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Dirk Van Dyck (Zandhoven, BE) discovers a new super class pair

Kannibaal, Di Caprio, Olympic Niels,... Their descendants have been highly successful across the globe. And these bloodlines feature prominently in Dirk’s new top pair as well.

De Kannibaal of Dirk and his father Louis Van Dyck claimed a title of 1st Nat. ace pigeon middle distance KBDB. Many potential buyers and brokers showed up at the Driehoekstraat in Zandhoeven but father and son Van Dyck resisted the lure of big money. The most compelling argument came from mother Van Dyck: "It took you a while to finally discover a top class pigeon, why would you even consider selling it?" Kannibaal went straight to the Dirk Van Dyck breeding loft, where he bred numerous super class descendants, first of all in the loft of Dirk Van Dyck. But how different had pigeon racing in Europe been if Kannibaal had been sold to the Far East straight away? We tried to put two and two together: Golden Lady (Koopman), Dirkje (dam Harry, Hooymans), Dondersteen (Jan & Rik Hermans), Kanon (Danny Van Dyck), and many other renowned birds have all developed into invaluable stock breeders in their respective lofts, which have in turn conquered the world.

We take a look at Dirk's impressive list of recent ace pigeon titles, many of which were won with Kannibaal descendants. Many were even inbred, which means they are related to this golden stock breeder multiple times.

Queen, BE13-6122092, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance 2015
Natalia, BE13-6122204, 1st Nat. Bourges 10,141 p.
Little Queen, BE14-6241188, 3rd Nat. ace pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance 2015 and the dam of Nina
Nina, BE18-6084242, 9th Nat. ace pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance 2019
Mathieu, BE19-6074127, 11th Nat. ace pigeon KBDB sprint 2019

Nina & Mathieu

We zoom in on the last two pigeons of that overview, and all we can say is that champions breed champions...

Nina, BE18-6084242, 9th Nat. ace pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance 2019. She is a daughter of Blauwe Kannibaal Junior BE11-6240027, winner of a 2 x 1st provincial in Montluçon (of 1,322 p.) and Salbris (of 1,100 p.). As his name suggests, he is closely related to Kannibaal, who features in this pedigree four times. And the dam is another ace pigeon: Little Queen, BE14-6241188. She was 3rd Nat. ace pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance 2015. In other words, Nina has an excellent pedigree, and both her sire and dam are fantastic racing birds!

Mathieu, BE19-6074127, 11th Nat. ace pigeon KBDB sprint 2019. He won three first prizes, resulting in his title of 11th Nat. ace pigeon. He is a son of Zoon Olympic Niels BE14-6241631, a new breeding sensation from Olympic Niels and a daughter of Kannibaal. The dam is Blauw BE14-4056813 of Marcel De Maere (Puivelde).

Specific investments

Dirk has been fascinated with top class pigeons all of his life, and he has always been looking for reinforcements to crossbreed with his Kannibaal bloodline. Di Caprio and Blauwe Staf are the exponents of this strategy.

Di Caprio, purchased from Leo Heremans, is the sire of that other top breeder Olympic Niels in his home loft, and grandfather of Natalia, 1st Nat. Bourges. That pretty much sums it up. Di Caprio went on to breed several ace pigeons and Olympiad pigeons both for Danny Van Dyck and Gerard Koopman.

After winning his title of 1st Nat. ace pigeon sprint, Blauwe Staf was obtained from Staf Boeckmans, and he developed into a top class breeding bird for Dirk Van Dyck.

Sprint Pair

Over the last couple of seasons, Dirk discovered another fantastic breeding pair for the sprint: Sprint Pair. The sire, BE18-6084033, is heavily inbred to Kannibaal: he is related to Kannibaal five times from his father's side, and he was crossbred from Noble Blue of Koopman and De Leeuw of Marcel Wouters. The dam of the Sprint Pair, BE17-6147213, is in turn a granddaughter of Olympic Niels, a top class son of Di Caprio, as well as a granddaughter of Den Tom, a top breeder for André Roodhooft. And she is also related to the lines of Porto of Jos Vercammen. The Sprint Pair have bred the following prize winners in just two years' time:

1. Quievrain 864 p.
1. Quievrain 775 p.
1. Quievrain 703 p.
1. Quievrain 423 p.
1. Quievrain 360 p.
1. Quievrain 718 p.
2. Quievrain 139 p.
3. Quievrain 165 p.
3. Quievrain 141 p.
4. Quievrain 1,278 p.
5. Quievrain 387 p.
5. Quievrain 154 p.
6. Quievrain 553 p.
6. Quievrain 177 p.
8. Quievrain 553 p.

Some of the best results of 2020

13/06 Melun: 1,707 YLs: 1-2-14-23-62-63-67-73-85-96-... 27/36
2,579 olds: 3-4-20-24-31-43-82-83-84-89-92-96-... 35/47
14/06 Quievrain: 561 YLs: 1-27-83-... 6/7
864 olds: 1-45-... 7/8
20/06 Sermaises: 2,386 YLs: 8-9-17-28-29-33-87-88-95-... 24/35
3,735 olds: 10-12-22-33-36-41-59-74-... 33/46
27/06 Sermaises: 1,523 YLs: 3-5-13-18-31-32-38-40-58-65-... 18/25
2,158 olds: 3-7-13-19-27-31-36-44-45-46-56-58-59-60-81-90-... 25/32
28/06 Noyon: 942 YBs: 1-3-10-25-28-30-33-47-61-69-72-... 18/82
04/07 Melun: 1,204 YLs: 12-20-27-39-41-67-71-... 14/27
1,761 olds: 19-31-42-63-66-99-... 18/34
06/07 Noyon: 662 YBs: 1-3-4-5-6-7-13-15-19-23-25-33-35-... 22/47
11/07 Sermaises: 3,797 YBs: 1-67-85-86-134-155-187-... 33/77
12/07 Quievrain: 1,278 YLs: 4-12-13-66 4/7
18/07 Sermaises: 1,041 YLs: 9-27-73-74-... 12/20
1,624 olds: 14-36-76-95-96-... 18/25
1,725 YBs: 4-11-40-47-48-59-74-80-90-... 25/50
25/07 Fay aux Loges: 1,219 YBs: 1-2-6-14-23-39-55-57-76-95-99-... 21/46
26/07 Noyon: 885 YBs: 1-4-5-8-12-14-17-18-20-27-39-46-47-61-82-83-...33/64
02/08 Noyon: 1,299 YBs: 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-24-30-35-46-48-49-53-56-68-80-83-85-86-92-96-98-... 52/99

This makes for a total of 20 clear first prizes without doubles in 2020!