A word of thanks of Hok Van de Wouwer

A word of Van de Wouwer Family after the spectacular auction.

Hello everybody,

Hok Van de Wouwer says goodbye to the pigeon world with a beautiful auction result.

Did anyone expect this result? No, no one thought it would turn out that way. Pipa, a lot of pigeon racers and myself are very surprised by the enormous interest that has been shown in recent days and weeks. The world press also showed interest in this auction. It has been a very intense and special period. Hopefully the attention for this auction will set in motion and it will bring in many new members at the KBDB.

During the last years I was able to build on the sporting successes of my father Gaston's "Cheese Farmer" life's work, here my mother Maria also contributed to the success. Thank you very much for this. The decision to quit the pigeon sport was therefore not an easy one. After a while, combining work, private life and pigeon sport turned out to be too much to combine.

Special thanks also to all members, volunteers and directors of the pigeon federations of Berlaar-Heikant and Bevel, for the great atmosphere in which I was able to practice my hobby. KBDB, thank you for making it possible that many pigeon fanciers can continue to practice their favorite hobby.

The result of this impressive auction is not only the result of our pigeons, but also to the fantastic work of the PIPA Team, without them all this would not have been possible. Thank you to the whole PIPA-team.

I would also like to thank all bidders and buyers for their confidence in my pigeons and wish them every success, that they may be successful with the input of the 'Van de Wouwer' pigeons.

Kind regards,

Kurt Van de Wouwer
Van de Wouwer loft