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A report on the British International Championship Club young bird race from Coutances on 15th August 2020

132 member sent 1,280 pigeons to the young bird race from Coutances with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 14.00CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Tracy Andrews (c) with Ian (l) & Lee Sullivan (r)

First open and first centre section was won by Tracy Andrew from Brighton on 1184mpm over 138 miles. Tracy's winner was a Pieter Veenstra bird bred from stock on loan from his good friends Lee and Ian Sullivan. This was Tracy's first young bird race and he is delighted with his win.

Stewart & Sandra Beven

Mr and Mrs S Beven of Tilbury were second open and first east section with a youngster on 1147mpm over a distance of 185 miles. Stewart and Sandra's pigeon was bred from a Gevaert-van-Schoorisse cock, whilst the hen was bought for stock from Yves de Wit of West Flanders in Belgium.

Third open and second east section was a youngster on 1117mpm over 181 miles for V Belcher and Son of Plumstead.

M Sallis & Son

M Sallis and Son of Brighton were fourth open and second centre section on 1110mpm over 138 miles. Danny timed a blue chequer darkness cock, raced on the widowhood system and containing Bob Beasant's Euro Diamond bloodlines.

Ian Butler's two hens

Mr and Mrs Butler of Crowborough clocked a youngster on 1102mpm over 154 miles to take fifth open and third east section. The Butlers had another pigeon time just 20 seconds later. Both were hens and nest mates which were home bred having no fantastic pedigrees, just robust young birds that were up to the task.

Sixth open and fourth east section was won by Chris Kavanagh from Oxted on 1088mpm over a distance of 165 miles.

P Jackson and Son of Bromley were seventh open and fifth east section with a youngster on 1086mpm over 177 miles.

Eighth open and sixth east section was won by T Buckfield from Hockley on 1042mpm over 200 miles.

S Bagha and Son of Southall clocked a youngster on 1040mpm over 177 miles to take ninth open and third centre section.

Andrew, Rob & Louie Wilton

Completing the top ten and in seventh east section are D Wilton and Son from Chadwell St Mary with a young bird on 1013mpm over 186 miles.

Around the sections

Danny Lanahan

Danny Lanahan on Poole was first west section on 994mpm over 123 miles. Danny timed three birds in quick succession and first through the trap was a chequer cock bred from John Gerard's Louders bloodlines, crossed with a gift pigeon from Gary Hodges. Second to time was a dark cock, a brother to his CSCFC winner from last season. The third was a grizzle which was bred from a gift bird from his old friend Louie Walteridge.

G Owers of Wareham clocked a youngster on 708mpm over 123 miles to take second west section. George timed a blue hen racing on the natural system to the perch. His winner contains De Klak x Janssen bloodlines and is the same way bred as his Cholet winner.

Third west section was a youngster on 336mpm over 148 miles for Phil Bond of Ilton.

Jeremy Nicholson

Jeremy Nicholson of Ipswich was first north-east section on 621mpm over a distance of 235 miles. Jeremy's blue hen was bred by Melvyn and Sue Dyer of Lowestoft. The sire has flown the channel many times, whilst the dam is their best channel hen and contains Parkside Superman bloodlines.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club young bird race from Coutances.