New auctions: AT Breeding loft by Hadrien Marsille, Mark Gilbert, Alpdag brothers, Karlo Van Rompaey, Chris Debacker, Decru-Devriendt, Nigel Langstaff & One Loft Race Special

Monday the 12th of October these new auctions will start: AT Breeding loft by Hadrien Marsille (BE), Mark Gilbert (UK), Alpdag brothers (TR), Karlo Van Rompaey (BE), Chris Debacker (BE), Decru-Devriendt (BE), Nigel Langstaff (UK) & One Loft Race Special

AT Breeding loft by Hadrien Marsille (BE)
Youngsters of his best breeding birds & 1 racing bird

Young fancier Hadrien Marsille has made a name for himself with his many great results, which earned him a spot at the junior national championships KBDB. He was a junior Belgian champion both in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2020, and he is now racing at the highest level at senior level as well. He is a satellite loft of AT Breeding Loft, a highly praised pigeon family with a renowned breeding loft, home to youngsters of Rudy (Vandenabeele) and Harry (Hooymans). Hadrien has a prestigious group of race winners and ace pigeons from the Rudy and Harry bloodlines at his disposal, and he is now selling some of his most valued pigeons in a PIPA auction!

Mark Gilbert (UK)
Laureaat Special

English superstar Mark Gilbert is without doubt Great Britain’s most successful fancier in the international classics. It was in part thanks to the introduction of direct youngsters of New Laureaat that his pigeon family reached a new peak. New Laureaat is famous for his 1st Int. Barcelona 2013, and today he is the breeder of numerous national stars, including the winners of six national first places. Mark bred a special selection of double grandchildren of New Laureaat for this PIPA auction.

Alpdag brothers (TR)
Armando Special

In their never-ending search for top quality pigeons, the Alpdag brothers from Turkey surrounded themselves with several talented descendants of the amazing Armando of Joël Verschoot. This legendary bird with a sensational palmares (1nd-2nd-2nd-10th national) became 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2018 (with a record coefficient), 1st Olympiad Pigeon and 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB 2017. He was transferred to the lofts of Chinese pigeon collector Kai Er for more than 1,200,2000 euro, where he went on to breed several provincial winners and successful racing birds. The Alpdag Brothers are selling a special selection of exponents of the Armando family in an exclusive PIPA auction.

Karlo Van Rompaey (BE)
Top class racing birds and inbred grandchildren of Hattrick, 1st Nat. Bourges and top breeder

The palmares of Karlo Van Rompaey from Sint-Truiden is nothing short of impressive, and he gained international recognition as the winner of a 3 x 1st National Bourges. Who thinks he can do better? Karlo made a fresh start after his sensational old birds’ auction on PIPA, and it appears that his breeding team is almost programmed to achieve great success. The descendants of Hattrick, winner of a 1st Nat. Bourges of 14,449 p. (fastest of 60,059 p.), have been particularly valuable in Karlo’s team as well as for many other fanciers. We are selling a group of racing birds and inbred grandchildren to super class breeder Hattrick. A grandchild of Hattrick won a 1st National Chateauroux of 33,056 pigeons in 2019, and another grandchild went on to win a 1st National Souillac of 7,514 pigeons in 2020. Other descendants have won a 1st provincial Melun (8,104 p.), a 1st provincial Argenton (1,594 p.), a 10th National Argenton (21,915 p.), a 12th National Bourges (17,969 p.), a 32nd National Bourges (24,069 p.), a 38th National Chateauroux (20,800 p.), etc. And his grandchildren have demonstrated their potential in a number of one loft races as well, with for instance a 1st of 2,667 pigeons in the first hotspot of the Victoria Falls and a 2nd place in the Algarve semi-final of 3,915 p. This pigeon also won an 8th of 4,081 p. and a 183rd of 4,305 p. in this OLR in 2020.

Chris Debacker (BE)
Nick Special

Chris Debacker can look back on a successful couple of seasons, in which he claimed several provincial victories. Chris has set his mind on developing the perfect pigeon family. And his efforts have paid off: he won a 1st Nat. Gueret in 2018, he had three national ace pigeons in 2019 and he did even better in 2020, with a 5 x 1st provincial in four weeks’ time and a long list of new references.
De Debacker breed became his life’s work and the centerpiece of Nick’s pigeon family. This fantastic stock breeder originates from the Bliksem Vandenabeele strain. His youngsters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have allowed Chris to perform at a very high level over the past several years. And many of his ace birds and his best racing birds are related to stock breeder Nick, even in other lofts. This auction brings you all the exponents of this fantastic Nick, bred from his best youngsters, his double grandchildren etc. These birds are particularly suited to be crossbred with other prestigious bloodlines. An exclusive PIPA auction.

Decru-Devriendt (BE)
Totale verkoop

Gilbert Devriendt and his son Dirk, racing together as Decru-Devriendt, have been a household name in West Flanders for more than half a century. The combination has had quite a few very successful seasons, winning for instance several provincial victories. The bloodlines from such renowned fanciers like Gaston Van de Wouwer from Berlaar, Willy Claeys from Handzame, Roose-Pyra from Bekegem and Norbert Ally from Aarsele enabled this team to achieve many great results, especially in the middle distance (up to 450km). But Gilbert has turned 91 and he has had some health problems, which is why the successful combination has decided to end their lengthy career. The good news is that we have a fantastic pigeon family on offer, packed with race winners and ace pigeons. This is a chance of a lifetime.

Nigel Langstaff (UK)
Unique collectors items & young birds

Nigel Langstaff (formally Crammond and Langstaff) from Great Britain was among the first to obtain pigeons from the very best of Batenburg-Van De Merwe, including a few of the first youngsters of New Laureaat, 1st Int. Barcelona 2013 and now the breeder of numerous nationally renowned racing birds. PIPA asked Nigel to offer for sale their collectors items in a top class long distance auction. Nigel has three youngsters of New Laureaat on offer, as well as youngsters of The Special One (1st Int. Barcelona 2015), Harry (the legendary Jan Hooymans pigeon) and Kannibaal Barcelona (4th Int. Barcelona & top breeder for Mark Gilbert). And he is selling youngsters of each of these pigeons as well.

One Loft Race Special

One of the more specific competitions in modern-day pigeon racing is that of the international one loft races. To some, this is an interesting addition to the late season, others consider it the absolute highlight of the year. In any case, renowned fanciers from around the globe have sent in their best pigeons to the Million Dollar Race, Victoria Falls Classic, Derby Arona, Golden Algarve Classic, etc. Some pigeons appear to have specific qualities that make them particularly suited for this type of competition, which tend to have a very selective nature. In this PIPA auction we have a group of super class One Loft Race birds from some famous fanciers on offer, many of which have repeatedly finished on top in these competitions.