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Auction weekend ends at EUR 1.38 million, average EUR 4,350 / pigeon

The following auctions ended on December 13 & 14: Wijnands & zoon (NL), G&S Verkerk (NL), Leo & Gerry Dockx (BE), Klaas & Rik Van Dorp (NL), Stijn & Jeroen Rans (BE) & Mike Ganus (US).

Wijnands & son (NL) - 142 pigeons - 1,637 EURO / pigeon
The sale of the Ringhoeve was accompanied by an auction of all pigeons from 2019 and older. A worldwide known name that selected 142 pigeons for auctioning in consultation with PIPA. There was a lot of enthusiasm from no fewer than 14 different countries. The story may end on the Ringhoeve, but we will undoubtedly hear from the descendants all over the world. With a total proceeds of EUR 232,475, it was a successful auction.

The most expensive pigeons from the Wijnands & Zoon auction were the following:

Barca Rambo - 15,000 EURO
Son Mr. Gijs - 8,000 EURO
Lotus - 7,600 EURO

G&S Verkerk (NL) - 55 pigeons - 5,527 EURO / pigeon
2020 is PIPA's anniversary year. But also a 10-year anniversary for Gerard & Bas Verkerk. They have been auctioning a group of youngsters every year for 10 years that have been sold with great success. The greatest success was recorded yesterday. The group of youngsters consisted of a total of 55 and raised a total of 304,000 EURO. A record for Gerard & Bas. Never before has the total of the auction gone so high. But they also never reached the average of EUR 5,527 before.

It cannot be a complete surprise. Because the selection they made available was packed with great pigeons. Children were made available from: New Olympic Solange, Expectation, Highlight, Eye Catcher, Volcano and so on.

Most attention was paid to the following youngsters from the aforementioned links:
22,500 EURO for a child from Superman x Expectation
21,000 EURO for a child from Rico x Eyecatcher
17,400 EURO for a child from Rico x Eyecatcher
16,200 EURO for a child from Captain Hook x New Olympic Solange
10,200 EURO for a child from Captain Hook x New Olympic Solange
10,000 EURO for a child from Volcano x Hotshot
10,000 EURO for a child from Atlantis x Solanta

Leo & Gerry Dockx (BE) - 72 pigeons - 9,843 EURO / pigeon
Father and son Dockx made a giant leap to the top thanks to the Van De Wouwer pigeons! PIPA asked them to offer their exclusive collection of Van De Wouwer pigeons for auction and the men responded. The result; a very exclusive auction on PIPA. They offered a top breeder and full brother Kim (1st Nat. Gueret), 2 sisters and 1 brother of Laura (1st Nat. Bourges), the father of the 4th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB 2020 a sister of mother New Kim and a full sister of New Kim. A great offer but also a great result for this beautiful collection. When the last pigeon was sold on Sunday, the counter stood at a total of 708,700 EURO. That meant an average of no less than 9,843 EURO / pigeon.

The tenors from the auction were the following:

H. Brother 4. Nat. Ace Samantha with free pigeon G. Son Barbara 765 - 50,000 EURO
Son Rik 198, grandchild of the Kaasboer - 47,000 EURO
Brother Kim x H.sis New Kim - 42,000 EURO
Sister Mother New Kim 350 - 41,500 EURO
Granddaughter Kaasboer 336 - 41,000 EURO
Double Grandson Torre 758 - 40,000 EURO
Sister New Kim 097 - 35,000 EURO

Klaas & Rik Van Dorp (NL) - 12 pigeons - 1,250 EURO / pigeon
Rik and Sten Van Dorp draw on a golden base, the main one being the Jan Ouwerkerk top breeder Kleine Jan. His children and grandchildren string together the ace pigeon titles as if it were nothing. Today a son of Kleine Jan was sold, which must have been one of the last since Kleine Jan is from 2004. His son was auctioned today for an amount of EUR 3,800. This also made him the most expensive pigeon in the auction of Rik en Sten today. The auction ended with a total amount of EUR 15,000.

Stijn & Jeroen Rans (BE) - 13 pigeons - 2,685 EURO / pigeon
The Jef special around their 1st International Barcelona winner Jef was a success! 13 pigeons including a child of Jef and a sister of Jef. Anyone who ever wants to take a shot at the victory over Barcelona had to be there now. Many were so that the auction today rose sharply in average. Especially the daughter and sister of Jef were in demand and ended at 5,400 EURO and 6,200 EURO. Together with the other 11 pigeons, they provided an average of 2,685 EURO / pigeon. Never before has their auction ended at such a high average. The total amount of the auction also became a record, with 34,900 EURO in total, it will undoubtedly be proudly looked back on.

Mike Ganus (US) - 25 pigeons - 3,704 EURO / pigeon
No one in the world has a larger collection of OLR winners than Mike Ganus. In addition, Mike mainly owns the winners of the most prestigious races of recent years. When Mike starts to cross these pigeons, absolute pearls are created for people who want to (partly) focus on the one loft race game. Today the 25 pigeons were sold to 13 different countries. A great spread. The two most expensive pigeons contain a high Thomas 6 content. The most expensive pigeon became a full sister of Thomas 6 and a child of Thomas 6 the second most expensive. 8,000 EURO and 7,000 EURO were paid for these goldcrests.