Tilburg 15.219 p.
2e Duffel 1.205 p.
3e Boxtel 7.601 p.
11e Boxtel 10.941 p.
Daughter 60
8e Burdinne 3.047 p.
14e Boxtel 2.114 p.
14e Dizy le Gros 1.697 p.
Son 413 (of 2020)
4e Burdinne 3.047 p. (also 6e Prov. 13.033 p.)
8e Quievrain 1.902 p.
19e Beek en Donk 3.772 p.

NL17-1699444, Madee



Madee is a daughter of Max who himself won a.o. a 1e NPO Chateaudun (6.844 p) and a 3e NPO Mantes L (2.173 p). Mother of Madee is again Daugther Eye Catcher.



Madee won a.o.:
1e Boxtel 2.114 p.
5e Laon 13.292 p.
7e Tilburg 4.093 p.
8e Duffel 1.974 p.
10e Tilburg 15.219 p.
11e NPO Issoudun 4.173 p.
1e Prov Ace Pigeon Kr1 2019
11e Ace Pigeon Netherlands PIPA Ranking 2019
14e Ace Pigeon Allround WHZB/TBOTB 2019
Madee is mother of:
5e Morlincourt 5.371 p.
9e Nanteuil 1.902 p.
28e Quievrain 2.002 p.
32e Nanteuil 3.807 p.

NL4-1524592, Golden Angel



Golden Angel is a daughter of Golden Solange (G&S Verkerk) x Golden Diva (Edwin Hoogland). She was both in the races and now as a breeder of the top category:



She won herslef a.o.:
1e Duffel 1.721 p.
1e Isnes 1.390 p.
1e Issoudun 322 p. (also 6e NPO 3.275 p.)
2e Heusden Zolder 2.929 p.
2e Den Bosch 2.442 p.
Golden Angel is mother of:
1e NPO Nanteuil 7.946 p.
5e Nanteuil 3.134 p.
Golden Angel is grandmother of:
1e Boxmeer 4.594 p.
3e Bierges 3.624 p.
4e Dizy le Gros 1.697 p.
4e Dizy le Gros 1.653 p.

NL15-1286947, Maxima



Before she proved her worth as a breeder, Maxima was also a winner in the races. She won no less than 5 times 1st and in 2017 became 1st National Ace Pigeon Allround (Cat. D) and 1st National Ace Pigeon Old Pigeons (Cat. H). Some of her best results are:



1e Quievrain 2.280 p. (also 2e 10.046 p.)
1e Boxtel 2.968 p. (also 3e 11.482 p.)
1e Gien 1.073 p.
1e Nanteuil 715 p. (also 3e 3.301 p.)
1e Laon 346 p. (also 2e 1.912 p.)
Maxima is also mother of:
1e Gorinchem 2.243 p.
Grandmother of:
1e Quievrain 2.394 p.

NL15-1286915, Olympic Maxwell



Super Olympic Maxwell was in 2017 2nd National Ace Pigeon Allround WHZB/TBOTB. In 2019 he took part in the Olympiad in Poznan and here he became 3rd National Ace Pigeon Allround. Some of his best results are:



1e Quievrain 815 p.
1e Gien 347 p.
1e Quievrain 329 p.
1e Chateauroux 217 p.
1e Nanteuil 216 p.
1e Bourges 71 p.
2e Peronne 213 p.
3e Issoudun 322 p.
6e NPO Gien 4.209 p.
6e Laon 1.912 p.
1e Prov. Ace Pigeon Late Tour 2016
1e Prov. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2017
1e Prov. Ace Pigeon Allround 2018
2e Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround WHZB/TBOTB 2017
3e Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround Olympiade Poznan 2019
Besides this Olympic Maxwell is also father of a.o.:
4e Beek en Donk 1.568 p.
4e Chateaudun 636 p.
7e Beek en Donk 3.689 p.
8e Laon 3.889 p.

NL17-1699472, Maxime



Maxime won this last year 1st National S3 Fay aux Loges against 14.036 pigeons (also the fastest of 22.614 p). Her best prizes are:



1e Nat. S3 Fay aux Loges 14.036 p. (also fastest of 22.614 d) (out ahead!!!!)
4e Bierges 7.059 p.
4e Quievrain 3.337 p.
12e Bierges 2.319 p.
13e Boxtel 2.114 p.
14e NPO Vierzon 2.044 p.
5e Nat. Ace Pigeon Allround WHZB/TBOTB 2019
1e Prov. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2019
7e Nat. Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking 2019

NL18-1509619, Mandy



The young talent Mandy has now received 2 preliminary nominations for the Olympiad in 2022, a 4th in the Middle Distance category and a 14th in the Allround category. She owes these nominations to the following performances:



2e Quievrain 3.337 p.
2e Niergnies 765 p.
6e NPO Chateaudun 2.390 p.
6e Chalons 1.980 p.
6e Duffel 1.205 p.
9e Quievrain 1.561 p.
10e Tilburg 1.330 p.
25e NPO Fay aux L 7.817 p.

