Davy Tournelle (Rummen, BE) has a strong start to the 2020 season

Davy Tournelle put in an impressive performance right after the lockdown ended. It appears that the forced break has not affected his team in any way; his racing birds showed their potential in the very first races of the season.

The name of Tournelle has popped up quite a few times over the past several years. Davy was successful in many important races, winning several as well. We reckon most of you will remember his national victory from Issoudun in 2019. The coronavirus led to some major delays but we were glad to finally get the long anticipated 2020 season under way. And we quickly learned that the Tournelle racing team was ready to deliver from day one.

Melun was scheduled to take place on 14th of June. And after a race of just over 300km, most fanciers quickly understood that the pigeon family from Rummen will be a force to be reckoned with again this year. You could tell from their results at provincial level: 15-18-43-45-46-49-52-54-73-74-86-87-88-94-96-99-117-118-129-158-161-162-... against as many as 9,009 old birds. 117 of the 182 basketed pigeons claimed a prize per three, and 52 of them had a prize per ten. And if we take a closer look, we see as many as 16 stars in the Tournelle lofts winning a prize per 100. This is a fantastic result for this team of champions! And the yearlings were exceptionally strong that day as well, with a  8-23-25-28-30-31-42-52-53-58-60-70-71-77-100-101-... on a total of 4,651 yearlings. This is another great result for the Davy Tournelle pigeon family, as 64 of his 115 basketed yearlings won a prize per three, 36 won a prize per 36 and 7 won a prize per 100.

The racing team was then prepared for Salaries (447km) the very next week, and this race was another great success: 2-4-15-44-52-53-68-93-95-96-... of 4,074 old birds. And it was again the team's overall performance that caught our attention. Davy had basketed 67 old birds for this middle distance race, and he claimed 43 prizes per three, with an impressive percentage of early finishers: he had 26 prizes per ten, which is more than one in three basketed Tournelle racing birds. A performance that would be hard to match!

And one of the stars of this team today is Torres Blue (BE18-2038330). This talented racing cock has already won a 2nd Provincial Salbris of 4,074 pigeons and a 45th Provincial Melun of 9,009 opponents in the early 2020 season. This has been a solid start indeed. Let's not forget he was outstanding last year as well, winning for instance a 1st Zone Issoudun, alongside other great results in Tulle, Blois, Melun, etc. Torres Bleu is a descendant of the famous Torres (BE09-2020506), Davy Tournelle's world class breeder.

One of today's stars in the lofts: Torres Bleu

Things are looking very promising for the 2020 season for team Tournelle. Davy, one of the great stars of his generation, seems to keep everything in check, with the help of a very talented group of birds. This, combined with his insights and his winner's mentality, will inevitably lead to several more spectacular results in the months to come. This is a team to keep an eye on in the next few weeks!