Testimonial Gino Clicque

Gino Clicque wants to thank all bidders, buyers and the whole PIPA Team...

Through this way we would like to thank you for the successful auction last weekend, as well as the PIPA employees for their efforts. It still surprises us how many people are involved in organizing an auction of such a size. Just think of the PIPA agents, translators, photographer, marketing, logistics,... etc.

Truly a well-oiled machine!

We have been working together intensively for the past 6 months, but the experience and know-how you have in house makes you experts in handling such a large auction successfully.

It's a fantastic end result with an exceptional total amount for a still active fancier, who doesn't think about quitting yet.

The pigeons were sold to all corners of the world. It still gives us pleasure to get references from other fanciers, both in Belgium and abroad.

Finally, we would also like to thank all the buyers & bidders. We sincerely hope that our pigeons can strengthen their collection. Furthermore, we wish everyone success with our pigeons and a happy 2021!

Thanks PIPA

Thanks buyers & bidders

Greetings & stay safe!

Gino & family