DVV-pigeons - Johan De Vroe (Moortsele, BE) win 1st Zone Bourges of 6,626 young birds

This is the second most important victory for DVV Pigeons in 2020 after their 1st Nat. Zone A2 from La Souterraine of 4,119 yearlings in the lofts of fellow fancier Rudi Vandeputte in Limberge.

Make of it what you want... achieving great results every single week is mostly the result of a synergy between great form and top quality pigeons. Successful fanciers like Johan De Vroe have long been aware of this, and that is why this breeding loft is home to many top quality bloodlines. This is the key to success. And these bloodlines delivered right away, in the opening classics of the 2020 young birds' season. They claimed a 1st Nat. Zone from Bourges with an exponent of this top class breed.

The winner of this 1st Nat. Zone Bourges is one of a kind. This strong and powerful racing hen was basketed for 11 races until and including Bourges, and she claimed a top result in each single race, or a 100% scoring rate. This zonal victory was the icing on the cake for her. We take a look at her achievements from 2020:

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-New Bourgeske BE20-4063902

  1st Nat.Zone Bourges 6,626 p. – 1st Club 521 p. – 353rd Nat 28,551 p.
17th  Sermaises 564 p.
26th  Vierzon     610 p. – 164th Prov 6,378 p.
48th  Orleans    933 p. – 464th Prov 16,234 p.
57th  Noyon   1,311 p.
72nd Chateauroux 657 p. – 362nd N.Zone 7,117 p. – 1246th Nat. 20,789 p.

Sire: Montau Xtra BE18-4109060
A direct Raoul & Xavier Verstraete, Oostakker. He is a son of Geschelpte Montauban BE17-4215234 (from 5th Nat. Montauban 9,091 p. ’11 paired to super class hen Fantastica, winner of 1st 
Chateauroux 669 p. and 2nd Argenton 168 p. and grandmother of a 1st Nat. Chateauroux 6,306 p. in 2020 for Xavier Verstraete) x Daughter Xtra BE14-4009083 (Xtra won a 1st Nat. Cahors in 2008).
Dam: Grace BE19-4086614

A great racing bird: winner of a 1st Noyon of 106 and outstanding in Chateauroux as well (126th Nat. Zone of 7,593 p.). She is a daughter of Sultan BE17-4207369 (grandson of Blue Lucien) x Granddaughter Ricky BE17-4207169 (winner of a 48th Prov. Orleans 5,307 p., 92nd Prov. Vierzon 3,854 p. etc.).

11 x Top-100 Nat. Zone from Bourges and Chateauroux

Johan De Vroe's own racing team is mainly tailored towards the national young birds' races. And the young birds in Moortsele were clearly in great form from day one, judging from their results so far. They were right in time for the national young birds' classics. There was the zonal victory from Bourges but we have also seen a great overall performance in the first two national young birds' races of 2020, from Chateauroux and Bourges. They claimed a total of 11 zonal top 100 prizes against 6,626 and 7,117 young birds respectively.
Here at the full results from Bourges:

Bourges club 521 YBs:
1-7-8-10-13-14-15-20-25-27-31-35-37… (22/68)

Bourges Nat. Zone A2 – 6,626 YBs:

Or a total of 18 pigeons with a prize per 10 and 30 prizes with 68 birds

And they had several early arrivals in last week's race from Chateauroux as well:

Chateauroux Nat. Zone A2 – 7.117 YBs:
With 11 pigeons with a prize per 10 and a total of 19 prizes with 46 basketed birds

The young birds' team of Johan De Vroe is obviously in great form: they have scored quite a few top results at provincial, zonal and national level. This sounds promising for the two closing national classics of the 2020 season, which take off from Argenton and Chateauroux. His opponents will have to keep an eye on the Johan De Vroe racing birds, that's for sure.