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Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) is again a prominent name in Queen's race from Barcelona

Season after season Cor de Heijde shows his class in the classic from Barcelona. And he proved one of the stars of this queen's race again in 2020, winning an 11th, 17th and 26th National, etc.

With temperatures reaching 40 degrees celsius in central France, the pigeons for Barcelona were released on Friday 31st of July at 8:50 in the morning. Only the strongest racing birds can fly for 14 hours on the day of the release in such difficult conditions.This type of weather is only suited for pigeons that can keep calm, that have a good sense of direction, that continue to eat during the day and that have a strong character. Over the years, we have seen many such pigeons in the lofts of Cor de Heijde. He has been very successful in this classic in the last several years, and he produced some impressive results again this season. We take a look at his results in the last three editions: 

2018 Nat. Barcelona 3,912 p.: 4-12-135-247-361-etc. (6/9)
2019 Nat. Barcelona 4,129 p.: 11-183-209-431-etc. (7/17)
2020 Nat. Barcelona 4,477 p.: 11-17-26-133-135-201-236-292-etc. (11/20)

And we take a closer look at some of his best performing birds in Barcelona 2020.

NL17-3731112 Michelina, 11th National Barcelona 4,477 pigeons

This hen arrived home on Saturday 1st of August at 17:08'01", finishing in 11th place national. Her sire (NL15-522) is a son of Jonge Don Michel. Her dam (NL12-585) is a direct daughter of the phenomenon Don Michel.

Jonge Don Michel, grandfather of an 11th National Barcelona

This jonge Don Michel was outstanding as a racing bird, winning for instance a 17th National Perpignan (4,978 p.) and a 1st Ace Pigeon Barcelona ZLU (2011-2013).  And he is proving to be a fantastic breeder as well. He is the sire of:

Blue Dream; 1st International Barcelona hens
2nd National Barcelona
Diamantje; 4th National Barcelona
Smaragd; 10th National Perigueux (sector I)
11th National Barcelona 2019
Agen duivin; 18th National Agen Olds
Michelina; 11th National Barcelona 2020

NL15-3515986, 17th National Barcelona 4,477 pigeons

Racing cock NL15-3515986 arrived home less than an hour after Michelina, at 18:03'52", finishing in 17th place national. As you can tell from his pedigree, his sire is NL05-541, and he is a half brother of Queen Tonny, winner of a 1st National Barcelona of 13,066 pigeons and a 4th International of 25,835 pigeons. The dam is Elly, and she is a descendant of the legendary Klamper.

NL15-3515965, 26th National Barcelona 4,477 pigeons

The first nominated arrived home at 18:42'26", claiming a 26th National. She won a top result in Barcelona in the last three editions:

135th Nat. Barcelona 3,912 p. (2018)
183rd Nat. Barcelona 4,129 p. (2019)
26th Nat. Barcelona 4,477 p. (2020)
And this is the rest of her palmares:
116th Nat. Perpignan 3,778 p.
222nd Nat. Perpignan 4,278 p.
12th Limoges 478 p.

Her sire is a son of Don Michel x Perpignanduivin, two pigeons closely related to the Klamper bloodlines. The dam of the 965 is a granddaughter of De Klamper.

NL16-3621429, 133rd National Barcelona 4,477 pigeons

This 429, winner of a 133rd National, has the same sire as the 11th National: Jonge Don Michel. The dam is Marianne, winner of a 1st National St. Vincent Sector 1 of 9,672 pigeons.

Marianne, the dam of a 133th National Barcelona

NL14-3423392 Het Veertje, 145th National Barcelona 4,477 pigeons

This hen is another pigeon that illustrates the enormous breeding potential of De Klamper. Both the sire and dam of Het Veertje are grandchildren of Inteelt Klamper.

NL16-3635857, 201st National Barcelona 4,477 pigeons

The last pigeon of his team for Barcelona that we take a closer look at is this 857, winner of a 201st National Barcelona. His sire is Coming Man, himself a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU Perpignan 2014-2017. This is his palmares:

27th Nat. Perpignan 6,414 p.
55th Nat. Perpignan 4,789 p.
178th Nat. Perpignan 4,027 p.
140th Nat. Barcelona 5,183 p.
999th Nat. Barcelona 5,423 p.

The dam is Michella, and she is another granddaughter of Don Michel x Perpignanduivin. This is Michelle's palmares:

6th Nat. Perpignan 1,708 hens
42nd Nat. Perpignan 6,416 p.
147th Nat. Bordeaux 4,386 p.
44th Nat. Barcelona 5,182 p.
22nd Nat. Barcelona 1,742 hens
Coming Man, the sire of a 201st National Barcelona

Outstanding in Barcelona in other lofts as well

Cor claimed several great results in his own loft, and several descendants of the Cor de Heijde breed have excelled in other lofts as well.

Alain Delhove: winner of a 3rd National Barcelona of 6,178 pigeons in Belgium with Diva (BE18-1160367). The sire of this hen comes straight from Cor de Heijde.

Fran Jansen: he wins a 2nd National Barcelona of 4,477 pigeons in The Netherlands with Bart (NL16-3618150). This pigeon is fairly closely related to the Cor de Heijde breed through both his parents.

Van Schijndel and sons: they had a fabulous result in Barcelona:

Nat. Barcelona 4,477 p.: 34-60-93-100-120-186-226-230-239-295-301-333-346-etc. (22/35)

The dam of their 34th national Barcelona is a daughter of Don John (Cor de Heijde).


And the grandmother of their 120th National Barcelona is a daughter of Jonge Don Michel x Naomi (Cor de Heijde).