Auction Hok Reijnen-Bolton (NL-BE) ended, total: 330,400 EURO

Sunday June 14 was completely devoted to the last auction day of Hok Reijnen-Bolton (NL-BE).

They sold all the best breeders and racers from 2011 to 2018 including the National winner Chateauroux 2019. An extensive range of first prize winners in their own lofts, but also pigeons that delivered top pigeons in their beloved one loft races. The absolute star of the auction became Noé, this blue diamond won the 1st prize National Chateauroux against 19,529 pigeons and delivered a spectacle today. She was sold to China for no less than EUR 35,500.

The line from their famous Zagato was also popular today. Zagato himself was of course not missing and was auctioned together with his child. The buyer from China will be happy with this double hit. He paid 10,000 EURO for this duo.

That Erik Reijnen and his partner Brian Bolton have gained international fame was evident from the interest that came from 36 (!!) different countries. The pigeons were sold as follows: United States (45), China (44), the Netherlands (36), Taiwan (33), Germany (28), Poland (26), Qatar (23), Morocco (20), France ( 19), Romania (15), Belgium (14), Pakistan (11), South Africa (8), Great Britain (7), Sweden (6), Bangladesh (6), Japan (6), Hungary (5 ), Bulgaria (4), Portugal (4), Argentina (3), Libya (3), Austria (2), Spain (2), Iraq (2), Indonesia (2), Italy (2), Kuwait (2 ), Philippines (2), Canada (1), Denmark (1), Greece (1), Mexico (1), Norway (1), Slovakia (1) and Turkey (1).