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Auction weekend ends at 760,475 EURO, average 4,224 EURO / pigeon

These auctions ended on Sunday 22 November: Central Lofts (UK), Green (CN), Europa Masters OLR (RO), Cyriel & Remi Fourneau (BE), Team BDS (BE), Philippe Dobbelaere (BE), Jan Hooymans (NL) ), Golden Algarve OLR (PT), Dehon-Demonseau (BE), Jos Cools (BE) & Jelle Jellema (NL).

Central lofts (UK) - 3 pigeons - 8,467 EURO / pigeon
Small but nice, that kite certainly went up for the Central Lofts auction. The English loft sold three pigeons but launched Kade, among others. A blue cock with the bloodlines of Leo Heremans' world famous Euro on his father's and mother's side. He has already sired no fewer than seven first prizes. It was sold for an amount of 17,000.

Green (CN) - 13 pigeons - 5,308 EURO / pigeon
When a National winner is sold there is always a lot of interest, but what about two in one auction. It was Green Xiang who put these two classy cars up for auction. The auction started with the 1st national Barcelona of 2014 called New Remy, but certainly well-known among marathon fanciers. In addition to his historic victory, he also became a gifted breeder. The other National winner that was auctioned is St. Vincent Remy. This checker cock won the 1st National from St. Vincent. It will not be a coincidence that the pigeons are also related.

Ultimately, both pigeons were sold together with a youngster for the amount of 34,000 EURO (New Remy) and 9,600 EURO (St. Vincent Remy).

The buyer of New Remy is Daniel Van Ceulebroeck (Balegem, BE). The Van Ceulebroeck pigeons have written a nice piece of pigeon history. He got to taste the taste of a national victory four times. With the purchase of New Remy, he does not hide his ambition.

Europa Masters OLR (RO) - 10 pigeons - 3,050 EURO / pigeon
One of the toughest editions was held in Romania this year. Perhaps the toughest of all time. The route to the final was anything but easy and the pigeons that managed to classify themselves in this top 10 have all shown that they have a lion heart. The auction could count on sufficient interest. The two most expensive pigeons were sold for 5,600 EURO and 5,800 EURO. 5,600 EURO were paid for the winner of the final race and 5,800 for the pigeon that was registered second in the final and won the title of 1st ace pigeon.

Cyriel & Remi Fourneau (BE) - 6 pigeons - 1,367 EURO / pigeon
In his debut auction on PIPA, Nico offered top quality, such as a full brother of Mr. Agen (14th-42nd-73rd National). It became the pigeon that attracted the most attention. No less than 2,100 EURO was paid for this checkered white pen cock with a beautiful eye. In total, the auction raised 8,200 EURO.

Team BDS (BE) - 10 pigeons - 3,150 EURO / pigeon
Team BDS was able to launch an auction with a wonderfully varied range. They managed to combine their own successful pigeons with the best of PEC and Hugo Batenburg. The most expensive pigeon in the auction was New Kim's Hope. A pairing of Double Kaasboer (Team BDS) x Daughter New Kim. (Loft van de Wouwer / PEC). For an amount of 7,600 this blue cock will be allowed to try somewhere to provide a loft with extra quality. Another star of the Team BDS colony is Lady Agen, she became known as the winner of the 1st National Agen 2017. But the following year she already became the mother of Double Kaasboer. Her daughter was auctioned today for an amount of 6,800, the father of the auctioned hen is Special One. The 1st International Barcelona of 2015.


Philippe Dobbelaere (BE) - 7 pigeons - 1,043 EURO / pigeon
The auction of Philippe consisted of seven pigeons related to his best pigeons Robin, Robby, Rocco & Giliam. The victories that Philippe can achieve are impressive. Most buyers in his auction caught the eye of a blue hen bred from Giliam. This daughter of the 1st provincial ace pigeon was sold for 1,800 EURO. In total, the auction raised 7,300 EURO.

Jan Hooymans (NL) - 37 pigeons - 4,562 EURO / pigeon
Summarizing an auction by Jan Hooymans is usually throwing with superlatives. Today we're going to stick to the impressive facts.

- Child New Harry - 18,400 EURO
- Child Beauty Harry - 13,800 EURO
- Child Harry Birdy 62 - 10,200 EURO
- Child Harry Junior - 8,000 EURO

A total of 37 pigeons were sold. The auction total ended at EUR 168,800. With that, Jan breaks a record. Never before has an auction by Jan Hooymans yielded this amount. In short, another resounding success for Jan Hooymans, who will undoubtedly make itself heard again in 2021 with resounding results at home and abroad.

