Another stunt on Souillac for the combination Casaert-Sénéchal (Russeignies, BE)

After the fantastic stunt booked on Limoges II two weeks ago, the Casaert-Sénéchal combination strikes again on Souillac with the national victory against 7.514 yearlings.

The belgian flag keeps on flying high in the sky of Russeignies... After La Souterraine in 2015, Jarnac in 2018 and Limoges II two weeks ago, the combination Casaert-Sénéchal just booked its fourth national victory this weekend on Souillac (667 km), a special race for the Casaert family because it was on the same race that 'Nasdaq' won a national victory in 2000, probably one of the most iconic pigeons from the Casaert family. This is also one of the reasons why the winner of this weekend has been given the name 'Maurice' as a tribute to the father of Sébastien.


While the first yearling clocked at home won the 4th national Limoges II two weeks ago because of the Vandenheede brothers, 'Maurice' (BE19-4181131) put things straight last weekend as he has the highest speed in the yearlings category. The general result is once again astonishing:

01/08 Souillac national - 6.668 old birds:
27-42-48-93-120-169-186-254-361-362-399-443-492-493-... (28/56 with 17x per 10)
01/08 Souillac national - 7.514 yearlings:
1-6-32-43-60-126-182-256-280-454-503-... (14/38 with 11x per 10)

Thanks to this performance, this combination proves once again that they are amongst the cream of the crop of the international pigeon sport!

- 'Maurice' (BE19-4181131)

1. Nat. Souillac 7.514 p.
149. Nat. Zone Châteauroux 7.593 p.

The winner right after his victory.

Just like 2 weeks ago, the winner of this week is a grandchild of 'Porsche 911'! The appel doesn't fall far from the tree...

Father: 'Son Porsche 629' (BE17-4062629)
A super breeder already father of ao. 4. Nat. Châteauroux 20.800 p., 36. Nat. Argenton 16.762 p., 135. Nat. Vierzon 11.574 p., 144. Nat. Valence 7.591 p., 191. Nat. Limoges 15.979 p., etc.
He is a son of the super pair 'Porsche 911' x 'Louise', so 5. National Ace Great Middle Distance KBDB x 1. Nat. Bourges 19.735 p.
Mother: 'Daughter Hattrick x Boxster' (BE18-4194002)
From a joint breeding between PEC and Karlo Van Rompaey, she is a daughter of two special pigeons who had an impact on the Belgian pigeon sport as her father, 'Hattrick', won the 1. Nat. Bourges from 14.496 pigeons with the highest speed of 60.041 pigeons while her mother, 'Boxster', won the 8. National Ace Long Distance Yearlings KBDB in 2015. Another important thing to underline is that 'Boxster' is a full sister of 'Porsche 911' (both children of Wacko Freddy x Lieve).

Even if he directly showed some signs of independance once he was bug by the pigeon virus, the performance list of Sébastien is now coming more and more like the one from his late father Maurice, a legend in Belgian pigeon sport. The only difference is that Sébastien is still in his fourties, which give him quite some time to try to do better, starting from Aurillac, Brive and Tulle in the coming weeks. No, the Belgian flag is not ready to stop floating in Russeignies...