Gino Clicque (Wevelgem, BE): thanks to the Golden Prince's family (part 2)

Introducing the superstar Golden Prince is useless. His achievements as a yearling resulted in the victory of 1. National Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB in 2014. But it didn't stop there. In the years that followed, he left his mark on Gino Clicque's race results through his new role as a breeder.

How ‘Golden Prince’ became 1st National Ace KBDB

The hegemony of BE13-3031767 ‘Golden Prince’ in the pigeon family of Gino Clicque started after his glorious title of 1st National acebird title long distance in 2014. Interestingly enough, he would not have won this title if he had been a perfect trapper! How come? ‘Golden Prince’ opened his long distance season winning a 14th Nat. Limoges of 6,907 yearlings under heavy conditions – on the same day that ‘Mario’ won a 1st Nat. Limoges old birds 7,221 b. Limoges was a postponed liberation on Monday and only 9 days later ‘Golden Prince’s was basketed for Brive.  There was a headwind that weekend combined with tropical temperatures of up to 35 degrees.

Thunderstorms had been forecast for Saturday, so the pigeons were released on Friday instead. ‘Golden Prince’ was the first to arrive at Gino’s loft but he wasted about a minute flexing his muscles, so he ended up winning 3rd Nat. Brive 3,850 birds. If he had trapped right away, he would have won a 1st National. And since Gino never baskets pigeons that have won a national race, it would have meant the end of his racing career. After Limoges and Brive, ‘Magic 092’ of Erik Limbourg was on pole position to win a 1st National acebird, although ‘Golden Prince’ was just a fraction behind him.

‘Golden Prince’ was then entered for Tulle on August 1st 2014, in what was to become the clash of the titans. With 5,731 birds in competition the national victory went to ‘Super Romeo’ of Gaby Vandenabeele … The second pigeon was the super pigeon from Martin Martens, de Tulle, BE13-4184471, 2. Nat. Tulle.‘Golden Prince’ was 4th National with ‘Magic 092’ finishing in 8th National. ‘Golden Prince’ passed ‘Magic 092’ in the ranking to become 1st National acebird long distance YL KBDB 2014; a milestone for Gino Clicque. This was the title he had longed for and the winner of this title was bound to become the new stock breeder of the colony.

Golden Prince wins himself:

1. Nat. Ace KBDB Long Distance ‘14
1. Nat. Ace PIPA ranking Long Distance – 3 races
3. Nat. Brive 3,850 b.
4. Nat. Tulle 5,731 b.
14. Nat. Limoges 6,907 b.

Superbreeder, he is (grand)father to:

1. Nat. Ace KBDB Long Distance ’17 – Golden Princess
1. Nat. Ace KBDB Great Middle Distance ’18 – First Lady
Best Souillac racer 2019-2020
2. Nat. Argenton 16,496 b.
2. Nat. Souillac 4,056 b.
4. Nat. Gueret 5,331 b.
6. Nat. Jarnac 5,117 b.
6. Nat. Libourne 4,354 b.
7. Nat. Ace KBDB Long Distance ‘19
8. Nat. Souillac 4,056 b.
8. Nat. Souillac 6,668 b.
9. Nat. Ace KBDB Allround ‘17
11. Nat. Tulle 7,155 b.
12. Nat. Souillac 4,056 b.
13. Nat. Souillac 4,056 b.
14. Nat. Bourges 20,284 b.
18. Nat. Chateauroux 8,634 b.