Golden Algarve OLR (PT) - 36 pigeons - 3,433 EURO / pigeon
The pigeon currently praised in the land of OLR specialists is Romario. In 2006 he was born of parents who were obtained as eggs from Ad Schaerlaeckens. This pigeon died a few years ago, which was the basis of many OLR successes. Romario's Best was auctioned today. This blue cock was raced in the one loft race Golden Algarve and won 29th place in the final. He was bred by the Swiss fancier Simon Wolf and is a grandchild of Romario. Our buyers noticed that this is something very special. After a long battle between different buyers, it ended at 25,500 EURO.

The fact that the Golden Algarve is an OLR auction from which people like to buy pigeons was evident from the amounts that were paid for the winner and ace pigeon of this race. The winner brought in 10,600 EURO and the ace pigeon goes to a new owner who paid 8,200 EURO for her.

Dehon-Demonseau (BE) - 12 pigeons - 6,267 EURO / pigeon
The third auction ever for Dehon-Demonseau was one that goes down in the books as the most successful. No less than 75,200 was paid for 12 pigeons from Daniel's stable. He gained worldwide fame with his Best Kittel, Daniel, Junior and now Best Kittel II. The latter is a direct son of Best Kittel, who was crowned the best sprint pigeon in Belgium this year. A family with speed pigeons that is unparalleled.

That Daniel is not afraid to also auction something special became clear today. For example, the first child ever from Best Kittel II was auctioned. No less than 11,200 EURO was paid for the young descendant from the Best Kittel dynasty.

Another very special pigeon was Junior's full sister. She is therefore a sister of the 2nd National Ace Pigeon Sprint and a daughter of Best Kittel. At the start of the auction it soon became clear that it would not be easy for the buyers to be able to recruit her. In the end Marcel & Brian from the Netherlands managed to buy their most valuable daughter from Best Kittel. Sangers Pigeons becomes the happy new owner of the checkered white pen hen. They add another child of Best Kittel to their collection of Best Kittel children, which can be considered the largest in the Netherlands.

Jos Cools (BE) - 10 pigeons - 4.080 EURO / pigeon
Jos's auction today mainly revolved around BE20-6108659, a blue yellow-eyed cock straight out of the Miel x Octavia coupling. Miel celebrated his double-digit birthday this year and was already the father of a number of Ace pigeons such as Super Lady and Caprison. Octavia herself was an excellent racing hen and now also the mother of Super Lady, who became 6th National Ace pigeon. Originally the end of this pigeon was planned for 4:15 pm, but at 5:14 pm the winning bid of 18,000 was made.

A great result which brings the total of the auction to 40,800 EURO, which is an average price per pigeon of 4,080 EURO. Jos not only sold his most expensive youngster ever, but he also achieved his highest average ever in an online auction.

Jelle Jellema (NL) - 36 pigeons - 5,006 EURO / pigeon
Jelle's season mainly illustrates how close happiness and sadness are. He became winner of the National flight Barcelona thanks to an ultimate effort by Silke. However, a few months after her resounding victory, she was stolen from Jelle's lofts.

Today there was the opportunity to get something from Jelle in a fair way. His auction of 36 pigeons was the final piece on the program today. It became a very special one. It started immediately with lot 1: a son of Jef paired with Kleine Jade. The Barcelona winners of 2014 and 2019 produced a beautiful checker cock that ended today at an amount of 31,500 EURO. Never before has so much been paid for a child from Jef. It didn't stop with that success. The auction was packed with pigeons that will delight many.

A small selection from today's auction:
Son Jef x Kleine Jade - 31,500 EURO
Daughter Rena - 9,800 EURO
Daughter Rena - 6,800 EURO
Son Romy - 6,200 EURO
Daughter Yinthe - 5,600 EURO
Daughter Romy - 5,000 EURO

In total, the auction raised 180,200 EURO. Average 5,006 EURO / pigeon.

PIPA will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in December. After 20 years of hard work on a clear strategy and by looking for the right partners, we grew into the most successful auction house for racing pigeons. Every day PIPA tries to do the best for its customers and buyers and we will also want to be progressive in the future. Over the years, more than 22,000 people have created a bidder account that is spread all over the world.