Jos Cools (Grobbendonk, BE) discovers some new talents again in 2020

Jos Cools has been one of Belgium’s leading names in the sprint for many years now. He is a member of the Tienverbond Union, where he races against several other highly renowned sprint lofts every season.

Stock pair continues to deliver...

Stock pair Miel x Octavia continues to shine in the pigeon lofts of the Cools family: several youngsters of this pair were once again among the best performers this season.

And one of them is the talented racing cock BE18-6167748. This 748 won five top prizes in Noyon in 2020:

8. Noyon 1,650 p. 37. Noyon 2,223 p. 25. Noyon 1,193 p. 15. Noyon 1,193 p. 36. Noyon 1,264 p.

Six prizes were taken into account for the club ace pigeon championship, and "the sixth result was not nearly as good", Jos remembers. "The 748 won a title of 3rd Ace pigeon Noyon olds in the Tienverbond union. But I forgot that the national ace pigeon titles were based on five prizes instead of six", he admits. "And when a friend pointed it out to me, we were already past the deadline. In other words, we missed out on a national ace pigeon title", Jos explains.

One of the team's best young birds, Het 617 (BE20-6108617), is also a youngster of Miel x Octavia. This 617 is showing to be very talented indeed, winning for instance a 4. Noyon 643 p. and 66. Noyon 2,444 p.

...but is now close to reaching its expiration date

Their famous breeding pair has bred talented new youngsters in Grobbendonk several years in a row. Miel BE10-6252797 is a grandson of the famous Di Caprio of Dirk Van Dyck/Leo Heremans, and he was paired to Octavia. Together they bred Super Lady, 6th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB 2014.

"But Octavia has had a few struggles when laying eggs this season. Sometimes she would lay just one egg, so we don't know if she will still be fertile in the future. I will put the two breeders together again but we'll have to wait and see", Jos says. "Fortunately enough we already have an extensive collection of youngsters of this breeding pair, even though our loft is not that big."

Jos Cools has limited space but that does not keep him from winning many great results every year.

The bloodline of Remco, 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon sprint KBDB 2018, is becoming increasingly important for Jos Cools as well. For instance, a sister of Remco bred De 204 (BE19-6060204), a one year old that won a 3rd Ace Pigeon Quiévrain in the Tienverbond Union. He was also 1st Ace Pigeon Quiévrain in Grobbendonk. He won these titles thanks to three top results in particular:

3. Quiévrain 218 p. 3. Quiévrain 209 p. 2. Quiévrain 131 p.

The sire of the 204 is De Raket, BE18-6167748, which is in turn a son of stock pair Miel and Octavia. And this is Raket's palmares:

1 - 554 p. 2 - 1,274 p. 3 - 860 p. 4 - 621 p. 8 - 1,650 p. 10 - 1,245 p.

Like we said, the dam is a sister of Remco: Tikske BE18-6167747. The parents of Remco and Titske are still quite young. They are Kleine, BE16-6246040 and Moeder Remco, BE17-6216359 (which comes from a joint breeding with Dirk Van den Bulck). It is clear that this breeding pair has a strong future.

Jos has what you would call a luxury problem, since Moeder Remco also appears to breed very well when paired to Cher Ami, BE14-6090932. They bred the talented young bird BE20-6108648, winner of four prizes per 20, with most notably a 4th Noyon of 643 p. Cher Ami was 1st Ace Pigeon Tienverbond in 2014 as well as 14th Nat. Ace pigeon sprint KBDB.

Jos Cools can look toward the future with confidence, relying on the bloodlines of Miel, Octavia, Remco and Cher Ami. Only the best pigeons are given a spot in the lofts in Grobbendonk. Given the limited amount of space, only the very best racing and breeding birds can stay on board, and this in turn shows in their results. "We are hoping for some more east or northeast wind next year", Jos told us. "That is when my pigeons are at their best. There was a predominant westerly wind in 2020, which left a lot to be desired, I think", Jos concludes. This does sound promising for the upcoming season. It is safe to say that Jos will be one of the men to beat in the Tienverbond competition once again, with or without an east wind...