NL18-1509650, Mayra



The last topper we introduce to you here is Mayra. In her pedigree we see again toppers from G&S Verkerk and Edwin Hoogland. She managed to win an Olympic nomination in no less than 4 categories, namely 1st in the cat. One day long distance (1 year), 1st in the category old birds, 14th in the category Middle distance and 4th in the category Allround. Below you can see some of Mayra's top performances:



1e Dizy le Gros 2.483 p.
3e NPO Chateauroux 2.871 p.
6e NPO Bourges 5.762 p.
9e Morlincourt 1.269 p.
21e NPO Chateaudun 3.115 p.
29e NPO Fay aux L 4.240 p.
1e Ace Pigeon NU 2020


Anthony and Edwin, when they entered into a combination, chose the fastest way to success. The above performances prove that they have succeeded wonderfully in this within a few years. At the basis of all these achievements are a number of top class pigeons from top fanciers. Not only in the lofts in Almelo do they reap the benefits, but they are also successful in other lofts with pigeons from the Comb Derksen v/d Keuken. We therefore end this report with a number of nice references from the last 2 years:



Jan v.d. Pasch & dht. 2020
1e Chalons 10622 p. grandchild Olympic Madison
3e Rethel 1488 p. grandchild Olympic Madison
1e Troyes 161 p. grandchild Olympic Madison (12 NPO Troyes 5248 pigeons)
2e NPO Sens 3519 p. grandchild Son Olympic Solange
2e Chimay 1617 p. grandchild Son olympic Solange
1e Mettet 957 p. grandchild Olympic Maxwell
Bolhoeve v.d. Pasch 2020.
4e Chimay 1617 p. grandchild Madison 2.0
5e Rethel 1488 p. from sister Olympic Maxwell
J. Doldersum and Son
1e NPO Sens 2084 p. department 9. Mother comes from Comb. Derksen v/d keuken
Wendy Doldersum
1e NPO Melun 1447 p. department 9. Grandmother comes from Comb. Derksen v/d keuken
J v/d Keuken
1e Quiévrain 1561 p.
1e Dizy le Gros 3.037 p. (grandchild son New Sensation)
9e Nat. Middle Distance Pigeon (halfbrother Maxima)
Comb Meijerink and Son
1e Ace Pigeon Speed cc5
1e Ace Pigeon Short Distance cc5
1e Ace Pigeon General cc5
4e Ace Pigeon Short Distance department 9
Comb. J & N Pots
17-1703497 (from line Olympic Madison)flew a.o.
2e Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2019
6e NPO Chateauroux 2871 p.
36e NPO Issoudun 4173 p.
36e NPO Chateauroux
19-1304519 (from line Olympic Madison) flew a.o.:
Tilburg : 22 / 14.900 p.
Beek & Donk 42 / 15.608 p.
18-1515393 (from line Olympic Madison) flew a.o.:
Quiévrain 1 / 2204 p.
17-1699392 (Son Olympic Madison) Fantastic cock.
Is a son of Son Olympic Solange x Olympic Madison.
17-392 is father of:
20-1140322 Morlincourt 14 / 1025 p.
20-1140359 Quievrain (j.d.) 25 / 2002 p.
Quievrain (nat.) 28 / 1902 p.
20-1140394 Bierges 4 / 3624 p.
17-392 is grandfather of the following pigeons:
20-1141410 Boxmeer 15 / 4594 p.
Beek en Donk 2 / 4102 p.
20-1141392 Beek & Donk 4 / 4102 p.
20-1141393 Beek & Donk 3 / 3772 p.
17-1703450 Quievrain 10 / 9049 p.
Charleville 4 / 2083 p.
17-1703442 2e Ace Pigeon Long Distance cc Almelo 2018
7e Ace Pigeon Middle Distance cc Almelo 2018
Nanteuil 7 / 5442 p.
Pithiviers 14 / 3555 p.
Gien 7 / 1684 p.
Dudelange 7 / 727 p.