Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) makes an impressive season start and claims provincial victory in Argenton

Luc De Laere lives up to his reputation again in 2020. He has been dominating the middle distance season from day one, like we've come to expect from him.

The De Laere pigeon breed has been one of the strongest middle distance teams for a number of years now. Every once in a while, the racing birds from Anzegem surprise their opponents with an awe-inspiring achievement, and the racing team has featured quite prominently in the postponed start of this year's racing season as well. Last weekend, Luc claimed the 36th provincial win of his career in Argenton, racing against 2,959 old birds! His race winner this time was Fideel (BE16-3053741). Fideel did not come out of the blue, he had already won a 1st Provincial Chateauroux of 2,326 birds. Other notable top results include a 5th Prov. Argenton 2,714 yearlings and early finishes in Clermont (3,259 p.), Chateauroux (3/433 p.), Montluçon (3/125 p.), as well as a 134th National Tulle. Besides, Fideel won a title of 1st Ace Pigeon middle distance in the demanding 'Tussen Schelde en Leie' Entente as a young bird.

Fideel: provincial winner Chateauroux 2017 + Argenton 2020

As was to be expected, Fideel originates from the bloodline of Tieke. This world famous stock breeder has made it a lot easier for team De Laere to win races and ace pigeon titles every season. This bloodline has bred an impressive number of talented birds, and these have been outstanding again in 2020. To begin with, they took all three podium spots in Clermont on 14th of June, winning a 1-2-3-8-9-10-20-33-34-36-37-45-... / 465 p. (40 prizes with 54 pigeons in the old birds' race). And the yearlings were quite strong as well, winning a 1-2-5-6-7-26-... and an impressive 21 prizes with 27 birds of 316 pigeons. They were quite strong in the race from Montoire the following week as well, racing against 1,065 birds: a 28-28-30-38-54-55-63-64-88-90-... (20/52). Next up was Bourges, where they won the following prizes at provincial level of 3,688 old birds: 65-107-183-... (7/15). And they were very successful against 2,825 yearlings as well: 69-83-83-155-... (12/23). The race from Chateauroux took place on 4th of July, and the team did as follows: a 21-182-237-270-331-574-994-1184 of 3,607 old birds (8/11) and a 4-186-381-... of 5,555 yearlings and a 7/11. Luc had also basketed a group of birds for Sermaises that weekend, winning a 3-5-9-13-... of 234 old birds and an excellent 8 out of 16. The young birds were remarkably strong that day as well, resulting in a strong start to the season: Clermont 1-2-5-9-14-15-31-39-51-53-55-... and 52 prizes with 101 birds against 629 opponents.

Luc De Laere then went on to claim a provincial first place in the race from Argenton on 11th of July, which was backed up by an excellent overall team performance: a 1-16-50-67-88-149-361-395-528-545-569 and 789 (12 prizes with 13 birds) at provincial level of 2,959 old birds. And the yearlings had yet another great day as well: 3-49-76-80-189-258-283-295-339-542-633-944 provincial of 4,299 pigeons (12/19). Meanwhile, the young birds of De Laere had an excellent weekend as well, winning a 3-8-12-13-18-19-20-21-25-26-29-32-35-36-... from Clermont of 508 p. and 52 prizes with 98 birds.

The one year old (BE19-3042112) that claimed victory at club level of 774 yearlings, finishing in 4th place provincial of 5,555 pigeons, has the same sire as Fideel. This half brother was also basketed for Argenton (where Fideel claimed victory) and he did quite well: he finished in 76th place provincial of 4,299 yearlings. The sire of these talented racing birds is Late Baron (BE10-3181446), a one of a kind stock breeder. The dam of BE19-3042112 is Benja, a daughter of Benji of Vandenabeele.


Another highly gifted bird that is showing to be in great form in Anzegem is the one year old BE19-3042247. He won a 2nd at club level of 650 pigeons and a 3rd Provincial of 4,299 yearlings. This is yet another descendant of the fantastic Tieke bloodline.

The sire of this promising bird is Tiekes Bliksem (BE11-3115713), a grandson of Tieke that has bred several successful pigeons for Luc De Laere. The dam is Diamond Lady (BE18-3080122). This is arguably one of the very best breeding pairs in the world of pigeon racing; their racing and breeding references really speak to the imagination.

Tiekes Bliksem : one of the main pillars of this family
Diamond Lady: a top class racing and breeding hen

Luc De Laere is set for a big future with such a collection of top quality birds. The amount of talent in this pigeon family is impossible to ignore, and you can tell from their results in recent weeks that they are in great form as well. Keep in mind that Luc tends to be a rather demanding fancier. All in all, we would not be surprised to see another great result from him in the near future. He now has a total of 36 (!) provincial victories to his name, and we reckon he will not stop there.