Hok Van de Wouwer (Berlaar, BE): years of dominance with an all-round pigeon breed

Hok Van de Wouwer, which consists of Gaston and his son Kurt, has been one of the names to beat in the national races of the (longer) middle distance. And the team from Berlaar has been winning national ace pigeon titles along the way as well.

Hok Van de Wouwer are selling their complete collection of old birds and with that, a long series of great successes in pigeon racing in Belgium is coming to an end. Most of you still vividly remember some of the spectacular results from the Berbaar-based pigeon breed. Think for instance of their prestigious victory in the national young birds' race from Gueret in late 2009. And after a long winter, they promptly delivered again in the first national race of the 2010 season, claiming a 1st National yearlings in Bourges. And we have seen quite a few other incredible performances from the Kaasboer descendants over the years, often in a variety of weather conditions, both in Berlaar in and in other lofts across the globe. And it is because of their many great results that we have come to admire this pigeon family and the fanciers from Melkouwen, the most famous street in Berlaar, at least for pigeon fanciers.

Right before this fantastic pigeon family pulls the curtain, we will be looking at some of their most recent achievements and their best pigeons today, most of which are still closely related to their former star, the world famous 'Kaasboer'.

Kaasboer, the cornerstone and stock sire of the Van de Wouwer pigeon family.

Here are the most impressive victories from the descendants of ‘Kaasboer’:

Olympiad pigeon allround Germany 2009 (Uwe Berg)
Olympiad pigeon Nitra 2013 (Walter Vollmer)
Olympiad pigeon cat. C 2017 (Niels Broeckx)
1. Nat. pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2011 (Casaert-Sénéchal)
1. Nat. pigeon Longer Middle Distance olds KBDB 2013 (Casaert-Sénéchal)
1. Nat. Asduif Longer Middle Distance YBs KBDB 2018 (Hok Van De Wouwer)
1. Best Belgian young bird across 3 national races PIPA Ranking 2020 (Erwin Schepmans)
1. Best Belgian yearling long distance PIPA Ranking 3 races 2019 (Team BDS)
1. Nat. Montlucon & fastest of 40,104 pigeons (M. & G. Vercammen)
1. Nat. Bourges & fastest of 39,577 pigeons 2010 (Gaston Van De Wouwer)
1. Nat. Bourges YBs 33,461 pigeons (Vos-Jennes)
1. Nat. Argenton 30,690 pigeons (Cleirbait-Desbuquois)
1. & 2. Nat. La Souterraine 21,782 pigeons 2010 (Schepmans-Hayen)
1. Nat. Argenton 19,592 young birds 2016 (Tom & Jan Iwens)
1. Nat. Gueret 14,245 pigeons (Gaston Van De Wouwer)
1. Nat. Nevers 11,579 pigeons (L. & G. Dockx)
1. Nat. Montlucon 10,742 pigeons & fastest of 20,214 pigeons (Van Eynde-Goovaerts)
1. Nat. Limoges II 9,756 yearlings 2020 (F. & J. Vandenheede)
1. Nat. Agen 9,740 pigeons 2017 (Team BDS)
1. Nat. Chateauroux 4,641 old birds 2018 (Bart & Nance Van Oeckel)
1. Nat. Narbonne 3,580 yearlings 2019 (Team BDS)
1. Nat. Chateauroux 2,855 pigeons 2018 (Hok Van De Wouwer)
1. Nat. Chateauroux 2,850 old birds 2019 (Bart Verbeek)
1. Nat. Chateauroux olds 1,727 pigeons 2017 (Yves Vandepoel)
Hebei Movie-TV Race China 2013 OLR China (Th. & Marcus Lecke)
Car winner SA Million Dollar Pigeon race 2011 (Interpalomas Lofts)
Car winner SA Million Dollar Pigeon race 2013 (Interpalomas Lofts)
1. Asduif Portugal Derby 2012 (Gerhard Most)
1. Prov. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs KBDB 2019 (Norbert Ally)
1. s-Nat. Vierzon & fastest of 15,359 pigeons (Gaston Van De Wouwer)
1. Nat. Zone / 2. Nat. Bourges 33,524 pigeons (Vermeerbergen-Wilms)
1. Nat. Zone / 3. Nat. Argenton 11,001 pigeons (Gaston Van De Wouwer)
1. Nat. Zone Poitiers 2,538 pigeons 2013 (Gaston Van De Wouwer)
1. s-Nat. Vierzon (Van Eynde-Goovaerts)
Another picture in front of their trophy wall

New Kim

‘New Kim’, BE18-6063796, won the title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance YBs KBDB in 2018, based on the following results at national level:

2. Nat. Chateauroux 17,281 p.
12. Nat. Argenton 16,496 p.
21. Nat. Chateauroux 12,855 p.

New Kim was heavily inbred to ‘Kim’, 1st Nat. Gueret 14,245 p., since the two grandmothers of New Kim are sisters of Kim. And Kim is in turn a granddaughter of Kaasboer, which means New Kim many of the Kaasboer bloodlines as well.


