Season Final ends at 630,225 EURO!

The three-part Season Final (part 1,2 & 3) ended on June 28,29 & 30. Filled with mostly children from the very best racers or breeders from the top of the International pigeon sport.

The end of the PIPA auction season traditionally consists of an auction with the crème de la crème of PIPA's highly valued relations. This guarantees exclusivity and top class, which makes this auction a true spectacle. Diversity and Quality are the cornerstones of the Season's Final auction.

Season Final Part 1 - 91 pigeons - 2,104 EURO / pigeon
Last Sunday, part 1 ended, including an offer from Joël Verschoot, Jan Hooymans, Jos & Lars Vercammen and many others. It was a spectacle in part 1 that ended last Sunday. This included a number of pigeons from Jan Hooymans from a few very special pigeons. He managed to open the Season Final with a daughter of his world famous Harry, a son of New Harry and a daughter of Beauty Harry! It became the most expensive 3 pigeons of day 1. The son of New Harry was sold for 10,000 EURO to Qatar, the daughter of Beauty Harry was sold for 10,000 EURO to Taiwan and the daughter of Harry goes to 9,600 EURO for Taiwan.

The other pigeons exchanged their home base for the following countries: Taiwan (14), the Netherlands (12), Belgium (9), China (9), Poland (8), Kuwait (6), United States (5), Japan (3 ), Philippines (3), Qatar (3), Bangladesh (2), Germany (2), India (2), Romania (2), South Africa (2), Argentina (1), Austria (1), Hungary ( 1), Ireland (1), Malta (1), Slovakia (1) and Turkey (1).

In total, the 91 pigeons raised 191,450 EURO on the first day.

Breeder New Harry

Season Final Part 2 - 101 pigeons - 1,780 EURO / pigeon
On day two, potential buyers were again presented with a beautiful collection of pigeons. The ball was opened by Batenburg-vd Merwe with a son of New Laureaat. Together with 10 other pigeons it was a great success for the combination. On average they achieved 4,627 EURO with their pigeons and they also sold the most expensive pigeon on day two. And perhaps it goes without saying that this became the son of New Laureaat. It was sold for an amount of 14,000 EURO to Taiwan. The six most expensive pigeons of the second day were bought by buyers from six different countries. For example, Batenburg-vd Merwe sold the four most expensive pigeons to Taiwan, the Netherlands, Pakistan and Belgium.

Combination Verweij-de Haan sold a child from their famous Milos for 4,200 EURO to France and finally a son of Olympic Madison van Derksen vd Keuken went to China for 4,200 EURO.

In total, the second day brought a total yield of 179,775 EURO.

The pigeons spread to the following countries: Belgium (18), Taiwan (14), Qatar (10), China (8), Great Britain (6), Argentina (6), Germany (5), Kuwait (5), France (4), Poland (4), United States (4), Bangladesh (2), Denmark (2), Luxembourg (2), Netherlands (2), Pakistan (2), Japan (1), Malta (1) , Mexico (1), Portugal (1), Romania (1), Saudi Arabia (1).

Son New Laureaat

Season Final Part 3 - 107 pigeons - 2,421 EURO / pigeon
And before we realized it, it was already day three and the final hours were arriving in the Season Final. A true apotheosis took place on the final day. We will update you on some highlights.

Son Porsche x Louise 023, bred by Pipa Elite Center, was crowned with its price tag of 20,500 EURO. For this amount he exchanges Belgium for China. The blue cock got enough competition from his loft mates, but they did not approach him.

Debbies Diamond Pick, a pearl from the ranks of Mike Ganus. This inbred daughter of Wolverine raised EUR 9,600 and moves to China. She is from Wolverine x Mike has a very good one and was the last ever sold online from this link.

Bites the Dust, the mealy cock born in 2020 out of the best that Marcel Sangers can offer. Skittel x Gold Dust! It was valued by the buyer public and finished today at 7,400 EURO. This will make the buyer from France very content and in all likelihood enjoy it for many years to come.

The day ended with an average of 2.421 EURO / pigeon. Which means that the total yield from day three is 259,000 EURO.

Day three buyers come from the following countries: Taiwan (14), China (13), Great Britain (13), Belgium (8), Germany (7), Qatar (7), France (6), Netherlands (6 ), Romania (6), United States (5), Kuwait (4), Morocco (3), Canada (2), Poland (2), Slovakia (2), Argentina (1), Czech Republic (1), Hungary ( 1), Ireland (1), Iraq (1), Japan (1), Mexico (1), Philippines (1) and South Africa (1).

Son Porsche