Geoff & Catherine Cooper (Peasedown St John, UK)

One of the very best National long distance racing lofts in the UK.

Peasedown St John is located is south of Somerset. Peasedown is about 5 miles away from Bath downtown.

Peasedown St John location

For very many years the loft of Geoff and Catherine Cooper, has been considered as one of the very best National racing lofts in the UK.They are breeding a very top long distance in UK about 25 years. They are well known as”Breeding Master”.Their record of wins racing over the English Channel from France has been outstanding from distances ranging from 800km to 900km whilst still winning many first prizes at the middle distances.

The loft located in south of England, this is the good location to the pigeon racing across English Chanel.

Notes from Writer:

This article is mainly share UK fanciers how to deal with the COVID 19. Do they have any difference between Holland, Belgium and Germany? We will see.

Feelings during COVID 19

We feel Covid 19 may be with us for a long time so we must carry on with life, just being careful with wearing masks on public transport and plenty of hand washing.  We are very fortunate as we live in a rural area which has not had many cases.

The loft of Geoff and Catherine Cooper

With our pigeons we believe in natural immunity, we only treat when absolutely necessary, this way our family of birds are strong and can survive where many others cannot.  As humans, we should try and end our reliance on rushing to the doctors for medicines, most human ailments can be overcome if we give them time.  This way we as a species we become stronger and more able to cope with known and unknown viruses.

Training & Feeding

Our young bird plans are exactly the same, we will train and race them as normal.  Some will fly sea races from France up to 500k, others may only have less.  The weather over the sea is very changeable so it can be a difficult task for the young birds.We are feeding the same food as we normally would for racing.  We have done so in the hope that racing would start in June.

How do you manage your loft, I mean while the races are postponed because of the epidemic; Do you have any informations when it will restart. Does the epidemic have an influence on your young birds to participate in OLR?

We will hopefully be restarting racing at the beginning of June. We have been allowed to train since the middle of May so we have started taking the birds between 40- 50k.

Racing will be eight weeks later than normal so it will be a challenge to get the birds ready for 900k International races, which hopefully will be taking place in July.

We are feeding the same food as we normally would for racing.  We have done so in the hope that racing would start in June.

The Covid virus hasnt made any difference to us with regard to OLRs.We do not  normally send to many OLRs though our birds have done well in them, including a grandson of George who won 1st Ace Pigeon Europe in the Wuhan derby, and last year we had three from four on the day from the Golden Algarve. We enjoy watching the races unfold so we send to a few  where we can also go for a holiday to watch the final race.  These are always good fun, meeting up with pigeon friends from all over the world, having a good time is amazing.