‘Maria’, BE16-6023127 was on top of her game in the same season as New Kim: she was the driving force in the old birds' loft in Berlaar, claiming several top results and eventually a title of 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2018.

1. Nat. Chateauroux 2,858 p.
4. Nat. La Souterraine 16,613 p.
42. Nat. Chateauroux 14,955 p.
51. Nat. Chateauroux 18,799 p.
117. Nat. Argenton 11,823 p.
120. Nat. Bourges 5,831 p.
163. Nat. Gueret 5,331 p.

And Maria is another exponent of deliberate inbreeding, this time involving a grandson Kaasboer x granddaughter Kaasboer. This makes her another top quality Van de Wouwer descendant, she is the culmination of the selection and breeding strategy that they have been pursuing for many years.

Farewell tour

For a while, it looked like their farewell tour would be quite an unfortunate one. Kurt and Gaston had been working towards the 2020 season throughout the winter, when the corona virus suddenly came out of nowhere. All they could do was wait and hope for the best. Fortunately the 2020 season eventually took off after some delay, giving Kurt, Gaston and their pigeons the opportunity to shine one more time. It was a grand last season for them. We take a look back at 2020, following three pigeons in particular.

Diamond Kim

‘Diamond Kim’, BE20-6188032 is a daughter of none other than Maria. Diamond Kim was almost unstoppable in the national races, which led to a title of 6th best young bird of Belgium in the PIPA Ranking with 4 national races. And she was also 21st Nat. Ace Pigeon longer middle distance KBDB 2020, which was not a surprise, given her two national top 35 spots, twice against more than 20,000 pigeons.

14th Nat. Argenton 23,286 p. 2020
35th Nat. Chateauroux 20,789 p. 2020
Diamond Kim, yet another Van de Wouwer gem.

Like we said earlier, Diamond Kim is a daughter of Maria, 1st Nat. Chateauroux of 2,858 p. in 2018. And she is also a granddaughter of both ‘Golden Prince’, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2014 and ‘New Kim’, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB 2018! This makes for quite an incredible pedigree!

Palme Kim

‘Palme Kim’, BE20-6188059 was one of those other young birds that did really well. Palme Kim won for instance a 1. Nat. Zone Chateauroux of 5,465 pigeons, which also led to a 5th National of 15,322 pigeons. She also won a 96th Nat. Zone Bourges of 9,844 p., as well as a 301st Nat. Bourges of 28,551 p.

As her name suggests, Palme Kim is related to ‘New Kim’, 1st Nat. ace pigeon longer middle distance YBs KBDB 2018. She is a half sister of New Kim, since both pigeons come from the same dam: 'Mother New Kim', BE14-6072399.

Palme Kim

Talent Gaston

‘Talent Gaston’, BE20-6187994 is the third young bird that put a smile on the faces of the Van de Wouwer family. This pigeon was 13th Nat. Ace Pigeon shorter middle distance KBDB '20, winning the following prizes:

12. Fay Aux Loges – 1,782 pigeons 2020
19. Sermaises – 1,483 pigeons
24. Sermaises – 2,009 pigeons
54. Sermaises – 2,424 pigeons

Talent Gaston is a grandchild of the nest brother of the sire of Maria. In other words, this pigeon comes from those same successful bloodlines. The dam of Talent Gaston is Mooi Blauwke of the Alfons Verberck family.

For Kurt and Gaston, the time has come to sit back and let it all just sink in.

And lastly, we listen to the two grandmasters themselves, Kurt & Gaston. In the following video they look back on their total sale and their impressive collection of world class pigeons. We are about to witness the end of an impressive era. Let us admire one of the most talented pigeon families at national and international level one last time, together with the Van de Wouwer family.

A view of the garden and the pigeon lofts in Berlaar.